W360 – Wildlife Tracking Collar

Transform your Conservation Project with the customisable W360 Wildlife Tracking Collar to identify, locate and track movement patterns, health, behaviour, environment, population demographics, attempted poaching and escapes.

NFC Group created this version of the W360 for the Wildlife Conservation Project that protects the Black Rhinos in Tanzania. We can adapt and customise our Wildlife Tracking Collar to fit and suit the habitat and behaviour of different types of animal, and your specific environmental and conservation strategy and data requirements.

If your conservation project could benefit from utilising the W360 wildlife tracking collar then please contact NFC Group. For details on the technical specification, features and benefits of the W360 Wildlife Tracking Collar please see below:

What is the W360?

The W360 is a Wildlife Tracking Collar that NFC Group designed in response to the specific requirements of one of our clients who are dedicated to the conservation of the Black Rhino in Tanzania. We had to take into account the unique challenges of the Rhinos’ environment. No mains power in the areas meant that the device needed to be battery powered. As rhinos are wild and unused to being handled, the battery life needed to last longer than one year to avoid causing distress to the animals by frequent interference in their day to day lives. The Rhinos are valuable on the black market and at constant risk from poachers so the W360 tracking collar needed to report back in real-time as frequently as possible to ensure their total security and safety. An absence of GSM mean that we could not use SIM cards. It was essential that the device was close fitting so it did not catch on anything in the habitat and cause harm to the Rhinos, but sufficiently loose to be comfortable for them to wear. The device also needed to be flexible, scalable, cost-effective.

NFC Group’s designers rose to the challenge and created the W360 Wildlife Tracking Collar, which interacts with the Orion Data Network RFID technology and tags. We modified an Orion RFID GPS Tag, and mounted it to a padded Kevlar collar with specialist security bolts. Due to the lack of GSM in the area and with the problem of huge battery demands from GPS, we created an Orion Data Network hot spot to provide the necessary power.


Technical Specifications and Features of the W360

The W360 collar incorporates GPS tracking technology and the first to market Orion Data Network RFID GPS Tags

The Orion RFID GPS Tags were specially modified to suit the Rhinos biology and habitat and mounted onto a specially created collar that fit the Rhinos comfortably

We created a solar powered Orion satellite base station and 7 KM squared Orion hotspot network with a rechargeable battery with a 3-year life span, in case of power failure

The W360 GPS tags report back to the Conservation Project managers every 30 seconds to ensure the animals’ safety

Internet of Things connected low power radio network solution

W360 – Wildlife Tracking Collar


Benefits of the W360 for Wildlife Tracking

The W360 Wildlife Tracking Collar is beneficial to Conservation Projects in the following ways:


Faster response time to accident, injury, illness and emergency.


Prevent and respond to incidents of poaching and escape.


Plan construction projects to fit with the goals of the conservation project so humans and animals can live side by side without disruption.


Collect date in real time with customisable reporting and location maps.


Complete visibility 24/7 over your animals and their habitat.


Improve tourism and increase the economic potential of the local area.


Orion Data Network

NFC have a forged a reputation as pioneers in the asset tracking market worldwide and offer a wide range of both Orion asset tracking devices and industry-proven OEM products.


From real-time container tracking data analytics, to high value retail tracking and security applications, the Orion network is now the supply chain and animal tracking network of choice for blue chip companies, SMEs, conservationists and the Military.


Orion’s hardware is amongst the smartest technology available on the market today. Orion GPS RFID tags learn their environment by gathering thousands of pieces of data every second. After a short time learning their surroundings, unusual behaviour patterns can be spotted, and preventative measures deployed.


Orion has unlimited applications as almost any asset or application that requires real-time data feedback can join the Orion network. Both hardware and software can be tailored to meet your company’s specific real-time data requirements.


Orion provides intelligent data. It’s back-end infrastructure has been developed over the last decade with the clients’ user experience at the heart of the evolution of the product. The result is a suite of API’s and online asset management system capable of managing all your physical assets from human beings and animals to valuable equipment and cargo.


The Orion Security Network can reduce costs by up to 75% compared to regular GSM \ CDMA solutions.


It was the first fully end to end IoT Low Power Radio Network solution.


It enables high value asset tracking, lone worker safety, smart metering and IoT sensors.


Orion is a market-leading tracking device designed and built in the United Kingdom.


The award-winning IoT Orion Data Management system is a next-generation connectivity platform with N+1 backbone infrastructure to engage the M2M marketplace in the form of fully managed end to end turnkey solutions.


The Orion Global Data Network can be deployed anywhere in the world, even in remote areas, quickly, simply and cost-effectively.


You can enjoy unlimited scalability and flexibility with Orion as it can be scaled up and down as the scope of your project changes or from one project to another.


With Orion, you can reduce commercial costs, saving up to 75% of the cost of comparable technologies.


Orion enables you to be greener as reducing cost by way of asset utilisation and conservation has a positive corollary effect of reducing carbon emissions in the area in which it is deployed.

If your conservation project needs more accurate and frequent data about the animals under your observation in order to reach your goals then please contact NFC Group today and talk to a tracking expert about how we can help you.


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