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The UK boasts the second largest port industry in Europe. According to the British Ports Association, nearly 120,000 people are directly employed by our ports and in excess of 500m tonnes of freight including raw materials and finished goods, are imported and exported every year. In addition, more than 60 million people pass through for international and domestic work and holiday travel.

UK Ports Industry

Track Containers and Contents, Manage Access Control and Inventory, Manage Traffic and Optimise Parking, Protect Assets and Key Personnel

Whether your port is privately owned, municipal or belongs to a trust, you can benefit from Smarter Technologies Groups Orion Data Network asset tracking solutions to extend the life of your critical assets and streamline your processes.

Orion does not only benefit your import, export and passenger handling services, but also other port services such as supporting the offshore energy industry; cruise liner services; enhancing the experience of your local yachting community; providing links to island communities; supporting ancillary industries such as fishing; and recuing your ports carbon footprint.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Marinas and Yacht Clubs are typical of businesses where the constant movement of craft, vehicles, plant, machinery and staff, provide scope for pilferage, major theft, human resource time losses, and an accumulating wastage of chargeable resource. Such wastage is chronic, and although an acknowledged problem, it is often difficult to eliminate. Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network Solutions allow you to analyse site usage for increased site productivity; track and recover stolen boats, engines, sails and other assets; increase access visibility from sea and land; remotely monitor bilge pumps and gas failures; monitor access and unauthorised movement on individual boats, yachts and tenders and above all increase security while adding significant value to your members’ experience.

How RFID Technology Can Benefit Ports & Marinas

Asset Monitoring

Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network asset solutions for Ports & Marinas are based on innovative Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Unlike bar codes, GPS and optics RFID does not require line of sight for asset identification, which means it’s capabilities for asset tracking, monitoring and recovery far outweigh these other solutions. RFID has a far longer reach and you can identify thousands of different assets at any one time.

Ports and Marinas were early adopters of passive RFID technology for security purposes but are now reaping the benefits of new, state of the art, active RFID solutions for tracking assets. In addition to tracking your most critical assets such as containers and their contents, our RFID solutions can be used to install automated gate sensors; track port vehicles and vessels; bulk handling; and wide application for RORO processes, to improve every aspect of your operations and logistics. Real time monitoring and intelligent data programmed to meet your specific data intelligence needs, is coupled with instant messages and alerts direct to your mobile device, so you know where all your assets are located at any given moment.

Asset & Site Security

All kinds of high value assets from copper wiring to expensive port equipment can be secured with Orion’s IoT sensor solutions as can the perimeter of your port or marina to prevent trespassers and stop unauthorised personnel from accessing high security areas. Instant alarms direct to your phone, laptop or pager enable immediate response in an emergency, and can also be linked to the emergency services.

Protecting Personnel

For workers in remote areas or potentially dangerous roles, lone worker tracking solutions, panic buttons and SOS alarms can help you comply with government regulations and save lives. An added benefit can also be a reduction in your Port or Marina insurance premiums.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Furthermore, it is beneficial to projects designed to help the environment by helping to reduce reliance on land and air transport, tracking vehicles in emissions programs and enabling better route management to reduce your carbon footprint.

Bulk Container Handling

Our solutions allow you to track your containers and contents separately with sensors to determine whether someone has tried to tamper with your container or if it has been damaged by impact or shock as well as measuring the temperature, level or weight of the contents.

Automating & Streamlining Port & Marina Processes

Automation is key to a more modern, Agile and profitable Port or other Marine business. Smarter Technologies automated RFID asset tracking takes away the risk of the mistakes people make when manually processing data for tasks like inventory management. By automating, you not only get more accurate results, but also free up the time of your key personnel for more important tasks that are directly tied to increasing Port revenue.

Hazard Management

Hazardous and dangerous materials are common in ports and marinas. In addition to tracking the material themselves you will doubtless want to set Geofence parameters to keep them within the controlled area. All of this is easy to achieve with our Orion solutions.

How Orion Benefits Ports & Marinas


Ports and Marina, access control and inventory management


Site management, GPS tags reduce theft and increases productivity


Container optimisation and enhanced asset visibility


Traffic management, speed control and congestion management


Parking optimisation, enhanced asset visibility and access control


SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition)


No need to reply on GSM based solutions


Offer RFID tracking services to third party companies operating within your Port or Marina facility


Export data to your Port & Marina accounts software package for full integration

To discover the full range of features and benefits that Orion brings to Ports & Marinas click here. To talk to an Smarter Technologies expert call + 44 (0) 1425 485 263 today.

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