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Please note, Smarter Technologies Group have hundreds of different asset tracking devices that can be tailored to fit into your organisations requirements. Below are a few examples. For any tracking devices enquires, please feel free to contact us directly.

Asset Tracking Device Enquiries

Smarter Technologies Group monitor, track and recover assets worldwide utilizing custom built cutting edge asset tracking devices. We provide asset tracking systems to the open market fulfilling the world’s most complex asset tracking requirements. Turnkey solutions from container tracking to advanced CIT security applications. Military grade asset tracking devices and bespoke build tracking solutions to order.

The B360 Military Grade Asset Tracking Device

The B360 Asset Tracking Device is specifically designed for Military use and uses eNCell, GPS and RFID beacon technology to enable the tracking, monitoring and recovery of high value Military assets and personnel. The B360 provides real-time visibility, alerts and reporting over important assets such as Electronics, Information Technology, Weapons, Safety Equipment, Electricity Generators, Fuel Levels and Personnel.

The B360 Military Asset tracker allows you to significantly improve supply chain visibility; identify and rectify weak areas, predict equipment maintenance schedules and secure the safety of personnel in remote locations. Precision asset tracking reduces asset management costs by up to 75% more than other devices in the market place; saves valuable time; and increases Military performance and efficiency.

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H360 Hybrid GPS GSM Asset Tracker

The H360 Hybrid Asset Tracker is powered by the battery of the vehicle that it is being used to track. This means that it completely eliminates the challenges associated with battery operated asset trackers as there is no need to replace the internal battery. The H360 gives you real-time insights into vital fleet information such as location, motion, shock, route, tampering and temperature. There is an internal back-up battery so that you can continue to receive data insights even on those occasions when your vehicle is required to be stationary or there is a problem with the vehicle battery.

Long-lasting, highly accurate and cost effective, the H360 is ideal for individual vehicles and fleets that are in frequent motion. It is currently in use in the Public Sector and for example in the Insurance, Field Service Delivery, Construction, Vehicle Finance and Transportation industries, to great effect.

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M360 GPS RFID GSM Asset Tracking Device with 10 Year Battery

The M360 Global Asset Tracking device incorporates the latest GlobalStar Simplex Satellite, GPS and 2.4GHz RFID Technologies and includes up to 10 years of battery life. In addition to geofence location tacking the M360 includes alarms, alerts and sensors that provide real-time data on fuel levels, routes, damage, tampering, driving behaviour and temperature. It enables you to secure the safety of your vehicles and cargo, optimise routes, improve productivity, decrease fuels costs, create predictive maintenance strategies and recover lost and stolen vehicles. You can oversee the M360 on any mobile device enabling you to take control wherever you are located.

The M360 Asset Tracking Device is currently used in a wide variety of industries including but not limited to the Automotive; Brewery; Construction; Field Service Delivery; Fire & Rescue; Insurance; Ports & Marinas; Shipping & Container; Railway; Supply Chain Logistics; Transportation; Utilities and Vehicle Finance industries.

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S360 Smart One Asset Tracker

The S360 Smart One Tracker for both powered and stationary assets is fast and simple to install and highly cost-effective. It provides up to 4-years battery life and can also be driven by an external power source. This intelligent tracking unit provides 100%, 24/7 visibility over assets such as swap bodies; containers; construction assets; railway vehicles, marine transport, non-powered and non-motorised assets.

Constant data feedback and reporting on location, movement, runtime, faults, damage, loss and temperature enables you to identify and locate your asset; predict when maintenance is required; maximise your asset utilisation; respond quickly in an emergency and recover your asset in the event of theft. The sensors and reporting are fully customisable and configurable so you can get the right data for each different type of asset to ensure optimum usage and security.

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W360 Wildlife GPS RFID Tracking Collar

Achieve your Wildlife Conservation Project goals with the W360 GPS wildlife Tracking Collar. This device enables you to identify individual animals and herds; understand their movements; determine their health status; track their behaviour, measure their temperature and respond to and prevent poachers from attacking them and other accidents and escapes from occurring.

The W360 Wildlife Tracking Collar was originally designed for the Black Rhinos in Tanzania, but it can be fully customised and adapted to fit different species of animal in a wide variety of global environments.

The Smarter Technologies Group team can offer the right expertise and understanding and take sufficient time to really understand the goals and challenges of your conservation project and build a tracking device that is right for your requirements.

The W360 interacts with the Orion Data Network RFID technology and tags to give you real-time data and fully customised reports as frequently as required to ensure the safety and security of the animals in your care.

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dog tracking collar

D360 Canine Tracking Collar

With the D360 Dog Tracking Collar you can determine the real-time location and body temperature of your Military and Police Force K9 Service Dogs, to ensure their safety in training and in the field. The D360 device is waterproof, drool-proof and bite-proof and is the most durable and reliable dog tracking collar available. It utilises a simple AA battery so no SIM, GPS or GSM is required and there are no ongoing costs or subscription making it the most cost-effective Military grade dog tracking device.

The D360 feeds data directly to handlers and other key personnel over our state-of-the-art, award-winning Orion Data Network over long distances, even in hostile environments with extreme temperatures.

Your Working Dogs are high value assets and, with the D360, you can ensure their health, safety and security at all times.

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