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Track and manage your assets. Secure and protect your police station, personnel and the general public.

Responsibility & Accountability

Police and Law Enforcement departments are constantly balancing their responsibility to keeping the public safe with a lack of resources and the need to keep within a strict budget. One of the main areas which takes up a lot of unnecessary police time and wasted costs is the management of mission critical assets. Many internal processes are still carried out manually which is slow and leaves the system open to human error. Assets get lost, damaged and stolen which is not only an expensive loss but could be life threatening if vital equipment is not available in an emergency.

Smarter Technologies Group’s asset tracking, monitoring and recovery solutions with real-time data and reporting over the Orion Data Network combat all of these issues and more.

NFC Group Police & Law Enforcement Agencies asset tracking

Orion Technology for Police & Law Enforcement

Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network asset management and security solutions ensure that your asset base is optimally structured in the best corporate interest of the organisation and your key personnel and the general public are safe and secure at the station and out in the field.

Scalable RFID Technology & Broad Application

Our state of the art, first to market Radio Frequency Identification technology and GPS enables real-time monitoring and tracking over the Orion Data Network.

If you require an asset to remain within a particular area then you can program in pre-defined geofence locations and if the asset moves outside of these, Orion will immediately alert you with a text or call directly to your mobile device or pager or by email. Orion has unsurpassed scalability and a vast array of different applications across the police force.

You can measure energy usage; be notified when an asset or container has received any impact, shock or damage; determine the exact location of your personnel, asset or canine unit; receive updates on lone workers in remote areas and prevent loss and theft while also securing the entire perimeter of your station.

Smarter Technologies Group creates solutions that are tailor-made for the needs of each individual police force dependent on the size of the force, the types of crime that is prevalent in the area and all other critical factors which one of our experts will discuss with you in detail.

Global Coverage

The system comprises three different types of tag, GPS, non-GPS and switch tags for smoke detectors and fire alarms within the police station. Each item or person to be tracked is individually tagged and each tag emits a unique identification number to one of the Orion gateways which received the information and then sends the data you require to you over the Orion network.

Three types of gateway, Ethernet, mobile and independent satellite, ensure optimal global coverage so you can track your assets within your station; travelling between stations, in the field and in storage, throughout the entire supply chain. This gives you total 360-degree visibility 24/7, with total control and simplified management over all your assets and people, from mission critical equipment to suppliers and contractors’ products and personnel.

NFC Group Police & Law Enforcement Agencies asset tracking

Orion Solutions for Police & Law Enforcement

Faster Emergency Response

Orion helps you save time when checking equipment during shift changes and rescue operations, freeing up time for a faster emergency response and general police work and getting more officers out into the field more quickly. It also helps to prevent misuse of equipment and misrepresentation such as a criminal impersonating a police officer.

Eliminate Human Error

With Orion, Police departments no longer need to rely on paper records and manual data entry, so human error is eliminated and operations run more smoothly. Checks that previously took hours to carry out can now be done in just seconds and the data is automatically uploaded to the backend system.

Cost Savings

The Orion Data Network is an affordable, powerful, RFID, IoT and GPS asset tracking, monitoring and recovery technology. It reduces operational costs by up to 75% more than other comparable asset management solutions, by improving the organisation, management and security of key Police equipment, radar systems, mobile phones, armoury and personnel.

Automating & Streamlining Processes

Orion provides you with real time data about all of your assets, enabling you to automate the processes required to identify them and assign them to key personnel, with full integration into your native backend systems.

Features of Orion Data Network Asset Tracking for the Police

Orion Security Network

Combined RFID and GPS asset tracking and security network.

Orion was the first and most comprehensive, fully end to end IoT Low Power Radio Network solution for Police forces in the market.

Cost Savings

Orion enables Police forces to combat resourcing and budget pressures by reducing operational costs by up to 75% compared to regular GSM CDMA solutions.

Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network solutions for the Police Force can provide you with a return on your investment in just 3 weeks!

Orion Tracking Solutions

Orion is the market-leading asset tracking devices wholly designed and built in the United Kingdom.

Smarter Technologies have a forged a reputation as pioneers in the asset tracking market worldwide and offer a wide range of both Orion asset tracking devices as well as industry proven OEM products for use by Police Forces and other Law Enforcement Agencies.

IoT Data Management System

Next generation IoT data management system and connectivity platform with N+1 backbone infrastructure to engage the M2M marketplace with fully managed end to end turnkey solutions.

Global Data Network

The Orion Network can be deployed anywhere in the world quickly, simply and cost-effectively. From real-time container tracking data analytics, to high value retail tracking and security applications, the Orion network is now the supply chain tracking network of choice for government and law enforcement agencies.

Highly Scalable

Orion allows the Police to scale their network without limitations and create a private data and security network that is second to none.


Orion offers a huge range of application possibilities. Almost any Police asset or application that requires racking, monitoring and real-time data feedback can join the Orion network.

Both hardware and software can be tailored and programmed to meet your Police Force’sspecific real-time data requirements and give you the information you need to optimise your operations.

Smart Technology

Orion GPS and RFID tags learn their environment by gathering thousands of pieces of data every second.

Orion hardware is among the smartest technology available on the market today.

After a short time learning their surroundings, unusual behaviour patterns can be spotted, andyou can create preventative and maintenance strategies to combat issues before they arise.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Improving asset utilisation and reducing operational costs in turn reduces your carbon footprint for a more environmentally friendly way to run your Police Force.

Intelligent Data

We can now offer the Police a range of API’s and an online asset management system that is capable of managing all of your physical assets, personnel, evidence, inventory, billing and reporting from one centralised location with a user interface that can be shared amongst personal and between different departments and Police Forces.

Smarter Technologies has worked with a large number of government Departments and Agencies and we have developed Orion’s back-end infrastructure over the last decade focussing on the needs of our public sector clients. User experience has been of paramount importance in the evolution of Orion.

How Orion Benefits the Police


Monitor, Track & Recover valuable Police assets


Improve responsibility and accountability for assets


Take control over Police asset inventory with predictive maintenance and repurchasing schedules


Automate systems for manging evidence, records, files and DNA samples.


Ensure the safety and security of your officers


Save valuable time when changing shifts


Centralise all your critical administrative processes


Scale your asset management system up or down dependent on your requirements


Customise your Orion Data Network reporting with easy to program predefined variables to suit your operations


Orion solutions are simple to install and integrate with your existing systems


Smarter Technologies Group provides total support from consultation, design, development, and implementation and ongoing expert advice

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