Tamper Detection

Stop Smart Meter fraud and prevent damage to ATMs, business structures, materials, containers, and packaging.

Shipping containers, smart meters and mechanical and electronic systems such as ATMs, medical devices, gambling and ticket machines and electronic locks, are all potential targets for magnetic and other forms of tampering.

Smart Meter Fraud

The smart meter industry is booming in the water, gas and electricity sectors and recent research has estimated that there will be 780 million smart meters deployed by 2020 and 85 million installed annually by 2025. The most common attempts to tamper with smart meters involve using a magnet to impair the current-transformer sensor and reduce the energy usage reading. Each year around $90 billion of energy is stolen around the globe. These magnets are readily available from stripping down discarded electronics for spare parts and can also be purchased online. Of course, this easy access hugely increases the threat to your assets.

Current Manipulation

Another form of tampering, current manipulation, involves the thief swapping out the live and neutral wires, or faulting the load to change the return current. This can be combated with sensors that detect the current balance between the live and neutral wires and send an alarm in the event of any imbalance.

Orion Data Network


Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network smart meter solutions enable contactless tamper detection of movements as minimal as 3mm on any part of the unit. Magnetic shields and the use of specific types of sensor ensure their effectiveness is not impaired by the use of magnets.

Damage Prevention for Materials, Structures and Packages

For complex supply chains in for example manufacturing and automotive industries, which are susceptible to often undetected theft and tampering, our solutions can be used to pinpoint where tampering is occurring. Some tampering may be authorised, for example at Customs by a Customs Official. If however the Orion tamper solution identifies tampering in a location outside of the Customs or an authorised unloading area then you will be instantly alerted to the issue and can address it and prevent it happening again. For shipping containers we can create a light sensor to prevent the container and contents from being tampered with. Again you can set your own parameters so that if it has been authorised that the container lid is lifted for 1 minute at a designated port by authorised personnel you know that this is an authorised interaction. However if the Containers light sensor is disturbed elsewhere in the supply chain you can be alerted in real time to the unauthorised tamper incident.

Wireless Tamper Sensor

To ensure the security of containers and packages carrying valuable materials such as precious stones and food and to prevent damage to all types of structure Smarter Technologies have developed a wireless sensor system. The solution can be attached to the structure or container or embedded in the contents to monitor and report on cracks, strain, puncture or impact damage. Connection to our Orion Data Network ensures comprehensive monitoring with real time reporting and tamper alerts by text or email. No external power source or signal wiring is required.

The solution is lightweight, cost-efficient and low maintenance and improves overall system reliability by reducing wiring and connections. It is also environmentally friendly. A single sensor can be programmed to provide you with a variety of different measurements depending on your requirements.

Ensuring your Tag is Attached to our Asset

In addition to protecting your Container assets and their cargo, it’s important to be certain that that your Orion GPS tag is attached to your asset and a thief or vandal has not removed it and attached it to another item. This can be ensured with a solution comprising a magnet and a metal reed switch inside the tag. When the tag is correctly attached to the Container, the magnet is close to the reed switch so the circuit is closed. However if it is moved away it breaks the circuit and you can see instantly that the tag has been tampered with and moved from your container to a different item or discarded.

Bespoke Tamper Sensors

Smarter Technologies creates bespoke tamper solutions depending on the particular needs of your business. When creating a solution, we look at factors such as cost, mechanical or solid state technology, type of assembly, whether you require non-destructive or destructive operation and if passive or active detection is preferable under all the circumstances.

If you’re worried about your assets being tampered with at any point in your supply chain: in transit, in the warehouse or on site in their final destination then call one of our experts now on 01425485263.



Customisable and bespoke tamper sensor solutions


Easily programmable to feedback pre-defined data


Contactless tamper detection from movements as small as 3mm


No external power source or wiring


Prevents current manipulation


Robust hard-wearing integrated infrared sensors

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