Construction Site Security

Construction Asset Tracking & Security Technology to Enhance Project Performance and Labour Productivity, Improve Health & Safety and Reduce Theft & Damage.

Did you know that the new Asset Tracking and Asset Security technology can reduce the total lifecycle cost of your Construction projects by 20%?

With the Construction industry currently saturated, industry leaders are turning to RFID tagging technology and Internet of Things solutions, like Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network, to monitor, track and recover high value assets. With Orion, you can dramatically improve planning, risk and time management, enabling you to deliver your Construction projects on time and within budget.

Digitalisation in the Construction Site Security

The key to gaining a competitive advantage in today’s Construction industry is to harness the new disruptive technologies and start to digitalise your business. According to the World Economic Forum, by 2026, comprehensive digitalisation in the non-residential Construction industry will result in annual global cost savings of $0.7 trillion to $1.2 trillion (13% to 21%) in the Design & Engineering and Construction phases; and $0.3 trillion to $0.5 trillion (10% to 17%) in the Operations phase.

The most successful Construction businesses are leveraging the Internet of Things and RFID to track materials, workers and equipment during both the Construction and Operations phases of their projects. They are also harnessing the power of 3D printers, self-drive vehicles, mobile devices and software applications, all integrated with the new Building Information Modelling platforms. Asset Tracking with RFID technology has a fast and significant impact on reducing risk, and saving time and costs and is a great place to begin your digital transformation. Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network solutions comprise a system of Tags and Gateways and harnesses the power of the IoT, Radio Frequency Identification and GPS technologies for an unbeatable real time asset tracking, monitoring and recovery system.

Key Challenges in Construction Site Security

The main challenges currently facing the Construction industry relate to low productivity, poor project performance, a skills shortage within a divided workforce and a lack of sustainability. Factors that contribute to these issues include: limited foresight and poor planning resulting in waiting around for materials and labour; an inability to control essential assets leading to theft, damage, inefficient maintenance and apathy; and low visibility over lone and remote workers resulting in health & safety risks, accidents and apathy.

Theft & Damage

The global market for Construction equipment is in the region of $145 billion. When you consider that large number of Construction projects take place in remote areas, and perimeter security can be very expensive, it’s no wonder that around 92% of Construction businesses have been subject to repeated thefts. Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network deploys a state of the art RFID Gateway and Tagging system that enables you to have complete control and visibility to track, monitor and recover your assets with real-time data feedback on location, tampering, temperature, shock and movement. You can easily and cost-effectively prevent costly damage and theft, control your inventory and predict maintenance requirements to help you manage your projects in a more profitable way.

Planning & Risk Management

As Construction project complexity grows, so do the associated risks, and contracts frequently change in scope, causing delays and reduced profits. Insurance costs are also exponentially high. Currently only around 30% of large Construction projects are completed within the planned budget. Similarly only around 20% of projects are completed on schedule and of course these two issues often negatively impact quality assurance as well. Poor planning is also responsible for a lot of projects running over.

When you deploy a good asset management solution you can gain invaluable insight into your Construction site asset utilisation across different sites and projects. This information helps you to increase the return on your asset investment with better planning for material and equipment availability and maintenance. Custom reporting enables better visibility over your workflows and the ability to predict risks that may occur so you can plan your overall project better. Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network streamlines your workflows, reduces bottlenecks caused by damaged, lost or stolen equipment and enables you to assess risk, respond to problems immediately, plan better and achieve a much greater return on your asset investment.

Worker Safety and Productivity

With Generation X and the Millennials fast becoming the main backbone of the workforce as the old school and the baby boomers retire, it can be difficult to find highly experienced and productive workers. The key to attracting the best talent is to create a safe, efficient, high-tech environment that makes your business a desirable place for the best people to work. The Orion Data Network lone worker solutions monitor your workers’ whereabouts and safety in real time. We provide instant man-down and SOS alerts, panic buttons and direct links back to the main operations team. Orion makes it easy to monitor your employees’ and contractors’ welfare and productivity, reduce costs and attract the best workers to your business.

Sustainable & Ecological Construction

These days everyone is beginning to see the value and necessity in working in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way, and Regulations to ensure this are becoming increasingly prevalent. The Construction industry generates around 30% of the world’s carbon emissions and businesses in this sector need to find ways to be more sustainable in order to survive. Orion Data Network streamlines your processes and prevents unnecessary wastage and repetition, to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

The Construction industry is finally undergoing a long-awaited digital transformation and if your business embraces these disruptive technologies you can stay ahead of the competition. Below is more information about how Smarter Technologies Group’s Prion Data Network solutions for the Construction industry

What is the Orion Data Network for the Construction Industry?

A long-range, low-power system of Gateways and GPS and non-GPS tags, Orion is simple and fast to install. As it doesn’t rely on expensive SIM cards like traditional tracking platforms, it’s a highly cost effective solution. The Orion technology provides a perfect signal even in areas that are normally not covered by regular GSM & GPS. Furthermore, it cannot be penetrated by the jammers that are frequently used to steal assets from many Construction sites. It provides you not only with full Construction site asset visibility, but also integrates other security items such as CCTV cameras to secure remote areas and perimeters, PIR sensors, panic alarms and other alert systems to create a comprehensive global daily auditing system.

For a full range of Orion’s features and benefits for the Construction industry click here.

Benefits of Orion for Construction Site Security


Track and monitor construction assets and personnel in real time


Optimise all your construction assets by enabling predictive maintenance, retirement and repurchase schedules


360° visibility over your supply chain to remove blindspots and bottlenecks, raise productivity and save time and money


Build and maintain an excellent corporate brand reputation by completing Construction projects on time and within budget


Minimise construction project risk


Reduce the carbon footprint of all your construction projects


Protect and secure key personnel, lone workers and site visitors with panic and man down


Prevent theft, loss and damage of your key construction assets

If you’re Construction business is ready for you to start discussing the next step in your digital transformation please call Smarter Technologies Group today and talk to an asset tracking expert.

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