Construction is one of the most highly competitive industries, so it’s essential that your operations and logistics are streamlined to give you a competitive differentiator. Saving time and money and being able to pass cost savings onto the customer will give you the advantage and put you at the forefront of the industry.

Get Ahead of the Competition with Orion

Digitalisation and automation are the keys to successfully revolutionising your back-end administration, asset management, workflow and innovation capabilities. As construction technology and equipment become more complex and expensive the pressure is on to get the most from your valuable assets and extent their lifecycle to maximise your investment and get a better return.

Those businesses that balance a risk averse approach to operations with innovation in design and build will stand out from the rest.

An excellent starting point for digitalisation is a fully automated end to end and key personnel monitoring, tracking and recovery solution like Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network.

Overcome Construction Industry Challenges with Orion


Smarter Technologies Groups Orion Data Network Solutions for the Construction industry combat challenges like low productivity; substandard project performance and project abandonment. They help you to improve your construction business so that you can attract the best construction talent to work for you and impress your customers with excellent results that match your KPIs and SLAs.

Accurate and automated asset tracking and recovery with real time data, reporting and alerts, addresses poor planning; eliminates human error, theft and damage and streamlines your operations to remove bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Alignment with Construction Business Goals

With Orion’s real-time RFID, GPS and non-GPS tracking; security solutions; lone worker, man-down, panic and SOS buttons with two-way communication; and a huge variety of IoT enabled sensors, we can create a solution for you that is totally aligned with all of your construction business goals.

A Greener Future for Your Construction Business

There is increasing pressure for the construction industry to alleviate the huge amount of noxious emissions it produces annually. Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network solutions reduce waste and maximise resources so you can rest assured that your business is going to be more environmentally friendly with Orion.

Unsurpassed Visibility of Construction Site Assets

Orion deploys a tag and gateway system whereby you can individually tag members of your team, valuable construction machinery and equipment and other assets. The system gives you unsurpassed visibility into your supply chain and site operations so you can determine when your maintenance should be carried out, when you need to repurchase equipment and which assets can be shared between sites.

You can also set pre-defined geofence locations to alert you instantly if any of your expensive assets are removed from a particular location by accident or by criminal activity.

Taking control of your assets in this way helps you to recover lost time and expenses which can be redeployed in revenue-building activities.

Minimising Construction Project Risk with Orion

One of the biggest and ever-changing variables in construction is the risk associated with each project. You can programme Orion to send you different data depending on the desired project outcomes so that you can plan each project better and alleviate a large proportion of the risk. The more organised you are, the more likely your construction project will be delivered to your client on time.

Better client experience equates to an excellent corporate reputation which again outs you ahead of other businesses in your field.

This also enables more informed and effective assessment and management for other similar projects in the future and so improved your business and capabilities in the long-term.

How Does Orion work in the Construction Industry?


A long-range, low-power system of Gateways and GPS and non-GPS tags, Orion is simple and fast to install. AS non-GSM solution that doesn’t require SIM cards or incur any ongoing expenses as so many traditional tracking solutions do, it’s a much less expensive solution than others in the market place.


The Orion technology provides a perfect signal even in areas that are normally not covered by regular GSM & GPS so you get better coverage than you do with other providers.


Orion cannot be jammed by hackers in the same way as most other asset tracking and security systems, so your data and physical assets are more safe and secure over the Orion Network than they are with these tradtional solutions. We can design our solutions to integrate with your own back end administration systems whether they are legacy or if you have already invested in something more modern.

Features of the Orion Data Network for Construction Industry

Plugs easily into Orion’s existing Ethernet port

Orion Gateways control your key access points

Orion Data Network operates on a Low Frequency Radio Signal

Real-time reporting every 15 seconds in motion and every 2 minutes when equipment and machinery is stationary

Long range Construction site monitoring from 500 meters to 10km+ radius of each Gateway

GPS and non-GPS tags for near real time tracking of vehicles and people, and tamper alerts, respectively

Switch tags for smoke detectors and fire systems

Special temperature monitoring tags

Construction site power cut alerts

Benefits of Orion Data Network for the Construction Industry


The Orion Network Data system provides management with real-time visibility of all movements on and off the site with the ability to create special alerts for movement of assets outside designated zone


Panic and man down alarms for staff operating on their own with dangerous machinery


Audit, Compliance and Maintenance reporting to provide clear visibility of assets within a Construction site or storage facility


Enable site managers and Global HQ team to monitor movement of sub-contractors to and from Construction sites


Detect unauthorised presences and send early warning alerts to staff, security team and police


Quality control, stock and supply chain management, asset optimisation


Track the history of asset use and predict future behaviour to enable planning and risk management


Improving the traceability of materials from manufacturer to Construction site and into the final construction, supporting the integration of the construction and maintenance phases


RFID technologies contribute to 3 main areas of cost savings within construction businesses; reduction in labour costs; reduced material costs and savings in capex

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