Movement & Motion Sensors

Movement sensors are an essential part of your surveillance and security strategy. They protect your site, assets and key personnel. Real time data feedback and mobile alerts enable fast emergency response.

Strategic Multi-layer Security Systems for Perimeter Protection

Event-Driven Security

NFC Group’s Orion Data Network Movement Sensors are most frequently used for perimeter protection and can be easily integrated into a strategic, multi-layer security system. Physical walls and doors may be a deterrent, but movement sensors are a critical part of your security strategy as they can trigger other security measures for a multi-layered solution and also trigger and alert or alarm directly back to a mobile device or to the emergency services.

They can also be deployed in a variety of other scenarios, for example, to open and close automatic doors; trigger lights, CCTV and thermal sensors when a person enters an area; as a virtual tripwire where there are no physical walls; to control ATM displays; raise and lower automatic barriers at ticket gates; and in public restrooms at airports and other locations to automatically flush toilets and turn taps on and off.

These movement sensors are event-driven in that they are triggered by someone entering or leaving the premises or perimeter or approaching the equipment, ATM or a high value asset such as a work of art hanging in a gallery.


Orion movement sensors can include passive infrared, ultrasonic, microwave, area-reflective, ultrasonic and vibration technologies, or combined technologies for advanced security and elimination of false alarms. They can be mounted on walls, ceilings or other surfaces and can be switch-activated or wireless and used outside or in an indoor environment.

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Application Across Different Industries

These motion sensors have broad application protecting critical infrastructure for commercial enterprises; smart homes; in locations controlled by the military, police and fire & rescue services; on construction sites; in factory assembly lines to track products; to secure rural businesses like farms; and by government organisations in their facilities.


When placed on construction, manufacturing or other machinery you can use our Orion movement and motion sensors to audit when that machinery is in operation. This enables you to create predictive maintenance schedules and will alert you instantly to any unauthorised machine usage so you can take immediate action.

Museums and Galleries

In the Museum and Galleries sector you can set our movement, motion and vibration tags to your desired levels of sensitivity so that when a painting, sculpture or artefact is touched, tapped, cut from its frame or in any way disturbed or tampered with, the Prion tag will send you instant alerts so you can prevent a theft or vandalism in operation.

Features & Benefits of Orion Data Network Movement Sensors


Instant First Step response that alerts you as soon as an intruder makes footfall


Adjusts to room temperature to prevent false alarms


Adjusts to room noise levels from background sources such as fans, hanging signs and A/C units


Prevents pets and insects from triggering the alarm


Installed within seconds and easily mounted on any surface


Easy integration with your wider security system


Multi-layered technology, sensors, alerts and alarms for maximum security


Highly customisable design and technology


Customisable alerts and reporting via the Orion Data Network


Cost-effective with a fast ROI


Lower your carbon footprint

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