H360 – Hybrid Vehicle Tracking

Monitor your vehicles with a cost-effective, long life tracker that’s powered by the vehicle battery.

If you want to track, monitor and protect a fleet of vehicles which are in frequent use, the best solution is a tracking device that is powered by the vehicle battery so you never need to replace the power source.

Smarter Technologies Group’s H360 Hybrid Vehicle Tracking Device allows you to gain real time data insights and reporting as frequently as you need, removing the potential risks of battery operated trackers such as coming to the end of their life or requiring recharging at the most inopportune moments. The H360 is cost-effective and accurate with a long life-span and a back-up internal battery in case the vehicle battery is compromised.

What is the H360 Hybrid Vehicle Tracking Device?

The H360 vehicle tracking solution provides GPS/eNCell positioning, motion and taper alert data in real time. The device is supplied with power whenever the vehicle is in use. It is guaranteed to operate for 1 month after the vehicle battery is depleted and recharges again as soon as the vehicle battery is back in use. It can be attached to any type of powered vehicle including cars, lorries, trailers and plant machinery. The unit is waterproof so that it can be installed either inside or outside of the vehicle cabin. It’s compatible with a supply voltage of both 12v and 24v and comes complete with an internal, rechargeable back-up battery that is only activated when the vehicle’s power supply is cut off. If there are periods when your vehicle is required to be dormant, we can fit an additional longer-life battery so your data feedback in uninterrupted.

The H360 Hybrid Vehicle Tracking Device has numerous applications in different industries and provides a cost-effective, efficient tracking solution to increase safety, improve productivity and security and eliminate risk.


NFC Group hybrid vehicle tracking


H360 Hybrid Vehicle Tracking Applications

Government Security & Public Safety

The H360 is a valuable tool to help governments ensure public safety. It provides enhanced fleet management and quicker dispatch; more effective communication between command and control and field officers; and real-time access to local, state and national public safety databases. With the H360 government officials can track vehicle fleets, snow ploughs and street sweepers from one centralised location.

Local Government Security

To function efficiently, local governments and public works agencies require reliable communication solutions to track fleets and assets from one central location. Smarter Technologies Group provide a complete vehicle tracking, monitoring and recovery solution supporting voice, data and video applications for secure, advanced communications. Whether it’s for snow ploughs, street sweepers, solid waste, utilities, or maintenance, Smarter Technologies suite of products have been designed with expertise and specialised functions for the various responsibilities and challenges of today’s public works fleets.


The H360 can be used in the Vehicle Insurance sector to track vehicle location, mileage and driver behaviour, enabling faster and more accurate settlement calculation and fraud prevention. This adds up to a better customer experience and greater policyholder retention, giving insurers a competitive advantage.

Field Service Delivery

The H360 gives you 100% fleet visibility with accurate information that enables you to manage client jobs, oversee your drivers, monitor costs and identify where you can increase productivity and cut expenditure. The data can be accessed remotely from your office or on the go on your mobile device, giving you excellent flexibility to improve your customer experience and increase your bottom line from anywhere in the world.


At Smarter Technologies Group we understand that Plant Machinery such as earth-movers, tractors, trenchers and dump trucks are extremely high value assets that you want to keep secure while extending their life as much as possible. The H360 enables you to monitor your plant machinery on-site so you know what equipment is in use and who’s using it. When your employees and contractors are driving your company vehicles, you can determine what time they depart and when they arrive at their destination, allowing you to eliminate unauthorised stops, aggressive driving and speeding, while improving your route planning, cutting fuel costs, and offering your clients a better, faster service. The results are better asset management, theft prevention and greatly improved vehicle and worker safety.

Vehicle Finance

In the UK, a car is stolen every 5 minutes and over 50% of these are never recovered. The H360 helps to combat major vehicle finance industry challenges such as lost, stolen and missing vehicles and vehicle recovery in the event of late or default payments. This is a highly scalable solution that is effective whatever the size of your fleet.

Transportation in All Industries

By tracking vehicle and driver activity you can gain an advantage over your competitors by ensuring your clients goods arrive on time at the right location. Across industries, pressures are mounting for supervisors, fleet managers and executives in charge of transportation. Mandates to cut costs and boost productivity underscore the need to diligently track vehicle and driver activity. Smarter Technologies Group provides real-time services that enable fleet and operations personnel to otpimise the management and direction of your field service and asset units, creating a platform for more robust and cost-effective operations.


Technical Specification and Benefits of the H360

Real-time telematics data

GPS/eNCell positioning

Motion data

Tamper alerts

Powered by the vehicle battery

Accepts 12v and 24v

Frequent reporting with no concerns about batter depletion

Eliminates the need for regular battery replacements

Indefinite lifespan

Back up battery with 1 month life

Additional internal battery can be fitted for vehicles that are dormant


Can be attached inside or outside the cabin


Improved driver and vehicle safety

Top level security

Decrease costs

Better customer experience

Increased productivity

Application across a wide variety of industries


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