Asset Tracking

A strong Asset Tracking strategy will reduce total cost of ownership, increase asset availability and lifetime, improve overall performance and delivery times, lower operational costs and improve your Return on Investment.

As pioneers in creating delivering asset tracking, asset security and asset recovery solutions for the global market Smarter Technologies Group has created the ground-breaking, low-cost, scalable, radio frequency Orion Data Network. This asset tracking technology enables real-time visibility, tracking and analytics, and can reduce operational costs by 75% more than comparable technologies. Smarter Technologies Group is helping businesses and governments to create smarter, secure and more connected cities while reducing their carbon footprint.

We provide an Asset Tracking assessment, strategy and implementation service that includes an initial audit; bespoke design and development; fast and efficient field deployment; full system roll out, monitoring and analytics software and global asset recovery.

Asset Tracking with Orion improves your supply chain visibility, allowing you to track equipment, tools, people, vehicles and vessels and containers and their contents and monitor fuel and generators. Real-time asset tracking data provides you with the business intelligence you need to make better informed decisions and increase your overall productivity.

The main benefits of asset tracking with Orion are:

Excellent site management

Predictive asset maintenance

Process automation that eliminates the need for manual input and therefore prevents human error

Increasing accountability and logistical efficiency

Full integration with legacy information systems

Theft, damage and loss prevention

Identification of supply chain weak spots for continuous improvement

Lone worker protection in remote locations

Automated and standardised sales, delivery and return processes

Greater transparency, visibility, security and recovery capabilities

Maximised asset life and infrastructure and reduce cost of ownership

Meeting customer SLAs

Improving Customer Experience and promote loyalty and repeat business

Managing risk and comply with regulatory requirements

Better operational and financial planning

Faster and better ROI

Reduced Opex and Capex

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