Bespoke Mapping Solutions

Maps are models of the real world, designed to high light different features. The scale of a map is therefore very important and for some sites, the system has to incorporate a bespoke site plan as part of the solution.


The orientation of the map is by tradition north to the top. However for a site plan this might not be appropriate. In additional there are typically two types of data people are familiar with, pixelated data, called raster images (think of Google Earth satellite images) and then vector data, or digital data (think of the points of interest or roads that can overlaid on the satellite images).

Both raster and vector data can be displayed in three dimensions. In typically this is done by draping a raster image over a vector model. Think of a ski map, it uses a picture of the resort and then overlays the ski runs but it is typically done in such a way as to give perspective or a 3D effect to the image.

The discipline of handling mapping data is generally termed GIS – Geographic Information Systems. The key thing today for most clients is to be able to run sophisticated mapping solutions through a simple web browser. To make this happen there is a pile of coding and technology needed but the results can be very impressive.

Smarter Technologies is able to provide everything from the most basic to very advanced mapping solutions to meet the client’s needs. This includes being able to present virtual objects into three dimensional mapping solutions to make finding objects on the ground with a smart phone that much easier.



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