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The Best Non-invasive, Real-Time Cattle Temperature Bolus & Cow Herd Management System for Optimum Health, Quality & Cost Savings

As a Herd Manager, how much time and money would you save if you could detect diseases like Pneumonia, Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus and Bovine Respiratory Disease, before your herd showed any outward signs?

Smarter Technologies Group’s ActiveHerdTM rumen bolus allows you to track and monitor the temperature of every individual in the herd. This enables early disease detection; changes in feed quality and nutrition; and visibility on stress factors like overheating, housing density and barrier feed-point overcrowding.

Prevent the spread of infection. Lower mortality rates and raise productivity. Achieve Daily Liveweight Gain targets.

Why Precision Livestock Farming is Here to Stay

Farmers using technology to achieve precision livestock farming are way ahead of their competitors in creating an economically viable, sustainable and more environmentally friendly business. The wearable technology market (including digestible boluses) for animals is expected to grow from $1 billion in 2016 to $2.5 billion by 2025. Self-drive tractors, robotic milking and smart farm security are becoming the norm. In addition to end to end automated solutions for industrial agriculture, there are also affordable options for smaller farms.

These cow herd management technologies address 2 of the industry’s biggest challenges: increased production costs and a shortage of skilled labour. As an increasing number of farmers see the health benefits for the herd and the time savings and cost efficiencies, it’s clear high-tech precision agriculture is here to stay.

How Does ActiveHerdTM Work?

The ActiveHerdTM bolus implants are ergonomic, bullet-shaped implants made from medical grade plastic and quickly and easily placed in the cows’ rumen with a bolus gun. The boluses accurately and continuously monitor any temperature fluctuations in each individual member of the herd, day and night. This data is transmitted to the herd manager instantly via Smarter Technologies group’s high speed, cloud-based Orion Data Network.

Temperature changes caused by natural activities, like drinking water, don’t trigger an alert, as the Orion Data Network’s algorithms establish a temperature baseline that takes normal fluctuations into account.

This cutting-edge cow herd management system enables herd managers to see how cattle are performing, enabling them to plan the working day more efficiently; make better-informed decisions; prevent the spread of disease; accurately determine calving times; monitor the entire lactation period; monitor feed quality; improve carcass quality; market beef stock at the right time and maximise profits.

Livestock tracking system

Real time monitoring the rumen.
Instant notifications, fast and effective reactions.

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Special Offer on Insurance Rates

Insurance companies Scrutton Bland and Markel, are offering reduced rates to rural business owners and herd managers who purchase Smarter Technologies Group’s ActiveHerdTM boluses or any other asset tracking and security solutions from Smarter Technologies Group.

Defra Funding for Smarter Technologies Customers

Smarter Technologies Group are working in partnership with Defra. When you purchase Smarter Technologies Group’s ActiveHerdTM boluses or our other farm asset tracking and security solutions, you may be eligible for Defra funding to recoup all or part of your investment.

Key Features of ActiveHerdTM

Multi-use, ergonomic temperature bolus

Long life 5-year battery

Immediate, real-time herd data transmission when bolus introduced

Bolus ‘memory’ prevents data gaps for increased accuracy

Choose temperature transmission times from every 5 minutes to once an hour

Algorithms establish a temperature baseline eliminating normal fluctuations so only unusual temperature changes trigger an alert

Orion Data Network Software is easily installed across multiple devices including laptop, PC, phone and tablet

Store data safely and securely in the Cloud

Multi-user login and back up eliminating the need for costly IT hardware and support

How Does ActiveHerdTM Benefit Farmers?


Determine environmental issues such as heat stress, nutritional variations, housing density and overcrowding during feeding.


Early detection of disease before herd shows outward signs of illness.


Accurately predict calving times.


Instantly receive data on abnormal temperature fluctuations during lactation period.


Cost savings from preventing disease spreading.


Lower mortality rates and reduce financial impact of non-fatal diseases.


Give veterinarians remote access to data.


Faster diagnosis and treatment.


Reduce dependence on antibiotics.


Reduce labour and attract the new generation of tech savvy employees.

Orion Data Network


The Orion network is an active RFID broadcasting system consisting of a central hub, or gateway, and tags. The Orion gateway is plugged into an existing Ethernet port, providing an instant ‘network’ of coverage. Any tags within this coverage will communicate with the gateway. Tags are not gateway-dependent, so assets like livestock or machinery can be tracked remotely all over the world.

The Orion Data Network utilises innovative technology, and has many advantages over traditional technologies when it comes to asset visibility, monitoring and recovery:

Sim free, so no monthly ongoing charges

Long wave spectrum can ‘see’ through containers or buildings unlike GPS

Reduced power requirement so tags last for years not days

Multi-functional and can track and indicate temperature, movement and other variables such as shock

Remote configuration means tags can receive messages in multiple locations

Wide coverage of 1 – 10km per gateway

Switches from digital to analogue to increase recovery capabilities

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