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Oil & Gas Asset Tracking Technology to Cut Capex and Increase Productivity

Do you wish you had better visibility on widely-dispersed, hard to track Oil & Gas assets? Would your business benefit from technology that improves your field productivity? Smarter Technologies Group’s Oil & Gas Asset Tracking Solutions protect critical infrastructure and streamline your processes, enabling you meet your KPI’s and SLA’s.

Beating the Post-boom Oil & Gas Economy

Businesses in the Oil & Gas industry are feeling the pressure of the increasingly regulated, post-boom economy, coupled with an increasing skills shortage, as field experts from the early boom periods reach retirement. Meanwhile customers are demanding greater speed to market, cleaner energy and a lower carbon footprint.

You can only meet these customer requirements and get ahead of the competition if you speed up your supply chain and internal operations and achieve on-demand customer service. The most knowledgeable and successful businesses are turning to innovative technology to reduce their asset management risks, minimise costs and maintain a competitive edge.

End to End Oil & Gas Asset Tracking

The key to beating industry disruptors and falling prices is to utilise an end to end Oil & Gas Asset Tracking, Monitoring and Recovery solution like our Orion Data Network, which gives you increased visibility and control and enables you to:

  • Create a better site management and asset tracking strategy which is aligned with your Oil & Gas portfolio, enabling better decision making processes and operational efficiencies
  • Be more agile and resilient in uncertain times of fluctuating economy
  • Standardise your sales processes and global operations to save time & money
  • Respond to disruptive change in the Oil & Gas industry with innovative solutions that improve your existing assets, and knowledge of and capabilities within the Oil & Gas sector
  • Form alliances and collaborate across the Oil & Gas supply chain, and increase your focus on efficiency and reduced emissions as opposed to just cost and risk sharing
  • Increase Operational Transparency, Security and Safety to gain the trust and support of current and potential Oil & Gas Investors and Stakeholders
NFC Group Oil & Gas industry asset tracking

Orion Data Network

Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network is an Award Winning combined RFID and GPS Asset Tracking and Asset Security Network and Data Management System that greatly benefits the Oil & Gas Industry.

The Orion Data Network gives our Oil & Gas clients real-time visibility and data, for accurate pipeline infrastructure and asset tracking and monitoring, even in remote areas. The Orion Network enables you to document your proof of concept, achieve ‘just in time’ delivery and implement detailed logging of the precise installation points of your subcontractors’ equipment.

This means you can manage your partnerships better, save money, serve your clients more efficiently and protect your reputation.

NFC Group Oil & Gas industry asset tracking

For full details of the key features and benefits that Orion can bring to the Oil & Gas Industry click here.

Orion’s Impact on the Oil & Gas Industry

Main features of using our services.


Fast, cost-effective deployment to any Oil & Gas site anywhere in the world


Complete site management and asset control


Real Time Oil & Gas Equipment & Subcontractor Performance Monitoring


Real Time, Predictive and Preventative Data Analytics


Accurate Real Time Exception Reporting


Limitless Scalability

Main benefits of using our services.


Track, Monitor & Recover Critical Oil & Gas Assets


Total Inventory & Maintenance Control


Meet customer KPIs and SLAs


High level Security and Health & Safety


Lower Insurance Premiums


Reduce your carbon footprint

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