Asset Tracking Solutions

Smarter Technologies Group monitor, track and recover assets worldwide. We provide asset tracking systems to the open market fulfilling the world’s most complex asset tracking requirements. Turnkey solutions from container tracking to advanced CIT security applications. Military grade asset tracking devices and bespoke build tracking solutions to order.

Asset tracking applications

Asset monitoring, tracking and recovery has broad application across a wide range of industries with huge time and cost saving benefits. With Smarter Technologies Group’s bespoke hardware with IoT-enabled sensors and the deep-dive business intelligence insights provided by the Orion Data Network you can take control of your assets across your entire supply chain.

Orion enables real-time tracking and instant and anomalies, enabling you to create automated predictive and preventative asset maintenance, retirement and repurchase schedules, reducing human error and saving time and resources.

Our state of the art, combined Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and GPS solutions keep your assets secure on site and in global transit. Orion is able to penetrate concrete and other dense structures which means it is ideal for indoor tracking. We also create bespoke animal tracking and herd health management devices for livestock, dairy and meat farming.

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Asset tracking industries

Smarter Technologies Groups Orion asset tracking solutions began as high-level Cash in Transit security applications and have now been developed to provide innovative, bespoke, end-to-end asset tracking, monitoring and recovery solutions to all industry sectors.

In the Public Sector, we work with government organisations to improve asset visibility and management throughout the supply chain, improve productivity and reduce OpEx for the NHS; Military; Police Forces, Fire & Rescue and Smart Cities.

Our top-selling Agricultural solution is a special bovine livestock bolus that monitors the health of individuals in the herd for day to day herd management and calving predictions. Herd managers can also benefit from our bovine collars with GPS tracking to determine individual and herd location.

In the transport industry we track vehicles, vessels, aircraft, and containers and contents over land sea and air ensuring their total security and integrity. Our asset tracking solutions provide high level of automation for streamlined site and asset management in the Construction, Oil & Gas, and Plant Hire and Hospitality industries.

A highly effective asset management strategy is essential for optimising your supply chain and logistics.

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Every customer has different requirements and unique challenges that need to be overcome. With this in mind, Smarter Technologies Group designs and creates innovative hardware from robust materials to precisely fit each clients’ individual project needs.

The B360 Asset Tracking Device with eNCell, GPS and RFID beacon technology is for use in military operations tracking and security high value military assets and personnel. The D360 and W360 collars are for military and police canine units and for tracking wildlife such as black rhinos for conservation projects, respectively. The H360 Hybrid Asset Tracker innovation lies in the fact that it is powered by the battery of the vehicle that it tracks. The M360 device is designed to secure the safety of vehicles and their cargo all over the world. It comprises cutting-edge GlobalStar Simplex Satellite, GPS and 2.4GHz RFID Technologies and includes up to 10 years of battery life.

These are just examples of some existing hardware and we will always discuss your exact requirements with you and create something that works for your business.

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Orion is driven by a powerful and highly flexible asset tracking platform that will allow you access to the right information in an effective way, transforming your management requirements. Orion provides unlimited configurability so as your needs change it’s the perfect platform to meet all problems and provide the solutions required for any number of assets, for any size of business throughout all industries. Using a browser-based platform, Orion’s intuitive interface makes it possible to work remotely even in the most demanding of situations on any devices anywhere, allowing everyone in your organisation to have asset visibility management capabilities at the touch of a button. With seamless integration from legacy systems, Orion is the best way to track, monitor and manage your assets, and is the only choice for companies who are serious about asset management.

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Communications solutions

Smarter Technologies Group offer a complete range of communication systems. Our systems range from Low Power Radio through to GSM and satellite solutions for use in some of the world’s most remote and hostile locations, rugged in design and built to last no matter what the terrain or environmental conditions.

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M2M Sim Cards

Smarter Technologies Group is a leading global provider of IoT and M2M SIM card services designed specifically for dedicated machine to machine communications, with a choice of services tailored for all types of M2M applications. In partnership with Stream Technologies, Smarter Technologies Group provides a complete range of airtime M2M SIM contracts, provide roaming solutions for IoT to get your machines connected to 2G, 3G, 4G & LTE variants, supplied on a global basis. Flat rate pricing offers competitive rate, reduces costs and offers guaranteed availability to mission-critical applications.

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