The supply chain for pharmaceuticals poses an extremely serious security concern, for manufacturers and distributors, for carriers, and for points of delivery. The black market value of pharmaceuticals has attracted the attention of organised criminal gangs, and the extremely high street value of a single shipment offers them a tempting target. The problem is common throughout Europe, and beyond. NFC’s Orion Network changes the risk profile dramatically, with real time multi-parameter monitoring of shipments from source to end user. But as you will discover, Orion provides so much more. With over a decade of commercial experience in this sector, and as the undisputed EU leader in the CIT market, we have design and manufactured a dedicated pharmaceuticals logistic and security service that offers a remarkable proposition.


Pharmaceuticals Tracking – Solution

NFC Group’s Orion network puts clients in complete control of their pharmaceutical logistics, enabling real time site coverage, and global asset visibility. Whilst we are aware that a comprehensive overview of the NFC proposition might be appropriate at this stage, the serious nature of criminal activities in this area requires that we limit the amount of information we can release. In edited summary – The solution can described in two parts. Part one, as a combination of GPS, GSM (LTE) RFID and cost-effective satellite communications. Part two, active RF tags which report back detailed critical information every 30 seconds whilst the pallet is in motion. GPS tags relay: time, temperature, speed, latitude, longitude, battery information, shock reports and relative signal strength indication (RSSI). Depending on which battery is selected to power the tags, they will remain operational for up to 4 years reporting in on a 30 second cycle.

Pharmaceuticals Tracking – Benefits

  • Military grade security tracking hardware and back-end applications.
  • Fully backed recovery service offered by a world-renowned security company.
  • Surveillance and recovery from the air to cover more ground in a shorter period of time.
  • Real time asset visibility anywhere on earth.
  • Highly cost-effective solution.
  • Real time cost-effective tracking in the event of theft or loss of asset
  • Detailed information reports every 30 seconds in motion or 2 minutes when stationary
  • Beacon mode enables assets to be found outside of Orion coverage anywhere in the world.
  • Small physically active tag size  – from AAA to D cell.
  • Tags have multiple inputs for bespoke customisation if required
  • Adaptable technology – Orion can be integrated over an API to to any server of your choice
  • 256 bit encrypted network, because we take security very seriously
  • Simple plug and play hardware, and no configuration required at customer site
  • The worlds largest GPS hotspot network – all tags report over any every gateway in range
  • Range from 500 meters to 10 kilometers
  • Battery life up to 5 years per device GPS tag.