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Smarter Technologies have been at the forefront of the asset tracking industry since 2001. After receiving global enequiries for a unique low cost pallet tracking system – Today, in 2018, Smarter Technologies proudly manafture and deploy cost effective pallet tracking devices in there hundreds of thousands. Real time visibility with a wealth of real time data delivered via either an API or dedicated front end platform.

Benefits include – leveraging Data Insights at the Pallet Level to Track Products, Automate Inventory, Streamline the Supply Chain and Extend Pallet Lifecycle.

As the RFID market continues to grow 35-40% annually, and we see the great benefits throughout the global supply chain, retailers and other businesses are beginning to understand the value of the data insights these solutions bring, right down to the pallet level.

Smarter Technologies Group’s Pallet Tracking Solutions use cutting edge RFID and IoT sensor technology to bring actionable business insights, quantifiable benefits and a fast ROI to businesses in the Retail sector and beyond.

Pallet Tracking for an Insights-Driven Business Model

Location, Geo-location, tamper, tilt, weight, shock and other pallet status data not only shows the location of pallets, but also provides granular visibility that highlights supply chain bottlenecks, handling and collection issues and route inefficiencies. Simply tracking your pallets can help you make better informed business decisions and take your business to an intelligent, insights-driven business model.

A Faster, Cheaper Route from Timber to Plastic

This technology will help retailers and other sectors bring their pallet use into the 21st century and automate and streamline their business processes.

As the enhanced visibility and traceability prolongs the lifecycle of these assets, it can also help to build the business case for making the switch from timber to lightweight, durable, plastic smart pallets, while also making the transition more affordable.

Long-term Business Benefits


A smart pallet can bring many long-term business benefits including saving money and time by tracking the products they carry and showing the best route to take for empty and full pallet, and product, distribution and collection. Sometimes this may even mean not taking the optimal route from a time or distance perspective, but actually taking a new route that allows you to arrive at a collection point with an empty truck, so you can collect pallets that have been sat there, going to waste, for months.

This gives Retailers control even when using third party supply chain and delivery operations, and ultimately makes for a far better customer experience while enhancing your brand reputation.

Pallet Tracking & Inventory Automation & Efficiency

RFID inventory tracking at the pallet level addresses issues such as mishandling, loss and damage.

If you’re not currently tracking your pallets, they may seem like a relatively inexpensive asset. However, if you consider how many thousands of pallets your business uses annually and the fact that some sectors, like automotive, lose up to 20% of their pallets per year, the cost soon adds up. In the UK around 1.25 million pallets find their way onto the black market every year.

In addition to the cost of a missing pallet, you also need to factor in the time it takes for workers to try to locate them and the delays and reputational damage caused by late deliveries. If a pallet is full when it goes missing you also need to account for the loss of the products it was carrying.

For example, the cost of replacing lost and stolen pallets in the North American auto industry is around $750 million per year.

When you start to build up a true picture of the impact of lost and damage of these reusable pallets you can see it has a significant negative impact on your top and bottom line.

With Smarter Technologies Groups Pallet Tracking Solutions you can instantly locate pallets that have been stored in the wrong place in a warehouse, taken to the wrong location, not been picked up due to inefficient collection routes or stolen from your supply chain. The data provides you with a root cause analysis so you can address the issues and improve efficiency and productivity.

Tracking Products on Pallets

Attaching a RFID tag and IoT-enabled sensors to your pallets gives you greater visibility of the product the pallet is carrying, its location in the supply chain and its availability. You can check that the right product is reaching your production lines in the right quantity, meeting quality assurance and saving money on waste and product recalls.

Our solutions allow you monitor and take control of your stock, automate repurchasing schedules and build a more efficient working relationship with your third party suppliers.

Environmental Monitoring

Our Pallet tracking solutions can be customised to include environmental factors like temperature, pressure, moisture and air quality so you can assess the potential impact of the environment on perishable goods in transit. This reduces waste, enhances the customer experience and ultimately improves the reputation of your brand.

Orion data network pallet tracking

What is the Orion Data Network for Pallet Tracking?


Smarter Technologies Group’s privately-owned Orion Data Network monitors, tracks and recovers your pallets, and other assets, throughout the global supply chain via a system of RFID tags and gateways and customisable IoT connected sensors.

Orion monitors in real time and the pre-defined data is fed back over the network every 2 minutes when the pallets are still and every 15 seconds when they are moving.

Geofencing capabilities allow you to get instant alerts to any mobile device if a pallet and it cargo move outside of the geographical locations that you have set. If your pallets go missing or are stolen you can utilise our hand=held active RFID readers in beacon mode to pinpoint the exact location of the missing asset.

By reducing waste, automating and improving productivity Orion has a positive impact on our carbon footprint, so you can work towards a greener business.



Automate inventory, gain visibility over your pallets throughout the supply chain


Save time and money recovering lost pallets


Hugely increase your pallet lifecycle


Track the products your pallets are carrying


Increase productivity and on time deliveries


Improve customer satisfaction and enhance brand reputation


Up to 75% cost savings compare to other pallet tracking solutions


Increase your profits and decrease Capex and Opex for a faster ROI

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