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Evolved from the security sector over the last decade, the Orion IoT Data Network is now serving a wealth of markets across the globe. Smarter Technologies specialise in the oil & gas, military, government, healthcare, global shipping and security industries. See our primary markets of expertise to see how Orion can reduce costs and increase productivity.

Asset Recovery

In the event of asset theft, Smarter Technologies Group can identify, trace and recover your assets fast, before they are re-purposed or stripped down for parts and sold. This has a positive impact on your bottom line as if an asset can be recovered there is no need for you to replace it.

We create both digital and analogue solutions over the Orion Data Network to enable you to track and recover your assets over long-range and also identify their location in beacon mode, via hand-held short-range devices that show their location within centimetres.

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Asset Security

Smarter Technologies Group’s RFID, GPS and non-GPS security solutions with IoT enabled sensor technology, connected to the Orion Data Network are easily integrated with your local security and CCTV networks. They allow you to pre-program geofenced locations and other essential data requirements and receive real-time data, reports and instant emergency alerts to your mobile.

Our perimeter security solutions enable you to secure your entire site and respond much faster when an incident occurs. For lone or vulnerable workers in remote or potentially dangerous locations we create panic, SOS and man-down solutions so you can provide then with assistance instantly in an emergency.

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Asset Surveillance

Whether you require a total audit; covert or overt surveillance on-site or in remote areas; or you’re gathering business intelligence or conducting a sting operation; Smarter Technologies Group can create a complete surveillance solution suited to your needs.

Our surveillance strategies give you total visibility over your assets throughout the supply chain. You can prevent criminal behaviour and gain insight into low productivity; internal or third-party criminal activity; and inadvertent security breaches.

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Asset Tracking

A strong Asset Tracking strategy will reduce total cost of ownership, increase asset availability and lifetime, improve overall performance and delivery times, lower operational costs and improve your Return on Investment.

Smarter Technologies Group provides an Asset Tracking assessment, strategy and implementation service that includes an initial audit; bespoke design and development; fast and efficient field deployment; full system roll-out, monitoring and analytics software and global asset recovery.

We design and build innovative, robust, bespoke hardware solutions comprising IoT connected sensors and unsurpassed business intelligence insights delivered over the Orion Data Network empowering you to control of your assets across your entire supply chain.

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ATM Tracking

At Smarter Technologies Group, we keep abreast of all the latest ATM hacking techniques so that we can continuously develop new solutions to prevent theft and damage to ATMs.

The Orion Data Network enables instant movement, shock, tilt and tamper alerts, CCTV evidence and a wealth of other data and business intelligence.

With our ATM security and tracking solutions you can increase your response time in an emergency, deter criminal activity and provide accurate detailed evidence to the police. Our primary goals are always deterrence and prevention.

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Covert Operations

Smarter Technologies Group is experienced in a wide range of different covert surveillance activities. These are carried out by qualified personnel operating within the laws and regulations of the local jurisdiction.

Our surveillance operations can target gangs who are actively pursuing criminal behaviour and also act as a preventative measure to protect the public from crime.

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Fraud Investigations

When you instruct Smarter Technologies Group to investigate suspected fraudulent activity you gain the benefit of our teams’ absolute discretion, innovative thinking, state-of-the-art technology, understanding of legal requirements and years of experience in surveillance, covert operations and police liaison.

Our strategies and solutions are designed to bring the situation to a swift conclusion and recover your assets.

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High Value Retail

Asset tracking, surveillance and recovery in the High Value Retail sector has its own unique challenges that require specialist and bespoke solutions for each client. Smarter Technologies Group can track your high value assets across your supply chain from warehouses to retail outlet.

If you own an e-commerce store we can devise a strategy to ensure the security and recovery of your goods and track your client delivery and returns.

We also devise strategies to prevent the counterfeiting of high value and designer goods and ensure proof of origin.

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Overseas training

Bringing all the skills and experience required together to enable a team to effectively prosecute recoveries is always harder in an overseas market. Issues such as language barrier, cultural differences, legal and jurisdiction considerations, and substantial differences in the available equipment can be barrier to success.

Smarter Technologies Group has experience and a proven global track record. We have the capability to operate cross-border, in multiple jurisdictions, eliminating the advantages that criminals can have from multiple border crossings. We train local teams in our recovery solutions and provide ongoing 24/7 telephone support, anywhere in the world.

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Police Liaison

Liaising with the Police during an asset theft and recovery operation requires a proper understanding of police operations and processes, a high degree of skill and a good reputation amongst the force.

Smarter Technologies Group’s team are highly experienced in working with the Police. We act as an intermediary between our clients and the police investigation team.

All our experts have a good understanding of what evidence is required and how to prepare statements, to achieve recovery and increase the likelihood of an arrest.

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Stock Shrinkage

The majority of stock shrinkage prevention strategies are backward-facing in that they look at historical data in order to determine where issues are.

Smarter Technologies Group’s RFID, GPS and CCTV solutions provide real-time data and analytics with total visibility at product level over the Orion Data Network, so you can track your inventory 24/7 and prevent theft and loss.

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VIP Security

Smarter Technologies Group specialises in monitoring, tracking and recovering your VIPs valuable equipment and assets during travel and devising close protection strategies and GPS tracking devices for your VIP and key personnel.

Our solutions are small and covert with long lasting battery capacity, and they incorporate location and speed data feedback, 2-way communication and panic buttons with real-time email and mobile alerts over the Orion Data Network.

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