Level Management Sensors

Accurate Tank & Container Monitoring for Liquids, Gases, Pellets, Solids and Powders

Monitor your tank and other container levels in real time with instant reporting to your mobile device. Level sensors connected to the Orion Data Network help your business to comply with health and safety and environmental regulations, save time and costs and improve supply chain operations.

Level Sensor Solutions

Smarter Technologies Group creates a variety of different contact and non-contact Level Sensor solutions for the whole spectrum of materials from gases to solids, for safe and hazardous applications. All are connected to the Orion Data Network for remote monitoring, instant alerts and real-time reporting. Levels can be measured by a specified point so you are alerted when the material drops below or rise above the desired level or continuously to give you constant, real-time feedback of the level fluctuations. This can be used in any industry sector where fuel theft is an issue, for example farming. You can set a lower fuel threshold and, when the fuel drops below it at an unexpected time indicating theft or inappropriate usage, you will receive an instant real time alert to your mobile device. So you can take action to stop the theft and recover the fuel.

Tank Inventory Management

Our Level Sensor solution enable you to have complete visibility over your tanks and containers 24/7. Real-time monitoring, alerts and reporting over the Orion Data Network means you can respond to problems such as increased or decreased levels, as soon as they occur and predict when issues might arise. This can all be fully integrated with your existing Enterprise Resource Planning system.

Our Level Sensor solutions will provide you with the following business benefits:

Reduced Operation Costs

Lower Carbon Emissions

A Better Customer Experience

Adherence to Health & Safety Regulations

Less Downtime and Higher Productivity

Predictive Maintenance Scheduling

Long term production scheduling, helping manufacturing and purchasing

Better Inventory Management

Radar and Ultrasonic Level Sensors

The 2 most common Level Sensors are either ultrasonic or radar, each having their own benefits depending on the application. Ultrasonic sensors utilise a piezo electric crystal to generate sound waves that measure the distance from one object to another. Radar is based on microwaves and can be a better choice for non-contact measurement in most water and foam tanks. This is because some water tanks emit other gases such as CO2 and nitrogen, which can interfere with the sensor and provide a false reading, and ultrasonic sensors cannot be used in a vacuum, whereas radar can. Smarter Technologies Group experts will discuss your system and desired outcomes with you in order to ensure that your bespoke system perfectly fits your requirements.

Smart City Waste Management

As part of our wide range of solutions for Smart Cities we integrate Level Sensors into our Waste Management Solutions. Cities are responsible for 70% of the world’s greenhouse emissions, so all our solutions are created with sustainability and reducing your carbon footprint in mind. For example, in cities or on sites where waste generation is high we can create IoT based, Level Sensor solutions that prevent garbage overflow. The sensors send data to waste collection staff so they can monitor the level of rubbish in each bin remotely, respond before the bins overflow and prevent garbage pollution. Alerts can be in the form of an email, text or alarm and can be colour-coded to indicate various different levels. The Orion Data Network can also be used to determine the best garbage collection route and the optimal times for collection. The benefits are:

Intelligent, data driven decision-making

Pollution and CO2 emissions reduction

Better Sanitation

Predictive Scheduling

Reduction in Operational Costs

Better and faster Collection Routes

A more attractive, cleaner site or city

Easy installation and maintenance

Long battery life up to 10 years

Real time monitoring, alerts and reporting over the Orion Data Network

Benefits of Level Sensors on the Orion Data Network

Smarter Technologies Orion Data Network is compatible with any type of Level Sensor, so Smarter Technologies Group can create a tailor-made solution for your water, garbage or other system.


Easy installation on any surface


Easy integration with your wider garbage, water, waste water, ERP and other systems.


Multi-layered technology, sensors, alerts and alarms for maximum accuracy and instant data


Customisable design and technology


Customisable alerts and reporting via the Orion Data Network


Cost-effective with a fast ROI


Sustainable solutions that lower your carbon footprint


Long battery life up to 10 years


Great user experience


Up to a 75% reduction in Opex compared to other solutions


Excellent user experience


Enables predictive maintenance and saves time and effort


Enables compliance with Industry Regulations


Helps you manage your Corporate or Public Reputation

General Features of the Orion Data Network

RFID technology

Simply attach to an existing Ethernet port

Gateways control your key access points

GPS and non-GPS tags for near real-time monitoring, tracking and reporting

Power cut and tamper alerts

The Orion Data Network is entirely independent of GSM

Orion is highly adaptive and simple to deploy

Real-time Visibility (RTLS)

Unlimited scalability

Increase business intelligence and productivity with API’s and an online asset management system capable of managing all of your physical assets and billing reports with greater efficiency and clarity

Orion GPS RFID tags learn their environment by gathering thousands of pieces of data every second

Fast Return on Investment

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