Smoke Detection Sensors and Fire Detection Sensors

Wireless sensors for detecting heat, smoke, gas, air samples and flames with real time alerts, panic buttons and two-way communication.

In the event of a residential, commercial or industrial fire, an early warning system is the key to saving lives, protecting property and mitigating damage and loss.

Early Warning Smoke Detection Sensors System

An early warning system in the event of a fire, is particularly important for protecting the most vulnerable members of society. These include children, the elderly and people working or living near highly flammable environments where fire can spread quickly or lead to further reaching explosions.

Some of the most common causes of fires in assisted housing and the homes of the elderly are accidentally leaving the gas or a log fire on whilst asleep or absent from the property and falling asleep without stubbing out a cigarette.

Orion Data Network


Smarter Technologies Orion Data Network is compatible with any type of battery powered, wireless sensor for detecting heat, smoke, gas, air samples and flames. When a fire breaks out and the sensor is triggered, the Orion tag installed in the back of the sensor send an instant real-time alert over the Orion Data Network back to your designated recipient. This is often the fire brigade to enable the fastest possible response time.

Ionization and Photoelectric Sensors

Usually the greatest volume of smoke is produced during ignition and smouldering stages. There are many different types of smoke detector but the 2 most prevalent are ionization and photoelectric.

Ionization Detectors are triggered by both visible and invisible fire by-products but respond best to actual flames. They contain a source of low radiation that produces electrically charged ions. These sensors have a long lifespan because they do not require a lot of energy to work and therefore also need very little maintenance. They are not suitable for use in applications in an environment with high ambient radioactivity levels as this reduces the sensitivity of the sensor.

Photoelectric Detectors can either be in the form of a beam or light scattering sensor and are best suited to detecting smoke from a smouldering fire. With the beam model, when smoke interferes with the beam and changes its trajectory the alarm is activated. Smoke reflects light particles so in the light scattering model the detector senses the light, which activates the alarm.

For smoke detection we use both ionised and optical sensors.

Typical Applications

These fire and smoke sensors have broad application across many industries. You can position them on a mobility scooter to prevent fire when the scooter is being charged. When placed in industrial machinery they can instantly detect fire and smoke enabling you to prevent spread and damage, save lives, maintain productivity and save money. They can also be placed in servers in data centres to prevent fire and smoke damage.


Fire detectors should be interconnected throughout the site so that all occupants can hear the alarm instantly. The wireless connection enables the automatic notification to the fire department, notifications when the battery is low and needs replacing and remote notification when the alarm is triggered.

Fire Suppression

Orion can also be utilised in a fire extinguishing solution. Our suppression tags work in a unique way. They integrate the tag within a high-pressure fire extinguisher’s tube which is wirelessly installed onto the relevant asset. In the event of fire, the tag detects a rapid rise in temperature and sends a signal to the tube to deploy the extinguishing agent and extinguish the fire at source.

There are many other types available and all are compatible with Orion so for more information contact an Smarter Technologies expert now!

Features & Benefits of Orion Data Network for Smoke & Fire Detectors


Low power usage and 3 year battery life for maximum longevity and minimum maintenance


Compatible with all types of sensor for detecting heat, smoke, gas, air samples and flames


Real-time alerts direct to the fire brigade for faster response times


Integrates with your existing systems
Excellent user experience


Affordable and cost-effective


Both hardware and software can be tailored to your requirements


For use in healthcare, data centers, manufacturing, construction and automotive industries


Ensures peace of mind and saves lives

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