B360 for Military Grade High Value Asset Tracking, Monitoring and Recovery

A combination of eNcell, GPS and RFID technology for high accuracy asset tracking and monitoring to protect Military assets such as Electronics, Information Technology, Weapons, Safety Equipment and Personnel during manoeuvres, missions and day to day operations.

B360 High Value Asset Tracker

What is the Military Grade B360 Asset Tracking Device?

Smarter Technologies Group’s B360 Asset Tracking Device is specifically designed for Military use based on the unique requirements of the Army, Navy and Air Force. Logistics are of paramount importance in the Military and yet many units currently employ manual asset management processes. These are time-consuming, expensive, inefficient and run a high risk of human error. Smarter Technologies Group created the B360 to eliminate the risks of human error, reduce costs and greatly increase asset tracking and monitoring accuracy.

The B360 incorporates 3 types of cutting-edge technology, eNCell, GPS and RFID beacon and consists of:

  • Low-cost satellite asset tracking device with full satellite communication
  • GSM/GPS device with an international roaming SIM that can be connected to a passive infrared sensor (PIR)
  • Tags that enable flexibility and scalability for the different requirements of each project.
  • Time-Domain Reflectometer (TDR) built into the board to characterise and locate faults and read the PIR sensors to protect against theft, intrusion and damage.
  • Full satellite communication
  • Fuel Monitoring Sensors
  • 4G Sensors for High Value Freight Monitoring to identify drops, vibrations and impact

The scope of the B360 is far greater than other Military asset tracking devices on the market and it has a wide range of applications in Military operations.

B360 Military Applications

The B360 enables the Military to reliably track remote assets and personnel; significantly improve supply chain visibility; identify and rectify supply chain weak spots to allow you to reduce the risk of domestic and international cargo theft and damage; track assets in military housing and barracks; manage fuel levels and generators; predict equipment maintenance schedules and track and communicate with key personnel in dangerous and remote locations. The B360 enables precision asset tracking, monitoring and recovery; reduces asset management costs by up to 75% more than other comparable devices; saves time; and increases Military performance and efficiency. The B360 also integrates with corporate asset tracking technologies when required.

B360 for Military Grade High Value Asset Tracking, Monitoring and Recovery
Fuel Sensing & Generator Management

It’s essential that the Military has accurate information about the performance, fuel levels and temperature of the vast electricity generators that underpin so many operations. We install the B360 and Orion tags in each generator on site enabling the feedback of real-time data, so individual units and HQ always know the exact fuel levels and are aware of any refuelling or maintenance requirements. The online management server provides a centralised point from which thousands of generators can be monitored and managed. During refuelling you can monitor the performance and efficiency of your personnel and identify where processes can be improved for maximum speed and cost-effectiveness. Active alarms notify staff on site and in the central management area in the event of intrusion, damage, shock or tampering.

High Value Freight Tracking, Monitoring & Recovery

The Military transports a huge variety of vehicles, equipment and personnel over thousands of miles around the globe, often in remote locations between Military bases and theatres of operation. Each unit is responsible and accountable to the government for its high value assets, so it’s important that each one can be identified, located, tracked, monitored, protected and in the event of theft, loss or damage, recovered quickly.

The B360 system utilises 4G sensors to pick up essential information relating to location, temperature, impact, tilt, vibrations, dropping and damage and communicates it, in real time, to the central management portal. The B360 can be also interfaced with satellite communication to monitor high value assets being transported by sea. Both containers and their contents can be separately tracked and monitored for total visibility and certainty. Issues in the supply chain can be easily identified and fixed. Smarter Technologies Group’s world-wide tracking of Military assets is divided into three levels, satellite, GSM and Orion Data Network. Three independent boxes prevent a single point of failure from bringing the tracking system down. The data is secured and delivered over a secure API into your Military units’ existing software systems. You can customise your real-time data reports to suit your purposes and also view all your assets at a glance on an asset location map, available on any browser with a secure link.

In this way, the B360 provides a daily global audit of all your equipment and personnel and can help prevent hijacking, theft, fraud and accidental damage and loss across the supply chain and during Military operations.

B360 Technical Specifications and Features

Dimensions: 99 × 85 × 58.5mm

Weight: 367g

Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C

GSM modem: Siemens

RF Beacon: 433/434 Mhz

Internal Tamper Plate Alarm

4-year battery life or compact pack 2.5-year battery

IP67 weatherproof casing

Surface Mount Design

FCC Modular Pre-Certified

Low Current

Smallest Satellite Transmitter Available

Part of the MMT and SMARTONE Products

High yield eNCell positioning – 3 times more accurate than standard cell id.

Flexible, customisable, real-time reporting and location mapping

GPS Supercomputer Based Positioning System to determine correct location even in remote locations and difficult conditions, such as underground.

High performance data transmission with fixed roaming costs for global SIMs and Satellite communication over the Globalstar Simplex Data Network where GSM is unavailable.

RFID Beacon Technology – enables excellent reception even in remote locations and defeats jamming attempts using variable frequencies and power outputs.

The dedicated network APN offers up to 100MB of bandwidth to provide global coverage and unrivalled speed and security.

Benefits of the B360 for High Value Military Assets


Track, monitor and recover high Value Military assets on land and at sea


Gain total real-time visibility over the Military supply chain


Track electricity generators and fuel levels


View real time data on location, movement, temperature and shock


Prevent costly human error


Reduce asset management costs by up to 75% more than other systems


Track containers and high value contents at sea


Track vehicles and vessels


Track and secure lone personnel and key personnel in remote or dangerous locations


Improve inventory audit and predict maintenance schedules


Improve Training by ensuring all equipment is available and in the right location


Improve performance and efficiency


Enables accountability for all assets in your possession


Scalable and flexible for all types and size of project


Save time, money and resources

Start tracking your assets

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