Remote Activation & Shutdown

Monitor Input and Output and Generate Control Commands Remotely and Autonomously

Remote activation and shutdown and emergency power management are critical disaster avoidance and recovery tools in industries that operate in inhospitable environments or where power is relied upon to save lives. For example, in the oil & gas, healthcare, utilities and automotive industries, remote activation and remote shutdown should be an integral part of your risk and recovery strategy.

Safer & More Cost Effective

Activating and shutting down equipment in hostile environments can be a very difficult and costly operation for workers in the field and is usually safer, easier and more cost effective when carried out remotely.

Oil & Gas Industry

In the Oil and Gas industry remote control has several applications. In day to day operations a tank may be filled with oil sourced from several individual wells situated in different locations. In this high- risk situation within a potentially dangerous and widespread location, closing down the well valve to prevent overflow and oil spill when the tank is full, is best carried out by a remote shutdown system. This eliminates human error and means that workers are not trying to traverse a hostile habitat at speed to get to a manual lever.

In the event that a foreign object has fallen into a submerged pipeline area and could potentially cause interference, a remote shutdown system with two-way communication can prevent a hazardous situation turning into a disaster.

Securing the safety of workers and the general public and ensuring the environment is protected from oil spills is of paramount importance. From a business perspective, if an oil field needs to be shut down for the day, it can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost time and revenue so removing the room for human erroring these situations saves both lives and money.

Orion Data Network for Oil & Gas Remote Control

Smarter Technologies Group’s Remote Activation and Shutdown systems for the Oil & Gas industry operate over our privately-owned Orion Data Network and are compatible with a huge range of IoT enabled sensors to monitor tank levels including switch, level and pressure sensors. The system comprises sensors, tags and gateways harnessing the power of IoT, RFID, RSSI and GPS technologies. Critical data determined by predefined project-based requirements are fed back in real time over the Orion network. The system sends instant alerts delivered direct to a mobile device, pager or computer and enables instant customisable reporting, panic alarms and 2 way communication for effective disaster prevention and recovery.

Data Centres

Smarter Technologies group’s emergency power activation and shutdown solutions can be used in data centres to power off electrical equipment to prevent or combat an emergency in the event of fire or water damage. Orion can be used to remotely turn off equipment during a fire or contain a fire to a specific location or suppress it by shutting off ventilation points and cooling systems.


In the healthcare sector emergency power and remote activation and shutdown systems are critical to securing the wellbeing of staff and patients and saving lives. Equipment and medical procedures in this sector are increasingly complex and there is a huge reliance on the emergency power system if the main power source fails. The main challenges are:

  • Budget constraints
  • Lack of time to test and trial emergency systems resulting in unreliability
  • Maintenance and upkeep of remote systems
  • Compatibility and scalability as new equipment and systems are introduced
  • Inefficient processes and untrained staff
  • Planned and unplanned shutdowns

In the Healthcare industry in particular, sufficient testing, monitoring and maintenance of the remote power activation system is of critical importance. Smarter Technologies Group’s remote activation can feedback on their own status as well as comprehend the status of the hospital environment.

The system offers unsurpassed reliability and cost effectiveness enabling up to 75% better cost savings than comparable systems in the market place. It also gives you optimum levels of security and peace of mind as it is extremely difficult to hack the system in any way. Orion is also infinitely scalable to accommodate new systems and equipment.

In addition to remote activation and shutdown Smarter Technologies Group can provide your healthcare facility with a full asset tracking, monitoring and recovery solution to enable predictive maintenance, effective inventory control and asset sharing, all with real time data feedback over the Orion network.
When we work with you to install your remote power activation system, we will carry out a full assessment, onsite demonstration, instalment and testing to ensure the system is 100% suitable for your healthcare facility’s requirements.

Fire & Water Damage Prevention

Orion can also be used to power off all electricity in order to prevent fire spreading when emergency sprinkler systems are activated in an area where electrical equipment is located. Smarter Technologies Group also makes a relay output tag that can shut off water and electricity in the event of an issue which has the potential to cause flooding, fire or other severe damage.

This also protects the fire service and general public form accidental electrocution during an emergency response operation and evacuation.

Orion’s remote shut off system prevents accidental or malicious activation, facilitates rescue operations and minimised unnecessary interruption to business operations.

Remote switches to prevent water damage escalating in the event of a burst pipe can be used for example, in domestic homes, assisted housing, smart city accommodation and hotels and restaurants. Being able to remotely shut off the water mains prevents the water from permeating any further than the initial leak has allowed and can prevent hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage. The British Association of insurers estimate pay-outs of £2.5m per day for claims associated with water damage. Installing one of our remote shut off devices can therefore reduce your insurance premiums as well as protect your property.

Remote Vehicle Shutdown

Although there has been recent controversy about the use of automotive kill switches being installed in vehicles as a matter of course to enable police to halt the cars of suspected criminals remotely, this type of automotive kill switch does have other useful applications. It can be used in military and police operations and training and in stunt cars used on movie sets for additional safety. It could also be used in close protection operations if a VIP is abducted in one of their own vehicles that has a remote power down or fuel off switch.

What is the Orion Data Network?


The Orion Data Network is a unique combination of Internet of Things enabled sensors, RFID, RSSI and GPS technology that enables accurate, real-time 24/7 tracking, monitoring and recovery of assets and people and remote and automated emergency responses. It comprises a customisable and scalable system of sensors, gateways and tags and a suite of APIs. It has a two-way interface to connect asset managers and decision-makers to their assets with real time data feedback, battery and maintenance alerts, reporting and analytics. It is easy to install and can be deployed anywhere in the world. It provides up to 75% cost savings compared to other asset management solutions.
The first to market solution of its type, Orion is a next generation connectivity platform with an N+1 backbone infrastructure that engages the M2M marketplace with fully managed end-to-end turnkey solutions.

Orion reflects Smarter Technologies  Group’s mission to develop ground-breaking asset tracking, asset security, surveillance and safety technology and solutions, to help the governments, businesses and people of today create smarter, greener, secure and more connected cities for tomorrow.



Immobilise vehicles


Shut off water sprinkler and electricity breaker boxes


2 way communication


Action an emergency response onsite remotely


Remote auto access control for all vehicles from card to lawnmowers


Operating costs will be up to 75% lower than comparable GSM and CDMA solutions


Real-time reporting every 15 seconds in motion and every 2 minutes when stationary


Ecologically sound technology for sustainability and to lower your carbon footprint


Manage, schedule and maintain vehicles and equipment with predictive strategies


Enables remote activation and shutdown


The Orion signal permeates walls, metal and underground


Using Orion can help to lower your Insurance Premiums


Orion helps Regulatory compliance


Orion improves your customer experience and protects your reputation


Switch tags for smoke detectors and fire systems


Long range site monitoring from 500 meters to 10km+ radius of each Gateway


Unlimited scalability


3-5 and 10-year battery life depending on the type of solution

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