Asset Recovery

Recovery is an essential part of your asset tracking strategy. Internal and external threats exist in the form of theft, misrouting and human error leading to misplaced equipment. For example, around 47,000 commercial vehicles are stolen in the UK every year, costing businesses approximately £152 million, while Plant theft costs the UK Construction Industry over £800 million per annum.

If you can identify, trace and recover your assets before they are sold on or dismantled for parts, you can make a huge positive impact on your bottom line.

Asset Recovery with the Orion Data Network


In the event your assets are lost or stolen in the supply chain, Smarter Technologies provide dedicated advanced asset tracking and recovery both on and off Orion network infrastructure.

Once you receive an alert advising you that an asset has been removed without authorisation, you can switch the assets Orion tag to beacon mode. It then emits a beacon signal that pulses out so you can locate it with our specialist long-range scanning technology.

Digital & Analogue

Orion works mostly as a digital network but can also run in an analogue mode so that mobile gateways and simple, hand held direction-finding equipment can be used to locate your lost asset to the nearest centimetre. The mobile gateways have an on-board power pack, enabling 20 hours of running time. This can be recharged from vehicle via cigar lighter. In this way Orion bridges the gap between an audit system and a recovery system.

Resistant to Jamming

The other benefit of using the Orion Data Network is that our RFID technology cannot be jammed in in the way that hackers and thieves jam Bluetooth, Wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G and GPS which means that recovery is faster and more successful with Orion.

Asset Recovery Training & Support

When we install your Orion solution we will give you thorough training in Asset Recovery and in the event of theft, we will also send an expert onsite to help you manage your recovery operation. Smarter Technologies Group’s professional asset recovery and surveillance team are available 24/7.

Asset Recovery Strategy

When an asset has been stolen, the 2 keys to any good asset recovery strategy is to use the most technologically advanced equipment on the market to identify and trace the asset and to have a clear understanding of how to effectively liaise with the Police. In addition to the unique recovery capabilities of Orion, Smarter Technologies Group has substantial experience in asset recoveries and has enabled over 1000 asset recoveries to date to a value of around £25,000,000. For those clients who take full advantage of our solutions, total losses have declined by over 95%. The police forces we have worked with directly attribute this to the fact they have being able to arrest the organised crime groups following a successful Orion recovery operation.

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