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One of the biggest challenges for the management teams in Ports and Marinas, is asset management and logistics. With so many valuable assets; potentially hazardous materials; possible safety risks for employees; and dozens of third party suppliers and users, an automated end-to-end asset tracking, monitoring, reporting and recovery solution is an absolute must. Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network asset solutions enable you to take control of mission critical assets such as RMG, RTG and ship to shore cranes, straddle carriers, side loaders and reach stackers as well as vehicles like trucks and containers and their contents.

Challenges and Requirements of Port Management

Challenges of the Multi-Supplier, Multi-Functional Landscape

As with most businesses, Ports are under a lot of pressure to reduce operational costs, streamline processes, downsize teams of personnel and be more environmentally conscious.

With multiple operations, all occurring on one vast site and requiring different expertise, many Ports currently utilise a wide variety of different manual, legacy and automated systems to carry out routine inspections and maintenance, regulatory and statutory inspections, audits for financial investors and other business critical tasks. Often the solutions differ depending on the service provider, so you can find yourself trying to manage different systems for your Port infrastructure, plant machinery, resources, facilities and personnel safety and security. This is difficult and time consuming and leaves a huge margin for human error. The answer is a fully end-to-end solution that integrates with your existing software and systems and brings everything together to create a centralised asset management system.

Intelligent Data for Better Business Decisions

The data required to manage this multi-supplier, multi-functional landscape needs to focus on:

  • Efficient utilisation, maintenance, life extension and repurchasing of assets
  • Asset theft and damage prevention
  • Resource planning to prioritise tasks and maximise the productivity resources and personnel
  • Spatial and situational awareness and the precise location of all assets, staff, visitors, contractors and unauthorised visitors
  • Data required to improve emergency response times
  • Port Surveillance and Security
  • Geofencing to ensure assets remain in designated areas

The better your business intelligence data the more informed and successful your investment and marketing decisions will be.

This is here Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network asset tracking, monitoring and recovery solutions and surveillance and security solutions come into play. Before we look at Orion in detail let’s look at the asset management requirements of Marina’s and yacht clubs.

Challenges of Marina & Yacht Club Management

Marinas and Yacht Clubs pose similar issues to ports in that there is constant on-site activity, some of which is connected and some that operates in isolation, meaning that historically it has been difficult to manage it all centrally.

Vessels, craft, equipment and people are in constant motion around the site and from ship to shore. This leaves the door open to both organised and opportunistic crime and expensive but avoidable waste of time and resources. The key is to manage marina operations centrally and very carefully with a clear operating model, efficient asset strategy and cutting-edge technology that addresses all the different aspect of marina life.

Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network Solutions allow you to analyse all aspects of site usage and use this intelligent data to improve site productivity; track and recover stolen boats, engines, sails and other valuable assets; increase access visibility from both land and sea; remotely monitor pumps and be notified instantly of gas failures; monitor access and unauthorised movement on individual boats and fleets; and monitor members’ yachts and tenders while increasing overall Marina security. These factors add significant value to your members’ experience of your Marina and boost your corporate reputation.

How Orion Solutions work for Ports & Marinas

Smarter Technologies Group’s asset management solutions over the Orion Data Network are positioned perfectly for the goal of simplifying data communications and reducing operational expenses in your port access control and inventory and for Marina operations. Orion is an affordable technology created for asset tracking, logistics, network infrastructure, and many other services. The wireless technology allows you to create a smart, safe, secure, efficient, and centrally organised Port and Marina environment.

Our Orion solutions comprise GPS, non-GPS and switch tags that attach to each individual asset to give you a 360-degree view of all your assets on a 24/7 basis. Each tag has a unique identification number. At intervals, the tag sends out its unique ID number to a gateway or, in beacon mode, to a hand-held RFID reader. The Orion gateways captures the tags unique data and passes it to the middleware solution, which in turn organises the data for customised reporting on the Port or Marina’s operations. Passive RFID technology does not require a battery and active does and you may find you utilise both depending on the type of solution we design for you.

RFID is more beneficial and has wider application than GPS tracking as it does not require a “line of sight” connection between the asset and the tracker so you can use it even in the remotest parts of your port or marina. Your asset can be tracked at both long and short range, both on land and on water.

The data that can be collected is hugely varied, and can be pre-programmed to align with and meet your main business goals.

About the Orion Data Network

Orion is an award-winning data management system that enables you to make informed business decisions for better business results. It is a next generation connectivity platform with an N+1 backbone infrastructure that engages the M2M marketplace with fully managed end-to-end turnkey solutions. Harnessing the power of the Internet of Things Orion comprises cutting edge technology ad design; was the first to market solution of this type; and still out-performs all comparable asset solutions for ports and marinas.

Orion can be deployed quickly and cost effectively in any global location so you can connect multiple port and marina sites if required.

Features of Orion for Ports & Marinas

Orion tags report in real-time to a gateway tethered to a ships or yachts satellite router.

All Orion solutions are scalable up or down and can be linked to other marinas and ports in your portfolio.

The Orion gateway plugs easily into an existing Ethernet ports no need to change your infrastructure.

The Orion gateway controls key access points for optimum security.

Orion operates on a Low Frequency Radio Signal.

You can monitor your port and marina assets at both long and short range 500 meters to 10km+ radius of each gateway.

GPS tags for near real-time tracking of all port and marina vehicles, vessels, equipment and people.

Non-GPS tags provide tamper, shock, tilt, temperature, weight, level and other essential alerts so you can create an overview of all the essential data of your port and marina assets.

Directional antennae enable targeted localisation of port and marina assets.

Create a real time localised private data network for your port and marina and other associated sites.

Orion tags report detailed information on all aspects of your port and marina operations every 30 seconds for assets that are moving and every 2 minutes when assets are static.

Orion data is passed from the satellite to a grounds station then onto our servers.

Interact with customer data from anywhere – even out on the water.

Coordinate arrivals, departures and payments easily.

Manage moorings and future bookings with ease to avoid double bookings.

Integrates with your other systems so you can for example export data to your accounts software package for better accuracy and control.

See up-to-date, real-time data with automatic updates each time there is a change in status.

How Orion Data Network Benefits Marinas


Harbour master has 24/7 complete asset viability & notifications


Complete real-time inventory of all assets


Monitor and manage the location of ships, boats or other assets while in storage on land or while docked during the boating season


Any movement, tampering or damage triggers a real-time alert to a monitoring station which can be on or off the premises


Customise your own data fields, forms, reports and predictive maintenance schedules to suit your specific assets and goals


Asset life-cycle planning for optimum use


Port and Marina access control and management of high security areas


GPS tags reduce theft and increase productivity


Container and content security and optimisation


Traffic management, speed control and congestion management


Parking optimisation


SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition)


Offer services to other companies operating within your facility


Real time docking and visitor mooring solutions


Track & recover stolen boats, engines, sails and other similar assets


Increase access visibility from sea & land


Remotely monitor bilge pumps & gas failures on behalf of your members


Monitor access /unauthorized movement on individual boats, yachts and tenders


Add value to your members, contractors and other third-party users


Reduce port and marina insurance premiums


Fault Management logging and reporting in different formats


Align Asset Acquisitions to corporate strategy


Link individual assets to budget, revenue and ROI


Establish a seamless communication between Operations and Maintenance


Automatically retire assets that have expired and repurchase at the click of a button


No need to reply on GSM based solutions


Offer RFID tracking services to third party companies operating within your Port or Marina facility


Export data to your Port & Marina accounts software package for full integration

To discover the full range of features and benefits that Orion brings to Ports & Marinas click here. To talk to an Smarter Technologies expert call 0330 223 5000 today.

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