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Streamline work processes, protect key personnel, optimise assets, take control over inventory, manage evidence, restrict and monitor access, secure your Police station.

Modern police forces need to overcome the challenges of resource and budget constraints while protecting the general public, providing an excellent service and being accountable to the taxpayers. Thousands of assets from IT equipment, uniforms, patrol cars, furniture and weapons need to be accounted for, maintained and optimised.

Challenges in the Modern Police Force

Asset Management

The sheer volume, range and cost of assets that belong to each police force and law enforcement office can make asset management extremely difficult. Many forces are still using outdated manual processes to log inventory, which can lead to manual errors, resulting in missing equipment and delayed response times. When the necessary resources are not available to your officers in an emergency situation, this can put both your officers and the general public at risk and lead to serious repercussions.

Security in Police Stations

Recent test raids on UK police stations, by undercover officers, demonstrated how easy it can be to break in and access restricted areas when security is not sufficiently high. The undercover officers broke in by climbing walls and fences and entered security doors behind authorised personnel. They then proceeded to remove uniforms, equipment and confidential documents. It’s clear that all police stations would benefit from a cost-effective and highly efficient security solution that prevents this kind of unauthorised entry and protects the officers and members of the public while they are in the station.

NFC Group Police & Law Enforcement Agencies asset tracking

Orion Data Network Asset Management & Security


Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network asset management and security service for the police, provides an end-to-end solution that maximises the lifetime of your assets and protects every person within the police station and out in the field.

Global Coverage

The system comprises three different types of tag, GPS, non-GPS and switch tags for smoke detectors and fire alarms within the police station. Each item or person to be tracked is individually tagged and each tag emits a unique identification number to one of the Orion gateways which received the information and then sends the data you require to you over the Orion network.

Three types of gateway, Ethernet, mobile and independent satellite, ensure optimal global coverage so you can track your assets within your station; travelling between stations, in the field and in storage, throughout the entire supply chain. This gives you total 360-degree visibility 24/7, with total control and simplified management over all your assets and people, from mission critical equipment to suppliers and contractors’ products and personnel.

Scalable Solutions with Limitless Application

Orion utilises cutting edge active Radio Frequency Identification technology and GPS tracking and combines it with real-time reporting over the network, with alarms and alerts delivered directly to your mobile devices, pagers, and email. It is highly scalable and the applications are virtually limitless as Orion is compatible with a vast range of sensor technology including motion; tamper; temperature; location; moisture; liquid, solid and gas levels, pressure, integration with CCTV systems and much more.

Strategy for Success

Smarter Technologies Groups police asset and security solutions ensure that:

Your assets are effectively aligned to enable you to efficiently deliver against your policing priorities.

You have an efficient and cost-effective method of maintaining and replacing assets and monitoring associated costs in order to effectively ensure security and the best possible value.

A robust planning process is in place to enable you to identify and predict your future asset requirements against a valid business case as criminals and the needs of the general public evolve over time.

You enjoy the benefits of reduced costs as Orion is up to 75% less expensive than other available solutions for the police and also enables huge cost and time savings through better asset management and security.

Evidence and Chain of Custody

Knowing the location of evidence and ensuring its integrity is crucial to successful police work. Lost or damaged evidence could result in a criminal walking free or a case remaining unsolved.

Smarter Technologies Group can create a bespoke evidence and chain of custody tracking solution that fits the precise requirements of each individual Police force and department. Blending the benefits of indexing (tagging), bar coding, RFID and the real-time data and reporting capabilities of the Orion Data Network enables you to lock-down your chain-of-custody.

This allows you to efficiently check out physical evidence, records, files and DNA samples and gain access to a centralised database to track who has them in their possession and where they are located at any given time.

This centralised asset and data management means that different Police departments in different boroughs can easily link evidence and even share the information internationally across different jurisdictions. You can customise Orion’s reporting to give full chain of custody and audit trails.

NFC Group Police & Law Enforcement Agencies asset tracking

Patrol Cars & Other Transport

The 43 police forces and the special police units in the UK utilise a wide range of operational vehicles including Patrol, response, area and traffic cars, unmarked cars, armoured police carriers, minibuses, dog unit and mounted police vehicles, vehicle tow trucks, mobile custody vehicles, motorcycles, aircraft and watercraft.

All of these carry a wide variety of equipment including for example Speed guns; Tasers; First aid kits; Traffic cones; Police signs; Fire extinguishers; Torches; Breathalysers; and flotation devices as well as personnel and their personal uniforms and equipment. The vehicles, equipment and officers all need to identified, located and accounted for to ensure smooth running Police operations. Smarter Technologies Group creates tailor made vehicle, personnel and equipment tracking, monitoring and recovery solutions to prevent theft, enable full inventory control and promote officer safety and security.

Clocking In & Site Security

RFID-tagged name badges can be used to identify staff, visitors and prisoners and can also be used as a time clocking-in system and to locate people on a daily basis or in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Smarter Technologies Orion Data Network Security Solutions give you full visibility over who and what is entering and exiting your facility. Fixed RFID readers can be placed around doorways, or at any physical choke-point, to saturate walk-through areas with radio waves to read and identify people and items in the proximity. Sirens, alarms, lights or more advanced access control and surveillance systems can be tailor-made to suite your specific units’ requirements.

How Orion Benefits the Police

For more details on Orion’s features and how it benefits today’s modern police forces visit this page


Track the location of your Police force assets and know who has the item in their possession.


Take control over Police asset inventory and devise a predictive maintenance and replacement strategy.


Manage evidence, records, files and DNA samples to determine their location and ensure they maintain their integrity.


Ensure officers are fully equipped, safe and secure and save time during shift changeovers.


A single centralised and shareable, application to track assets, personnel and evidence.


Scale up and expand your Police asset tracking system to include temperature, weight, motion and tamper sensors, alerts and alarms and the use of images.


Customise your reporting to suit your operations and streamline all your processes.


Fast agile implementation when converting from your current system to the Orion Data Network, with easy to install and integrate plug and play technology.


End to end solution with ongoing support including consultation, design, development, implementation and continuous assistance and expert advice.

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