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Asset Tracking for Artefact and Artwork Security, Curating, Cataloguing, Storage, Viewings, Sales, Transfer & Archiving.

Paintings, sculptures and artefacts are some of the most desirable and valuable assets in the world and require constant real-time monitoring and tracking, and a strong recovery strategy in the event of loss or theft. Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network solutions for Museums and Galleries offer real-time monitoring and tracking and fast recovery, while minimising the need for handling and transportation. In addition to asset tracking and security Orion also simplifies cataloguing, archiving and inventory; enables predictive maintenance; and can be used to enhance your customer experience and improve sales.

Overcoming Museum Asset Lifecycle Challenges

Art, sculptures and artefacts are highly valuable assets that are also a crucially important part of our history, heritage and legacy. It’s essential to keep them in the right environment and minimise handling, to protect their condition and integrity. During its lifetime, it’s likely that each piece of work will at some point be displayed, loaned, sold, transported, cleaned, repaired, catalogued, stored and archived. Done manually the processes required to achieve all these tasks are time consuming, prone to human error and require a high level of handling that can cause damage. The Orion Data Network offers the most comprehensive Museum & Gallery asset solutions available in the market place.

Orion’s Innovative RFID Technology


Using our Orion Data Network, Smarter Technologies Group has created a comprehensive suite of asset security, tracking, recovery and supply chain management solutions that assuage all of these issues. The devices can be either overt and double as a visual deterrent to theft or covert and invisible so that they do not ruin the beauty of a work of art on display. Some Orion solutions are purely satellite while others rely on more conventional GSM and GPS technology.

Long & Short-range Coverage

The Orion Data Network is what sets us apart from all other asset management and security solutions. It is a low power, long-range, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), digital data network consisting of a system of tags and gateways. The tags report and the gateways receive information every 2 minutes when static, and every 30 seconds when your artefact or art work is in motion, for example during transit to another gallery or to a buyer. Orion tags can be GPS or non-GPS. They are heat and motion sensor enabled as standard. The system provides short and long-range coverage from 500 meters to 10 miles radius of each gateway and directional antennae enable targeted localisation. In beacon mode you can locate your piece of art, sculpture or artefact on foot or in a vehicle, using hand held RFID tracking device.

NFC Group Museum and Galleries asset tracking

Tagging Art, Containers, Vehicles & Personnel

You can also tag the container that the art work is travelling in and even the vehicle transporting it and the personnel responsible for it while it is in transit. We also utilise switch tags for monitoring electrical equipment such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and door and window locks. Extensive battery life of up to 5 years also means that you do not need to constantly maintain the system or worry about power failure.

Customised Alerts & Reporting for Museums & Galleries

Orion reports your data to you in real-time enabling unparalleled asset visibility throughout the entire supply chain lifecycle. You can discreetly tag individual pieces of art, display cases, sculptures and artefacts so that visitors to your gallery or museum will not even be aware of their existence. You can program the type of data you require depending on the individual requirements of the painting, sculpture or artefact. This enables you to measure for example temperature, shock, moisture levels impact, tampering, location and much more. If for example your art work is diverted outside of your pre-determined geofenced location you will instantly receive an alert to your mobile device or by email or by whatever method you prefer. We also design personal SOS and Panic Buttons that your personnel can use in the event of an emergency which can be directly linked to emergency services for a faster response time.

This comprehensive 24/7 real time visibility also allows you to organise and catalogue your collections remotely so handling risks are hugely mitigated. Orion can help you speed up your sales and provide a more seamless experience to your customers by helping you to locate pieces of art for viewings much more quickly and put their mind at rest that when they purchase it, it will arrive safely at its destination.

Our Orion Data Network solutions are up to 75% more cost effective than comparable GSM and GPS asset solutions.

Museum & Gallery Security

For large museum and gallery premises Orion gives you total visibility over your entire estate, indoors and outdoors and in the most remote corners of your site. It can be fully integrated with existing systems such as CCTV to create a comprehensive security system. Staff working alone at night can rest assured that their safety and security is secured and that they have an effective strategy in the case of an emergency. Orion allows you to track the movements of all artefacts and personnel, create intruder alerts, be notified when assets move outside of designated areas, and receive alerts upon the unauthorised opening of doors and containers.

Benefits of Asset Tracking in the Museum & Gallery Sector


Secure, monitor and track your high valuable objects and treasures, staff, visitors, suppliers and maintenance.


Real time temperature and humidity monitoring, shock-sensing, 3D movement alerts and battery life and condition monitoring.


No lithium battery means risk of damage from leakage is eliminated.


Handling time and costs are reduced along with the risk of damage from exposure or human error.


Very small GPS enabled tags can be installed as either a fixed or stand-alone install depending on the art work that needs to be tracked and secured.


Customizable reporting platform to meet your exact reporting requirements in a variety of formats.


Monitor internal and outsourced maintenance for time and cost efficiencies and security.


Real time exception reports highlight irregular on-site activity in your Museum or Gallery.


Enhanced customer experience so people return to your Gallery or Museum time after time.

Features of Orion Data Network for Museums & Galleries

5-year battery life reduces the need for handling your artefacts.

Power-down alarms.

Plug and play hardware.

Very cost effective over time, reduces requirement for GSM providing significant savings.

The Orion network is limitlessly scalable, tag any art work or artefact within the Orion safe-zone for complete asset visibility.

The Orion gateway plugs easily into an existing Ethernet port and the gateway controls key access points.

Orion operates on a Low Frequency Radio Signal.

You can monitor your artwork and artefacts at long-range from 500 meters to 10km radius of the Gateways.

GPS tags for near real time tracking of vehicles transporting your artefacts and people travelling with them.

Smarter Technologies Group also uses non-GPS tags to prevent people from tampering with your art work and enable better logistics.

Switch tags attach to smoke detectors and fire systems to prevent and alert you of potential fire, smoke and water damage to your Museum and Gallery artefacts.

Tags for monitoring temperature internally on art work containers and eternally in the art display area.

Benefits of Orion Data Network for Museums & Galleries


Greatly reduces the risks, cost and time associated with manually handling artefacts and art.


Gives key personnel more time to focus on other areas of the business such as customer experience and sales.


Orion tags are small and discreet and are not visible to customers viewing the art work.


The real-time tracking and reporting features allow you to predict maintenance schedules and promote accurate record management, reducing manual handling and transportation and all the associated risks.


Orion is 75% more cost effective than other comparable art tracking solutions, reducing your operational expenditure and increasing your profit margins.


Tracking key personnel can make them feel more secure when they are protecting, showing and transporting your most valuable assets.


You can program Orion to measure the temperature and humidity of the art work and containers, to sense any shock to the container or contents, provide 3 dimensional movement alerts and monitor the battery life of the tags.


Other providers use solutions containing lithium batteries that can potentially damage your assets but Orion does not so there is no risk of damage from battery leakage.


The RFID and GPS enabled tags have flexible installation to suit fixed or stand-alone displays.


Real time exception reports highlight irregular on-site activity in your Museum or Gallery.


Orion not only protects your museum and gallery pieces, it also provides a richer customer experience that puts your business ahead of the competition and improves your sales and repeat purchases.

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