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Technology and data to improve asset lifecycle, enhance customer experience and protect brand reputation

The Orion Data Network harnesses the power of the IoT, bringing you a highly efficient asset management and security solution for multiple applications in the Hospitality industry.

Orion’s real-time data feedback, reporting and alerts enable you to completely streamline day to day and resort operations, securing your assets and preventing loss, damage and theft, predicting maintenance schedules and providing a better customer experience.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is key in the highly competitive Hospitality industry. If your customers have a bad experience they are not likely to come back, but if they have an enjoyable stay with you then they will be keen to return for family holidays, special family occasions, romantic weekends and getaways with friends.

Orion enables your management team to have complete visibility over all your assets and personnel and track them in real-time, so you can ensure that everything your customer needs is available to them when they need it. This heightened visibility means that you can locate and recover missing assets, secure them to prevent theft, pre-determine your maintenance schedules and share assets between departments and between different venues.

Streamlining your operations in this way mean you get a longer lifecycle from all of your assets and ensures that your staff are responsible and accountable for the equipment they use. Crucially it also saves your team time, freeing them up to focus on more important tasks and ensuring your guests are receiving an excellent service.

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Features of Orion for the Hospitality Industry

RFID Technology

Orion’s Radio Frequency Identification and automated data collection technology outperforms other asset tracking, security and recovery system for the Hospitality industry and is the most efficient, cost-effective, and comprehensive solution available.

You simply attach a tag to your most valuable assets such as furniture, laptops, gym equipment, art work, cleaning equipment and anything else you need to identify, locate, secure, monitor, track and recover. Each tag has a unique identification number and it sends this out at intervals to a gateway which then sends the data you need over the Orion Data Network by direct notification to your mobile or by email.

The data is programmable to the precise needs of your hospitality business. So, for example, if you want to receive an alert when a piece of equipment is removed from a certain predetermined location, you can programme geofence locations into the system. When the asset is removed from the area you will receive an alert direct to your mobile device or by email. If you need to locate a missing asset fast then you can use the beacon mode to receive the signal to a hand-held RFID reader that will lead you straight to the missing item.

This RFID technology is more beneficial and has wider application than traditional GPS tracking as it does not require a “line of sight” connection between the asset and the tracker meaning that you can find the assets that belong to your Hospitality business even if they are at long range and outside of the line of sight of the tracker. Orion works over both long and short range from 500, to 10km radius form each gateway, giving you complete control over the entire site of your hospitality compound, even in the most remote outdoor and indoor areas.


Orion solutions are infinitely scalable so you can even track and manage your assets across an entire global chain of hotels, spas, restaurants or resorts.

Cost Savings

Another huge benefit for the Hospitality industry is that our Orion Data Network solutions are available at up to 75% of the cost of other comparable Hospitality asset tracking and security solutions.

Orion’s Applications in the Hospitality Industry

Orion solutions can be adapted for each of the different departments in your Hospitality business. For example, if you have a cold store in your kitchen Smarter Technologies Group can create a solution comprising temperature sensors that alert you when the temperature rises because someone has erroneously left the door ajar. Similarly, if a guest or staff member has left a fire door open, posing a safety hazard, our motion sensor solutions for gates, doorways and windows can alert you to the fact so you can rectify the situation. Movement and impact sensors can be installed on all critical high security assets such as customer safes, cash registers and cash boxes.

Smarter Technologies Group can also secure the entire perimeter of your site to alert you if any intruders enter the site, meaning that you can rest assured that your guests are safe when they visit you. Tamper sensors will tell you if anyone has interfered with your assets so you can immediately send a member of staff to investigate and solve the issue before any of your guests are injured or inconvenienced. Orion sensors can also be connected to a comprehensive CCTV system for full visual capabilities in addition to the real-time reporting and alerts.

For lone or more vulnerable workers such as your overnight hospitality team, we can install Orion SOS and panic buttons and GPS trackers so you can monitor where staff are and that they are safe at all times and they can contact you in case of emergency.

Streamlining Hospitality Industry Processes

Having total visibility over your assets gives you ultimate control so you can streamline your processes. Scheduling maintenance can be time consuming and costly and if all your different departments from the kitchen to housekeeping are using different systems or entering data manually there is so much room for human error it can have an adverse impact on customer experience. Orion enables you to automatically create predictive maintenance and repurchasing schedules, saving you time and money and eliminating mistakes.

How Orion Benefits the Hospitality Industry

Total visibility over numerous departments from backend administration to customer-facing.

Provides guests with 24/7 access to the resources they need for an enjoyable stay.

Maximises the life of all your assets and enables predictive maintenance scheduling.

Panic buttons for staff security.

Customisable data analysis and multi-format reporting for streamlined processes and customer satisfaction.

Sensors for cold storage, motion, temperature, access, fire doors, door locks and CCTV coverage.

Manage the movement of assets between departments and recover, replace and maintain them more efficiently.

Features of the Orion Data Network


Smarter Technologies Group’s unique Orion technology, comprises state of the art gateways and tags.


The Orion Gateway operates on a low-frequency radio signal and plugs into an ethernet port to control your key access points.


Long-range monitoring from 500m to 10km radius of each Gateway.


You can monitor assets at even the most remote indoor and outdoor areas of your Hospitality business with Orion’s long-range monitoring from 500m to 10km radius of each Gateway.


GPS tags for real time tracking of your equipment, art work, vehicles and staff.


Non-GPS tags for tamper alerts to prevent damage and theft.


Switch tags for your Hotel smoke detectors and fire systems.


Orion’s special directional antennae give you maximum targeted localisation.


The system has unlimited scalability so you choose to monitor one room, an entire site or a whole resort or global chain of Hotels or Spas.


Orion Data Network sends instant alerts and reports in a variety of formats by email, text or pager.


Access data on any laptop or mobile device whether you are on site or in any global location.


Up to 75% cost savings compared to other asset tracking solutions.

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