Using RFID for Asset Tracking and Inventory Management

RFID for asset tracking and inventory management is nothing new. RFID systems have been around for some time, but RFID used in conjunction with advancing technologies are sparking real change for businesses of all sizes. These unique identifiers provide meaningful insights to mitigate losses and boost productivity. Automated and systematic asset tracking and inventory management [...]

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What is RFID Asset Tracking?

Business owners and managers have long faced the challenge of locating important assets in order to effectively manage their operations. From spreadsheets to barcodes, traditional asset tracking methods have been found wanting – requiring significant resources and manual processes, which aren’t always effective. RFID asset tracking is shifting norms, with a range of benefits for [...]

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How Does Asset Tracking Work?

It has been reported that 90 million businesses will be using asset tracking by 2025, with 2020 seeing a 27% rise in usage in response to business concerns during Covid-19. For any business looking to secure its assets – and its profits – smart asset tracking solutions are being used across a range of applications [...]

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GPS Tool Tracking System

GPS Tool Tracker System Why do you need a GPS tool tracker system? The theft of tools is a major problem all around the world, in the UK alone, the theft of tools is costing tradesman close to 100 million a year. The industry has been trying solve the tool tracking requirements by designing [...]

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Automated Legionella Testing

  Automated Legionella Testing NFC Group provide groundbreaking real time temperature monitoring and automated verification of Legionella Testing in commercial water tanks using Orion smart legionella tags. Orion active RFID smart sensor technology are sim free and real real-time, using our Orion Data Network, a cost effective solution for providing simple and effective monitoring and [...]

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Asset Tracking Devices 

Asset Tracking Devices Asset tracking devices are security devices for finding stolen items. They may as a side benefit perform an audit role because of the fact that all the equipment communicates regularly with the server. This ensures it is also in good condition leading up to an attack. So far something in excess of [...]

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Pharmaceuticals Tracking

The supply chain for pharmaceuticals poses an extremely serious security concern, for manufacturers and distributors, for carriers, and for points of delivery. The black market value of pharmaceuticals has attracted the attention of organised criminal gangs, and the extremely high street value of a single shipment offers them a tempting target. The problem is common [...]

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High Risk Regions

High risk regions are often conflict zones, which face a number of issues when it comes to communication. The lack of communication infrastructure results in a responseHigh risk regions from a number of personnel entering dangerous zones. Systems can be installed to provide control and visibility, as well as reduce the amount of support staff [...]

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HAZMAT Tracking

HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) tracking and logistics is emerging as one of NFC Group’s largest markets. The increasing requirement for global security, and the requirement to meet stringent EU HAZMAT laws has encouraged this sector to rethink its approach to tracking and monitoring in real time. Because HAZMAT disposal is expensive there has been a marked [...]

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Healthcare Asset Tracking

Efficient healthcare provision is essential for all societies, however, limited resources and budgets for most healthcare institutions often mean productivity and efficiency levels have to be compromised. In particular, we would highlight the large quantities of extremely expensive operational apparatus that can become misplaced within logistical systems whilst moving within hospitals, or from one hospital [...]

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