Asset Management Systems

Track and Monitor Your Assets in Real Time and Facilitate Fast Recovery and Maintenance to Optimise Asset Life-cycle and Save Time & Money utilising the Orion Asset Management Systems.

RFID, GPS and IoT Asset Management Systems to help you fulfil your duty to your investors and shareholders, while increasing productivity and lowering your insurance premiums.

Asset Accountability

Asset-rich businesses have a duty to shareholders and investors, and are held accountable by industry regulations and insurers, to minimise risk and maximise the lifecycle and productivity of their equipment, buildings and other assets. It’s essential to show that your assets are delivering on their promised value and are also meeting health and safety requirements.

The key to excellent asset management and investment planning, is granular visibility throughout the asset supply chain. Globalisation and multi-supplier landscapes have only served to complicate the asset lifecycle and make it harder to get genuinely accurate and actionable insights. There are generally 5 stages in an assets life:

1. Asset Planning

2. Asset Acquisition

3. Asset Deployment

4. Asset Operation and Maintenance

5. Asset Retirement and Disposal

Of course, other things can happen to an asset during its lifetime that add further complexity to the lifecycle. For example, some assets are shared across multiple sites, others have a constantly recycled lifecycle through the replacement of components and some assets are misplaced or stolen. A strong asset management solution needs to deal with these anomalies too.

Asset Management systems

Asset Tracking, Monitoring & Recovery

To help you manage your assets effectively and get a better ROI, Smarter Technologies Group Creates Asset Tracking, Monitoring and Recovery solutions comprising Radio Frequency Identification, GPS and IoT sensor technology. We design and create bespoke and off-the-shelf systems composed of active and passive RFID tags and gateways, with real time data feedback over our proprietary Orion Data Network.

Our solutions automate asset management throughout your supply chain and the entire asset lifecycle by tracking your assets and your key personnel. They give you granular, 24/7, real-time visibility and high-level business intelligence about your assets, for total control and transparency, so you can make to make accurate predictions about asset behaviour and requirements.

Location Tracking

Our tags have built-in GPS functionality and passively track the location of your assets, lone workers and key personnel at all times.

Orion asset tracking solutions allow you to create geofence locations for each individual or group of assets so that if your equipment or personnel move outside of the designated areas you will receive and instant alert to your mobile device allowing you to take immediate action to recover the asset or VIP in question.

Our Orion asset tracking solutions can penetrate concrete and other dense structures, which means they are ideal for indoor tracking as well as recovery using a hand-held RFID device in beacon mode.

Asset Recovery

Our RFID solutions also run in active beacon mode with hand-held RFID readers so that if you have mislaid an asset or it has been stolen, you can track the item in real time and track it down and recover it quickly. This lessens the risk of stolen assets being stripped down for parts and helps the police identify criminals and secure arrest and conviction.

Tracking Environmental Conditions

All tags can be customised with different types of IoT sensors depending on what asset data you require. For example, in addition to location, our solutions can determine your assets temperature, moisture levels; the barometric air pressure; water, gas and solid levels; shock; tilt; and tampering to name a few. The information from the passive RFID tags is sent back over the Orion network every 2 minutes when your assets are static and every 15 seconds when your assets are in transit.

You can build up a truly comprehensive picture of the condition of your asset and its environment, so you can calculate risks, identify where any mishandling, theft or damage has occurred and ensure the integrity of both containers and their contents.

The fact that Orion gives you a complete picture of the health of all your assets, means that our solutions are capable of saving businesses time and money across a huge range of different industries.

Asset Tracking Industries

Smarter Technologies Group’s asset tracking expertise originated from creating high-level Cash in Transit security applications and we have developed and customised them to create innovative, bespoke, end-to-end asset tracking, monitoring and recovery solutions for all industries across both the private and public sectors.

Public Sector

In the Public Sector, we create asset tracking, security and recovery solutions for Smart City waste and water management, utilities, lighting and NHS hospitals and also create asset tracking and security solutions to streamline processes and operations for the Military, Police Force and Fire & Rescue sectors. Saving time, resources and money in these sectors improves public services and saves lives.

Reducing Risk

In the private sector for example, we work with our clients to align their asset management to their project and overriding business goals, helping them to be sufficiently prepared to meet their SLAs and KPIs for their clients. Our Orion solutions maximise productivity, minimise waste and enable route optimisation, reducing risk and helping our clients in farming, construction, oil & gas, utilities and banking amongst many others, to minimise their carbon footprints and secure lower insurance premiums.

Predictive Maintenance and Automated Inventory

Across all industries and sectors our clients use our asset tracking solutions to automate their asset inventory, getting it done in seconds, rather than manually, in hours. They also utilise the data Orion provides to create predictive asset maintenance, retirement and repurchase schedules and order spare component parts. Higher levels of automation increase personnel productivity, greatly reduce the room for human error and enhance our clients’ relationships with their partners and clients.



Reduce unscheduled downtime and the need for scheduled downtime by streamlining and optimising the asset supply chain and lifecycle


Create Predictive and condition-based maintenance and repurchase schedules with the data available over the Prion Data Network


Prioritise your CAPEX and make better business decisions based on the status and condition of your assets


Recover lost and stolen assets by actively tracking them in real time


Create a more productive workforce and protect lone workers with SOS and 2-way communication solutions


Benefit from lower insurance premiums

Start Tracking, Monitoring and recovering your assets

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