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Bespoke Farm, Crop and Livestock Tracking and Security Solutions with RFID, GPS and IoT Technology and Real Time Data Analysis over the Orion Data Network.

Smarter Technologies Group’s ActiveHerd™ boluses monitor and protect your cattle and our Orion asset security, tracking and recovery solutions secure your farm assets, workers and land, greatly reducing the risks of livestock and crop disease and lost and stolen assets. When you buy one of our solutions you may be eligible for Defra funding or 10% off your annual farm insurance premiums. Simply ask one of our experts about these great offers when you call us to talk about your security and asset tracking requirements.

Farm & Livestock Security

Bovine, ovine, porcine and poultry livestock are high value livestock farming assets which are susceptible to several high-risk factors such as theft, disease, injury, organised crime gangs, natural disasters like floods and fires and attacks from wild animals and domestic dogs.

Risk Factors

It can be hard to secure the perimeter of a farm and individual fields in order to protect livestock and other assets. This means that they are at risk from opportunists, organise crime gangs and those dog walkers who don’t keep their dogs on a leash. Dogs can inadvertently worry cattle and sheep causing injury and also psychological damage, which results in them mistrusting the farm’s own herding dogs. Some diseases such as Neosporosis can be passed from canines to cattle and can cause miscarriage and other issues. Failure to secure farm buildings and land can also leave farmers open to livestock rustling and theft of individual high value meat, breeding and show animals.

Security Solutions

Smarter Technologies Group creates IoT sensor-enabled security solutions made up of durable all-weather tags and gateways, which easily attach to your farm gates, walls and other fencing and lets you know critical data such as when a gate is opened, or movement is detected. You can set clear parameters that tell the system what times of day gates are usually opened for example to feed livestock so that if a gate is opened at an unusual time the system will send you an instant alert to your mobile device so you can take action to stop the unauthorised entry or call the police and secure an arrest. All of our security solutions integrate easily with other security measures such as CCTV.

Orion Data Network for Farms


Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion network is a RFID broadcasting system consisting of a central hub, otherwise known as a gateway, and GPS, non-GPS and Switch tags. The gateway plugs into your existing Ethernet port, providing an instant network of coverage all over your farmhouse and land. The tags we attach to your assets will communicate with the gateway, In passive mode they send information every 2 minutes when the asset is still and every 15 seconds when it is moving. Hand held active RFID readers in beacon mode are used for lost or misplaced assets or missing livestock to pinpoint their exact location in real time. Orion tags are not dependent on particular gateways, so assets like livestock or machinery can be tracked remotely in any areas where there are gateways positioned, anywhere in the world.

The Orion Data Network utilises innovative RFID, GPS and IoT sensor technology, and has many advantages over other tracking and security systems, for example:

Orion is SIM free, so there are no monthly hidden or ongoing charges

No line of sight is required and the system can permeate containers or buildings unlike GPS

The system is low powered so tags last for years not days and the system can run off battery, mains or solar power

Our solutions are multi-layered and multi-functional

Remote configuration means tags can receive messages in multiple locations

You can switch Orion solutions from digital to analogue to increase recovery capabilities

Tracking Livestock Health & Safety


Smarter Technologies Group’s ActiveHerd boluses monitor the temperature of each individua animal in your herd of cattle for early detection of diseases like Pneumonia, Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus and Bovine Respiratory Disease, so you can prevent the spread of infection.

Other Revenue Boosting Benefits

In addition to preventing disease you can help your herd achieve their daily live weight gain targets, predict when a cow is going to calve, track a cow during the lactation period, assess feed and water quality, streamline all of your livestock operations and protect your livestock from harm. You can also determine changes in feed quality and get granular visibility on the effects of cattle stress factors like overheating, housing density and barrier feed-point overcrowding.

Real Time Data

The boluses have a long battery life and can transmit temperature data from between every 5 minutes to every hour depending on your requirements. Our Orion Software can be installed across multiple devices for your ease of use, including laptop, PC, phone and tablet and all your data is securely stored and backed up in the Cloud.


Orion can also be used to monitor poultry and other animals that are temperature sensitive, to ensure that doors are closed, heat lamps are working, the ambient temperature is within a suitable range and is consistent and there is sufficient water for them to remain healthy. In the event of any changes in the temperature parameters you have set, Orion sends you an immediate alert to your mobile, so you can act fast and save your livestock.

Livestock Location Tracking

We also create livestock collard similar to the W360 Wildlife collar designed for the wild Rhinos in Tanzania, but specially modifies to fit cows so that you can track their location and behaviour, rotate grazing effectively and protect them from theft and attack. The collars have a GPS Orion Tag attached, which sends out it’s unique identification to an Orion Gateway in the farm house and tracks the individual cows, so you can monitor their status. You can set geofenced locations so that if a cow moves out side of a specified area you receive an immediate alert. We can also create ear tags and other hardware to suit different types of livestock and according to your particular preferences.

Natural Disaster Response

Arson is still a huge problem in rural areas in the UK and accidental fires are also a threat to your crops, livestock. Business and home. Smarter Technologies Group creates special switch tags with in-built smoke and fire sensors, so you have an early warning system that sends alerts to your mobile device enabling you to respond fast, call for help and rescue your assets quickly in an emergency situation.

Could You Get Defra Funding for Your Rural Business?

We have formed a partnership with Defra to support farmers who want to secure the safety of their farmhouse and outbuildings, farm equipment, livestock, farm hands and other assets. When you buy our Orion Data Network solutions for your farm you may be eligible for reimbursement for some or all of your investment. We have also partnered with Scrutton Bland and Markel insurance brokers who are offering clients who use Smarter Technologies Group farm security and livestock tracking solutions 10% off their annual insurance premiums.

To benefit from these 2 great offers, call Smarter Technologies Group on 0330 223 5000 and ask one of our experts about Defra funding and 10% insurance discounts.



Early disease detection and prevention for healthier livestock and lower mortality rates


Get the right data to help you Achieve Daily Liveweight Gain Targets


Protection got crops, fertiliser and fuel in storage in your outbuildings


Secure the perimeter, outbuildings and farmhouse to protect your workers, livestock and family


Combat organised rural crime and recover stolen assets fast collecting evidence to secure an arrest and conviction


Enjoy lower annual insurance premiums for your farm


Track and monitor lone workers in remote areas for better safety and productivity


Real time data on variable factors such as temperature; location; pressure; tilt; movement; moisture; toxicity; unauthorised entry; shock and impact; gas, solid and liquid levels and more


Faster return on investment and up to 75% better cost savings than other tracking and security solutions on the market

If you want to track and monitor your farm assets and livestock to ensure their protection and safety then contact Smarter Technologies Group and talk to an expert today.

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