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Asset Tracking Solutions and Police Liaison for Speedy and Safe Recovery

Time, budget and equipment constraints in the modern police force put the onus on the business or property owner to create an asset monitoring, tracking and recovery strategy that supports and police procedure and drives the recovery operation. Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network recovery solutions and extensive experience in Police Liaison get your assets back to you faster and more cost-effectively.

Asset Recovery Challenges

There are several factors that can make it difficult for the Police to recover stolen assets such as equipment taken from a construction site, money stolen from an ATM or animals stolen from a farm. From a Public Sector perspective there are the usual time, budget and resource constraints that mean that law enforcement agencies need to prioritise violent and more serious crime to keep the general public safe.

There is also no national database for stolen and recovered property with the exception of cars, vans, bikes and other vehicles, and the police do not have easy access to high tech identification or recovery tools.

This puts the onus on the business or individual property owner to create a strategy to protect, monitor, track and recover their own high value assets so that, in the event of fraud and theft, those assets are easier to identify and recover as quickly as possible.

When seeking to find and recover the asset, speed is essential as criminals usually try to strip assets down for parts as soon as possible to prevent identification and increase their profits.

Aiding Police Investigations with Asset Tracking

Any corporate asset tracking, monitoring and recovery strategy should be designed to aid the Police in recovering the asset and returning them to the business owner. This means when designing your asset strategy you need to consider how you can:

Deter theft

Make the asset easily identifiable in the event of theft

Enable long and short-range tracking even in hazardous and inhospitable environments

Prove ownership

Surveillance the asset

Recover the asset

Asset tracking can be either overt with a warning sign and accompanying RFID tag or covert with no outward warning and a discreet invisible tag attached so that thieves are not aware the asset is being tracked.

Orion Data Network Recovery Solutions


Smarter Technologies Group’s RFID, GPS and non-GPS tags provide the recorded marks necessary to show proof of ownership so that when your asset is found, the item can be traced back to your business and returned to you.

Our recovery solutions operate both at long range and in a special analogue mode, with RSSI technology, for asset recovery using hand-held direction-finding equipment.

Our privately-owned, secure, Orion Data Network feeds back pre-defined data on your assets every 15 seconds when they are in transit and every 2 minutes when they’re still. All our solutions are customisable with IoT enabled sensors so you can choose to get data on location, tampering, shock, tilt and level changes and numerous other states.

Orion facilitates unique, cost-effective solutions that provide up to 75% higher cost savings than other available asset recovery solutions. They also help businesses to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

How Orion Data Network works
No Line of Sight Required

Smarter Technologies Group Orion Data Network Recovery solutions are more effective for police and private asset recovery operations than other market solutions because the RFID technology that we use does not require a line of sight between the tag attached to the asset and the gateway. This means that even when thieves have secreted your assets underground, under water or behind a concrete wall, Orion will still be able to find and recover it for you.

1,000 Recoveries Worth £25,000,000

To date Smarter Technologies Orion recovery solutions are responsible for recovering goods to the value of £25,000,000 and some of our customers have reported a 95%+ decline in lost assets since using Orion. This is directly attributable to the Police being able to arrest the organised crime groups because the assets were recovered by Orion asset tracking and recovery solution either in the thieve possession or in a place where there was evidence identifying the gang.

Training in RFID Technology for Asset Recovery

We provide training in our Orion tracking, monitoring and recovery solutions to both our clients and police forces all over the world. The training incorporates modules on understanding how the cutting edge technologies and hardware work; how to analyse and utilise the intelligent real-time data available via Orion and how to use our hand-held RSSI beacon mode solutions in order to pinpoint the exact location of stolen assets.

Once training is complete our RFID, GPS, non-GPS and IOT-enabled recovery solutions streamline recovery operations and assist the police in accumulating evidence, recovering our clients’ assets and securing arrests and convictions more quickly and easily, whilst utilising fewer resources.

Police Liaison Expertise

In the event that any of your assets are lost or stolen our monitoring and tracking solutions will enable us to help you recover them quickly, before they are sold on or dismantled for parts and become irrecoverable. Smarter Technologies Group has a team of recovery experts who work closely with the police throughout asset recovery operations.

Police liaison at this level necessitates an excellent understanding of the way the police operate; knowledge of the laws covering theft and recovery of property; an appreciation of police processes; a high degree of skill; and an excellent reputation within the police force.

Smarter Technologies Group’s team are highly experienced in working with the Police. We act as an intermediary between our clients and the police investigation team. All our experts have a good understanding of what evidence is required and how to prepare statements, to achieve recovery and increase the likelihood of an arrest. We understand that asset recovery requires following certain specific legal procedures, a strong relationship with the police and faith in the excellence of the technology and hardware we design, build and work with.

Asset recovery is one of the very few courses of action that a business can undertake that is likely to have a real impact on the criminal organisations targeting it and help you to recover your losses.



75% greater cost savings than other market leading solutions


Smarter Technologies Personnel highly trained in Police Liaison


Police trained in Orion software and hardware solutions


No line of sight required


Digital and analogue modes


Real time data feedback every 15 seconds in motion and 2 minutes when stationary


Provides proof of ownership


Enables recovery and assists with arrest and conviction


Scalable system that grows with your business

Start tracking your assets

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