From Smart Meters to Water Supply Systems, the Orion Data Network enables you to Track, Monitor and Recover Your Utility Assets for a Faster and More Cost Efficient Way of Working.

Gaining total visibility over your Utilities assets enables you to repair and replace assets more quickly, respond to emergencies faster, meet Regulatory requirements, save time, reduce your costs by up to 20% and provide a better customer experience.

Digital Revolution

The digital revolution has already descended on the Utility industry, birthing products like renewables, smart grids and meters and distributed generation. All Utility businesses need to digitalise their operations and infrastructure to catch up to the complexities of their new assets, the demands of their tech-savvy customers and the environmental requirements of governments and regulatory bodies.

The pressure for digital innovation is intensified by the necessity to economise wherever possible as end-user consumption continues to decline and cause losses in revenue. At the same time customers are demanding greener, more cost-efficient products and services. Those businesses that can streamline their operations, protect and optimise valuable assets and improve their customer experience will take the lead, leaving those that fail to undergo digital transformation behind.

Challenges in the Utility Industry

Whether your business is focused on electric, hydroelectric, fossil, natural gas and power generation and distribution, or water supply and sewage management, you will have experienced increased overheads and infrastructure expenditure, strict regulatory requirements and rising time and cost constraints. The temptation may be to pass these costs to the end-user. However, in today’s world of seemingly limitless customer choice and demand, customers are seeking more economical and environmentally friendly utility alternatives. In addition, Utilities’ businesses are starting to partner up with smart cities and building companies for better energy and environmental planning. These factors require more streamlined processes and better visibility on order to achieve the desired results. Utility businesses need to start looking at smarter ways of saving money and increasing operational efficiency in other areas of their business.

Assets including gas pipelines, power stations, electricity cables and of course personnel, are one of the most important considerations for a Utilities business. Protecting Utility assets, understanding the most cost-effective times to carry out maintenance and replacements and responding to emergencies when assets are stolen, damaged or fail, are all critical to success. You can reduce costs by up to 20% and significantly increase productivity by creating and deploying an effective asset tracking and management strategy.

Data Driven Strategy to Maximise Utilities Assets

The key is to harness the most state of the art Utilities asset tracking technology to create a data-driven asset strategy that enables preventative and condition-based maintenance and predictive outage. This allows highly informed, real-time data driven decision-making both in the field and in the boardroom. A solid Utilities asset management strategy with a proper inventory system that automatically and constantly updates, ongoing evaluation and customisable reporting, will maximise your capital value, maintenance budget and operational efficiency. Asset tracking, monitoring and recovery in the Utilities industry enables you to minimise the lifecycle cost of owning and operating your valuable assets, while meeting your customer service level agreements.

Smart Grids and Smart Meters

Tracking assets can be especially hard with gas Smart Meters as customer churn and the different processes used my multiple installation suppliers can cause uncertainty around location and maintenance requirements. Installation, removal and changes in the supply chain can lead to problems in tracing your assets, so that you incur unnecessary losses or invoice customers incorrectly. All of this can be avoided with a strong asset tracking, monitoring and recovery solution.


Water systems can range in size from a small operation serving 50-100 corporate customers to a system that serves the entire population of one of the world’s largest cities. This means that your asset management system needs to be scalable to fit the size and duration of the project.

Orion Data Network for the Utilities Industry


New Forest Communications’ Orion Data Network asset tracking solution for the Utilities industry uses RFID technology to help you identify, continuously monitor and manage equipment with real-time data feedback. This means you always know where your assets and personnel are located and get instant notifications when there is a failure enabling you to act fast and minimise any downtime. Orion also enables proper visibility across the supply chain for more efficient inventory management across individual and multiple Utilities’ sites so you can keep overheads to a minimum. Tracking lone workers maximises productivity while also ensuring their safety at all times. Orion’s cutting-edge technology also allows you to fully secure your sites so you can control all access points and prevent unauthorised entry and machine use or theft.

Orion’s unique technology carries data without relying on a mobile phone network, so no SIM cards and no ongoing costs. Orion offers a comprehensive solution that allow you to create a smart, safe, secure, efficient, greener & overall more vibrant Utilities solution for the businesses, homes and cities of tomorrow. Crucially, Orion is extremely flexible allowing you to decide what services you require and control the roll out that suits your need and budget.

For more information on the features of the Orion Data Network and how it can benefit your Utilities business, click this link.

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