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There are three principle ways of tracking indoors with the Orion solution.

The two key questions are:

1. What location accuracy is required?

2. What temporal accuracy is required?

Consider the issue of tracking employees around a site. A human walks at about 1.5m per second. Is the requirement to plot their real time locations as if they were aircraft and ground control needs to watch out for collisions, or do you want to know which room they are in and for how long?

Once that required resolution has been reached, consider the three basic methods below.


Using three or more gateway readings from a tag transmission to triangulate the location. Given the multipath effects and the frequency, the accuracy on the ground is typically around 30m.

Neural net

Training the system based on sample data over the site. On some sites this works very well, on other sites it is no better than trilateration. A neural net system has the same basic set up as a trilateration system so this is always the fall-back position.


By far the easiest and best solution in 90% of all cases. In a ‘Snap to’ system, the location of the tag is assumed to be that of the nearest gateway. Since gateways are very low cost, many implementations simply have a gateway at every key location, muster point, assembly point, server room, office floor and the system then puts each tag into each of these buckets. It is really good for asset tracking across multiple sites as it is so easy to set up and install.

IF really high accuracy is required, circa 20cm resolution in real time, then the solution needs to move to an ultra-wide band model. This has been successfully deployed but this sort of technology is very different from Orion. It is far more expensive, uses more power and requires a complex site set up process.

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