Plant Security System

RFID and IoT sensor tracking and monitoring solutions to help prevent Plant and Plant Hire equipment from being stolen and to achieve fast recovery in the event of theft and loss. Award winning plant security system.

Stolen plant machinery costs the Construction industry over £800 million per annum, taking into account the lost machinery itself and all the related costs such as purchasing and hiring replacements, having to pay higher insurance, wasted man hours due to lack of equipment, delayed projects and failing to meet SLAs and KPIs. The fact that recovery of equipment only stands at around 10% of losses, only serves to exacerbate the situation.

Smarter Technologies Group designs and builds Plant equipment real-time tracking, monitoring and recovery solutions using cutting edge Radio Frequency Identification, GPS and Internet of Things technologies and robust long lasting all-weather hardware. Real time data is fed back over our privately-owned Orion Data Network so you can monitor your Plant assets, protect them from theft and save time and money.

Plant & Hire Equipment Challenges

Lack of Plant Security

One of the reasons that Plant Hire equipment is so easy for opportunists and organised crime gangs to steal is that construction projects always operate to tight deadlines and the equipment needs to be readily available to use at all times. This means that often it is not kept hidden, immobilisation systems are not used and it is not sufficiently secure, which makes it easier for thieves. The industry’s reputation for having a very low recovery rate for retrieving this equipment before it is sold on or stripped for parts also makes it attractive to criminals, as does the huge resale value. Also sites where this equipment is kept can either be remote which means thieves can get away unnoticed or are near to roads where there is an easy escape route under cover of darkness. A lot of thefts are even inside jobs as crime gang members pose as workers and infiltrate the construction business making the theft and getaway even easier.

Fluctuating Economy

Given the huge fluctuations in the construction industry as housing prices rise and fall, construction and plant businesses need to be saving money across the supply chain and properly securing this equipment is an excellent way to save time and money and raise productivity. In addition to protecting these assets from theft it is essential to monitor their performance, so you can predict when maintenance and replacement are due in order to optimise usage, predict maintenance schedules and get rid of supply chain bottlenecks.

NFC Group plant hire asset tracking

How Does the Orion Data Network Plant Tracking System Solve Plant Issues?


Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network Plant solutions comprise GPS and non-GPS tags which are attached to your high value plant assets. Each tag has a unique identification number, which it transmits at intervals to the nearest Orion gateway. A GPS tag will give the location of the Plant asset while other IoT-enabled sensors can be added, depending on your requirements, to show usage, temperature shock, tilt, tampering, moisture and other factors that affect security and performance.

Harnessing the power of the IoT, Orion delivers a highly efficient asset management solution, with up to 75% higher cost savings than other tracking technologies, and an award-winning data management system that enables you to make better informed business decisions and accurate predictions about your assets’ lifecycles. Orion can be deployed quickly and cost effectively on any construction site, to protect your Plant assets, in any global location. Solutions can be visible and overt, so they act as a deterrent or covert, so that when thieves strike they cannot easily find or remove the tags or tamper with the solution in any way.

Stolen Plant Recovery

We train our clients to use our special hand-held RFID readers in active beacon mode so that, in the event of theft, they can work alongside our team of experts and the police to quickly and easily recover the stolen Plant.

Our suite of products and services also includes end-to-end site security and surveillance systems and expert covert fraud investigations, with expert police liaison, for faster recovery.

Predictive Maintenance

With the real-time data insights that Orion gives you, you can monitor the performance of your Plant and determine when you will need to hire replacement parts and equipment. You can therefore set up automated predictive maintenance schedules and inventory audit, reducing labour and manual error prone procedures and increasing productivity.

Better for Your Customers & Brand Reputation

Getting jobs done on time and within budget are a key competitive differentiator in the fluctuating construction market. Orion helps you to ensure that you have the right Plant hire equipment available to complete your construction jobs on time so you can meet your service level agreements and key performance indicators and keep your clients happy.

Plant Security System Benefits


Orion tracking solutions can overt or covert and located anywhere on the Plant vehicle or equipment


All solutions can be Battery operated which is ideal in locations where there is no main power source


A complete suite of multi-layer, multi-purpose asset and personnel tracking and security solutions using RFID, GPS and IoT


Can be used even in enclosed areas where other units fail, such as car parks, garages and sheds


Orion hardware is robust and weatherproof but can also be designed to be small and lightweight


Some insurance brokers offer reduced premiums to clients who use Smarter Technologies Group asset solutions for their Plant machinery an equipment


Up to 75% better cost savings than other comparable Plant asset solutions


Data is fed back every 2 minutes when stationery and every 15 seconds when your Plant is moving


Geofencing capabilities mean you can receive mobile alerts as soon as an asset moves outside of your desired parameters

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