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Smart asset tracking, monitoring, recovery and security and service management solutions for Local Councils, optimising asset lifecycle and enabling significant cost-savings and higher productivity for a smarter lifestyle.

Smarter Technologies Group creates asset, waste, building and people monitoring, management and security solutions for government owned urban development areas, ports and beaches, town centres, shopping malls, universities, parks and public transit.

County Council Asset, Waste & Security Solutions

Our RFID, GPS and IoT-powered solutions, with data feedback over the Orion data network, enable Councils’ to promote sustainability, solve operational issues, engage with the community, collect critical data, improve services and create a smarter city for residents and visitors.

real time tracking systems
Smart Waste Management

Manual waste management is time consuming, inefficient and costly and often waste is collected unnecessarily in some areas, before the receptacles are full, while in other areas it is overflowing. A lot of waste management solutions are aesthetically unpleasing and take up too much space. Smarter Technologies Group’s solutions address all these issues.

Predictive Waste Collection Schedules

Orion waste and recycling stations are equipped with level sensors and send real time feedback over the network to collection crews or other local government departments, so that you can create and predict a more efficient collection schedule.

Data on Footfall, Noise & Air Pollution, Waste Levels and More

If the waste and recycling stations are situated, for example, at the doors of a shopping mall they can also be used to calculate footfall, or include a wifi hotspot or to send information on the local shops, events and tourist attractions to residents and visitors. Combined with different IoT sensors Orion can also collate data on noise and air pollution and many other important smart city factors. In parks and recreational areas, the waste units prevent interference from foxes, badgers, rodents and birds.

Save Space & Costs

Orion Network solutions can either discreet and covert or, in the case of some security solutions, an overt deterrent. They can be powered in various different ways such as battery or solar, and equipped with a wide variety of sensors so that each solution can be multi-layered and multipurpose. Using the same infrastructure for different types of data and public services saves space, time and money and makes for a more aesthetically pleasing, greener cityscape.

Main Benefits of Orion Smart Waste Solutions


The main benefits of Orion’s waste and recycling solutions to the local government and community are:

More efficient waste collection and route optimisation

Predictive collection scheduling

Environmentally friendly and reduces carbon footprint

Reduces labour and fuel consumption

Enables informed decision making and operational planning with real-time data and analytics over the Orion Data Network

Contains waste and prevents overflow and interference from wildlife

Harbours, Ports & Beaches

Smarter Technologies Group’s asset tracking, monitoring, recovery and security solutions can also be used to optimise productivity and resources in public sector owned ports, marinas and beaches.

Port, Harbour & Beach Asset & Site Security

Orion’s real-time asset tracking tags can be attached to all valuable assets at ports, harbours, beaches and marinas, such as vehicles, containers, forklifts, cables, vessels and cargo. A variety of different sensors can be used to determine the location of the asset and detect movement; impact, water, gas and solid levels; light; environmental conditions such as pressure and moisture, pollution and footfall. Orion can also secure all entrances to the port deterring and preventing unauthorised entry.

Lone worker Protection

Ports and beaches can stretch over large areas and it may sometimes be necessary for your workers to operate in remote areas or alone at night. Smarter Technologies Group makes panic, SOS and man down alarms with optional 2-way communication so that you can rest assured your workers are safe and comply with health and safety regulations.

Port, Harbour & Beach Waste Management

Our waste and recycling units can be deployed in ports and on beaches for more efficient and cost-effective collection, a reduced carbon footprint and to keep seagulls and other wildlife at away from the waste.

Tracking and Recovering Containers & Cargo

With Orion you can track, monitor and recover both your reusable shipping containers and your valuable cargo. Not only can you monitor the location of these assets, but also ensure the safety, quality and integrity of your cargo, by measuring the temperature or weight, or monitoring the way it is handled or how long it is left standing at various points in your supply chain.

Optimising Port & Marina Processes Through Automation

The increased automation that Orion solutions provide mitigates the risk of human error and greatly reduces the time taken compared to manually processes for tasks like inventory management. The results are high accuracy and free up your personnel to carry out more business-critical tasks.

Port & Beach Asset Recovery

Our solutions also comprise a hand-held RFID reader in beacon mode so if any of your assets are misplaced or stolen you can track them to their exact location for fast recovery, providing evidence that can help to secure a fast arrest and conviction and data that shows up bottlenecks and issues in the supply chain.

Hazardous & Dangerous Materials

Fuel and other hazardous and dangerous materials and equipment can be protected and confined to specific areas with tracking devices and geofencing, making your ports and beaches safe and secure for visitors and workers.

Council Staff and Building Management & Security

You also can secure your personnel with wearable Orion security and tracking tags and secure all assets within a specific Council building and enable the sharing of assets from one site to another.

University Campuses

There are currently around 162 higher education institutions in the UK that receive public funding, and around 1.75million undergraduate and 532,000 postgraduate students. With so much choice for students seeking further education it’s important that campuses offer excellent services in a safe, secure, clean and modern environment that appeals to prospective student applicants.

Improve Services and maximise Asset Lifecycle

Smarter Technologies group provides asset tracking and management, waste management and security solutions for University campuses. Orion’s GPS and non-GPS tags and IoT enabled sensor networks can be deployed campus-wide for useful real-time data on community and asset behaviour, to improve services, maximise asset lifecycle and ensure students, staff and visitors are protected daily and in emergencies.

Benefits for Universities


Orion asset tracking and security solutions provide the following benefits for Universities:

Monitor your high-risk and high value assets such as computer and lab equipment within your university campus

Improve operations and processes and reallocate resources with predictive maintenance and repurchase schedules

Get automatic notifications sent direct to designated staff in the event of an emergency

Increase safety and security for students, staff, visitors and campus assets

Create a greener, more sustainable university campus environment

Make you campus more appealing to students for improved application and retention rates

Local Council Solutions for Smart Cities

Smarter cities can be built gradually, service by service, or in a larger transformation programme that involves rebuilding the entire infrastructure. Smarter Technologies Group works alongside County Council’s to design, build and install cost-effective, green, sustainable and scalable, smart asset management and security solutions for every aspect of a growing Smart City. We can help you to create and deploy a complete range of RFID, IoT and GPS enabled smart services, such as smart metering, waste management, smoke and fire alarms, smart street lighting, smart building maintenance, cash in transit and ATM security, mall and retail asset tracking, airport access control and asset maintenance, healthcare and public transportation. Our Orion solutions reduce your city’s carbon footprint and provide up to 75% better cost savings than comparable smart solutions in the market place.



Secure, track monitor and recover council assets, personnel and the local community


Cost effective, environmentally friendly waste management solutions


Parking optimisation, speed and vehicle access control and route optimisation


Orion Safe Zones to reduce crime such as bicycle and motorised vehicle theft


SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) compliant


Provides up to 75% in cost savings compared to other asset tracking solutions


No reliance on SIM or mobile network


Automates processes and operations save time, free up resources and eliminate human error


Reduces your carbon footprint for a greener smart city


Analyse staff process patterns


Home office award winning technology

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