Track, Monitor, Secure and Recover Valuable Government Assets with Real Time Data & Alerts to Improve Operational Efficiency, Productivity, Safety, Accountability and Costs.

Smarter Technologies Group utilises state of the art RFID, GPS and IoT technologies together with our proprietary Orion Data Network, to design and build bespoke government and military-grade asset management technology and hardware. Track all Government assets from weaponry and vehicles to utilities, uniforms and training equipment through their entire lifecycle from purchase to retirement.

What are Orion Data Network Asset Solutions?

Real Time Data and Applications

Our military-grade asset tracking, monitoring and recovery systems comprise active Radio Frequency Identification, GPS, Standard and Contact Tags and IoT-enabled sensors These devices are connected to the Orion Data Network which delivers information on your assets every 2 minutes when they are stationary and every 15 seconds when in transit or motion. The information available can be customised with IoT sensors to suit the requirements of the individual department, unit or operation. You can measure a huge range of environmental conditions including location, shock, temperature, pressure, tilt, and moisture as well as when an asset, person or canine moves outside of pre-defined geo-fenced “safe” areas.

Asset Recovery

In the event of an emergency such as when an asset is missing or stolen, the system can easily be switched to active beacon mode and a hand-held RFID device used to actively track the asset by road or on foot. This enables you to determine its precise location and achieve fast recovery. Real time data can be collected over the Orion network using satellite communication, making it an ideal solution for land, air and sea. Our solitons provide high levels of automation and eliminate the need for error prone labour intensive manual tasks, saving time and money and improving accuracy and efficiency.

How Orion Works

The system consists of Orion GPS and non-GPS tags and gateways. Each tag uses almost 1000 times less power than an equivalent GMS solution and so has a long battery life of around 3-5+ years and in some cases even up to 10 years depending on the type of tag and usage. Each tag automatically tests its own battery life, sending an instant alert to the mobile devices of relevant pre-selected personnel before the battery is due to be replaced. The hardware is extremely robust, weatherproof and long-lasting and can be used in even the most remote and hostile environments and terrains.

Orion identifies all the available data by each tag not by the gateways, so your personnel and units can benefit from the entire global Orion network for almost infinite scalability.

Ministry of Defence: Army, Navy & Airforce

Numerous High Value Assets

In pursuit of its overriding objective of protecting the security, independence and interests of the United Kingdom at home and abroad, the MoD utilises a vast array of valuable assets for training, operations and the day to day running of the Department of Defence.

Smarter Technologies Group has designed various asset management solutions for the Ministry of Defence as a whole, and individually for the British Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy.

Efficient asset management helps to ensure that the Department and the armed forces have the training, equipment and support necessary for their work.

Optimal Efficiency

Smarter Technologies Group’s innovative technology and hardware solutions enable predictive maintenance scheduling; fast, accurate and controlled audit and inventory; supply chain and asset lifecycle optimisation; protection and tracking for personnel and canine units, site access control and enhanced humanitarian and relief strategies. By deploying our IoT- connected Orion Data Network solutions the government can keep operations running at maximum productivity, on time and within budget.

Canine Units

Our D360 canine collar can be used to track the location, status and progress of special canine units while in training, during missions and during recreational periods to ensure that they are safe and healthy. These dogs are expensive to train and not only provide invaluable services such as bomb disposal, searching for weaponry, tracking, diffusing incidents and protecting VIPs, but are also much valued and loved members of their military units. Orion secures these valuable K9s by tracking, monitoring and recovering them both in training and in the line of duty and assisting in their de-commission training when they retire.

War and Natural Disaster

Smarter Technologies  and Skylife have created a Smart Air Drop solution that overcomes all the major issues associated with making drops in war zones and following natural disasters. These bespoke air packages comprise a programmable audio card and GPS and RFIs for tracking, plus clear instructions to the person receiving the aid, in their own language, so they can take the correct action and distribute the aid properly. The data fed over the Orion Data Network means that packages can be tracked and the drop strategy improved constantly to ensure the highest levels of efficiency in giving aid. The system helps to eliminate accidental drops in inaccessible areas; injury through drops in areas of population density; and misunderstandings or disputes as to how the as should be distributed. It is a safer, more cost effective and efficient way to ensure aid goes to the right place during war and after a natural disaster.

deployment tracking system



Military grade solutions designed and made in the UK to track, monitor and recover DoD, MoD, Army, Navy and Air Force Assets and personnel.


High levels of automation and reduced reliance on expensive, time-consuming, error prone manual process.


Greater efficiency, accountability, safety and productivity.


Properly equip the armed forces for training and operations.


Secure the safety of specialist canine units, VIPs, administration personnel and visitors.


Orion solutions integrate easily with existing systems.


Up to 75% better cost savings than other asset solutions on the market.


Deters, prevents and combats criminal activities such as hijacking and theft and reduces damage through accident and negligence.


Real time data feedback and reporting every 15 seconds in motion and every 2 minutes when stationary.

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