Cutting edge RFID and IoT enabled real-time data solutions for operational excellence and optimal safety in the mining industry.

Are you looking to make your mine more efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly while also ensuring safer working conditions for your personnel? Smarter Technologies Group’s asset tracking and environmental sensor solutions can help you prolong your asset lifecycle, achieve high levels of automation and enjoy greater operational efficiency, while reducing risk, greatly improving safety and reducing your carbon footprint.

Challenges in the Mining Industry

Mineral, Metal & Fuel Consumption

In the UK in excess of 10 tonnes of minerals and metals are consumed per person per annum and in the USA, the average individual requires 3.11 million pounds of minerals, metals and fuel in their lifetime in domestic and public services. When you consider that there are currently 7.6 billion people in the world, and the population is growing at a rate of 1.12% every year, it’s clear that there is huge pressure on the mining industry to consistently improve performance, increase productivity and efficiency, and eliminate waste.

Harnessing the Power of RFID & IoT

Deployment of RFID technology and IoT-enabled devices is increasing exponentially as the industry turns to innovative solutions to meet the demands of its private and public sector customers.

Overcoming the Perceived Skills Gap

Given that another major issue in the mining industry and indeed globally, is a perceived skills gap in data security and data science experts and technical support, these high-tech solutions need to be simple to install, operate, maintain and understand.

The business intelligence, analytics and reporting all needs to be streamlined and simplified so that non-technical people who are not in data-oriented roles, are still able to comprehend the valuable data insights and use them to make better business decisions.

Smarter Technologies Group’s end-to-end IoT and RFID enabled Mining solutions, coupled with the impressive real-time data capabilities of our privately-owned Orion Data Network are designed to overcome all of these challenges and more.

Orion Solutions for the Mining Industry

Smarter Technologies Group’s end-to-end mining asset optimisation and safety solutions, comprising IoT sensors and RFID tags and gateways, have a huge range of applications in the Mining industry.

Track Monitor & Recover Mining Assets

To optimise your mining assets, we create bespoke covert and overt tracking, monitoring and recovery systems. The data that these sensors and tags feedback over our privately-owned Orion Data Network, allow you to track all your mining assets and personnel 24 hours a day. This real-time data and analytics are presented in customisable easy to read reports, giving invaluable insights into operational inefficacy, supply chain bottlenecks, fuel wastage and cost inefficiencies. In the event of emergencies or changes within your chosen pre-defined data sets Orion send an instant alert to your mobile device or laptop so you can take immediate action.

Optimise Mining Asset Lifecycle

Orion’s streamlined analytics and reporting gives you the information you need to action these insights and prolong your mining asset lifecycle, enable predictive maintenance, eliminate human error and waste, and reduce your costs, insurance premiums and carbon footprint.

Environment Sensors

Our micro weather station sensor solutions determine environmental states and changes and provide insights over the Orion Data Network, that enable you to improve the safety of personnel and maintain the state and integrity of your environments and products.

Mining Solutions for Safety, Standardisation & Optimisation

At Smarter Technologies our goal is always to create solutions that will enable our clients to save time and costs, reduce risk, improve safety and create a more environmentally friendly and sustainable business model.

Location Tracking

Orion’s system comprises IoT connected sensors, Radio Frequency Identification technology and GPS, Non-GPS and Switch tags that communicate with the Orion gateways to provide a 360 degree view of the location and status of your mining assets 24 hours a day.

You can track the location of mining equipment so that it is always available when and where you need it. As self-drive machinery becomes more popular in the industry to improve safety, and time and cost savings, Orion’s location tracking abilities are becoming even more of a necessity. In addition to constant passive tracking you can also track your mining machinery actively in beacon mode with a hand-held RFID reader to recover lost or stolen equipment fast.

In the event of an accident or emergency, Orion helps you to locate your people and recover your machinery, reducing the risk of serious injury, saving lives and minimising financial loss.

Orion’s geofencing capabilities allow you to set location parameters for equipment and people so you can tell when they move outside of safe or authorised zones, by mistake or as a result of criminal activity or an emergency situation. You can then take action to rectify the situation fast.

Mining tracking system

This real-time, complete view of your operations, personnel and equipment means you can clearly see what mining inventory you have at all times. Orion feeds back on important factors such as equipment and component temperature, vibration, pressure and speed. The system integrates fully with your own internal systems so you can switch from preventative to predictive maintenance schedules based on Orion data. This ensures that your mining equipment is always properly maintained and ready when you need it, helping you to meet your regulatory requirements, improve safety for your personnel and work more productively.

Process Standardisation and Optimisation

Smarter Technologies Group’s mining solutions provide your business with the high levels of automation and business intelligence you need in order to create highly efficient standard processes. This improves your bottom line by identifying bottlenecks, reducing risk and saving your business time and money.

Improving Mine Safety

Mining asset monitoring and tracking can be combined with our environment sensors and mirco weather station solutions for a fully integrated, automated system. These solutions give you the location and geological data you need to build a multi-dimensional picture of your mine. The huge variety of data available over the Orion network allows you to optimise your mine’s layout, streamline your operations, determine even the minutest change in environment, such as air quality or pressure, and optimise your vehicle paths to create a safer environment for your workers.



Optimise mine layout. Automate and standardise mining industry processes


Improve your internal mining operations


Track, monitor and recover mining assets, equipment and personnel


Monitor environmental changes to ensure worker safety


Move from preventive to predictive maintenance schedules


Discover the optimal routes for vehicles and moveable machinery


Reduce the carbon footprint of your mine


Up to 75% higher cost savings than other mining solutions in the market

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