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Real time tracking of people and assets is the core purpose of the Orion network. The radios employ two different modes of transmission to ensure data and the signals get to the recovery teams. The network also uses a particular architecture that makes jamming very difficult. In fact, an ‘off the shelf’ jammer simply represents a bigger target to the recovery teams which means that jamming is positively counter-productive for thieves.

In addition, all clients’ equipment, although confidential by client, benefit from a number of network wide services. These include fixed and mobile gateway infrastructures and dedicated recovery teams using the beacon mode on the device.

Real time tracking outdoors is common amongst a whole range of technologies. Orion just happens to be light, long battery life and low cost. Where Orion really scores is the fact that it can transition seamlessly from indoor to out door and back again in the same environment. This means that Orion works well in a number of complex scenarios where the installation process must be very ‘light touch’.

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Overall therefore the ability of Orion to generate real time data does change the way solutions work. For instance most tracking solutions for stolen assets are dormant most of the time. The client reports the item as stolen and then the tracking and recovery process starts. With Orion that can happen but if a piece of plant or machinery starts being moved about in the night, very often the theft can be interrupted before the thieves have made off with the goods.

It might be a simple alert to the local security or man guarding patrol. It could be just poking the CCTV monitoring centre. The point is theft is much easier to prevent at the time it is taking place rather than trying to pick up the pieces afterwards. So real time does impact the way many events are handled. Real time means typically that these events are handled better.

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