High Value Asset Tracking

Orion works well for high value assets for a number of reasons. Firstly the devices are small with a long battery life which means that they are easily concealed. Secondly the real time nature of the system means that there is a real time audit in process all the time. Very often being able to provide the visibility offered by a real time audit changes the attitude to risk within a business. High Value Asset Tracking solutions from Smarter Technologies have been deployed around the world in various markets and industries. Smarter Technologies specializes in high value assets such as jewelry, watches and gold bullion shipments. Contact Smarter Technologies to discuss your requirements in detail.

People do not want to tamper with or steal something that is being continuously monitored, it is just too hard. There are easier targets. Let us not also forget that many high value assets that are taken are done so with a degree of inside help. Simply implementing a system has often resulted in a significant reduction in losses because most people won’t even try if it looks too hard. Smarter Technologies also liaise with local and foreign police forces in joint sting operations employing Smarter Technologies technology and ex militray personnel.

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