Factory Assets

There are essentially four major areas where Orion solutions are applied to factories.


Condition monitoring of equipment. Typically, this means monitoring the fire suppression equipment on machinery so that any trigger event is recorded. Simply put fire suppression equipment such as that supplied by Firetrace puts out a fire in a heartbeat – the best time to put a fire out is always before it has a chance to get going. However, unless the operator realises that the system has been triggered and now needs attention, the root cause of the fire might spark up again and this time, having been discharged already, the fire suppression system will not prevent a blaze. Fires within electrical equipment such as fuse boxes and CNC machines, where the innards are hidden from view rely on a manual inspection of the fire suppression equipment. Orion automates this and makes sure the system is reset after it has been discharged.


Key pieces of equipment on a large site might need to be located periodically, either for audit purposes or for use. Orion can provide a simple way to know the where about on site or between sites. A typical example would be high value carriage or packing equipment. Without the items needed to safely transport the finished goods, nothing can ship. A real time audit between sites lets clients know where things are that need to be collected for re-use.


There are the low values items that are tracked around a site, not because they are critical in themselves but because their flow around the factory floor gives a clear indication of where there are hold ups and stoppages.


Finally, the finished goods are tracked if they are high value and the storage area is large and by necessity not very defensible. This might include newly built cars and vans that have to have their keys in the vehicles because of the flow in and out but at the same time that makes them vulnerable.

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