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As steel beer kegs are a valuable asset that are at risk from thieves, the best way to protect them is by increasing your visibility of their location and condition throughout the supply chain from Warehouse to Brewery. The Orion Data Network is the backbone of most advanced and cost-effective asset tracking solution available in the market. Here are the full details of Orion’s features and how Orion can benefit your brewery or distillery business.

Distillery & Brewery Supply Chain Risks

As steel prices push up the cost of beer kegs and the value of containers continues to rise, these valuable assets are increasingly at risk from thieves. Not to mention the appeal of the products they contain! Also, with so many imported beers and spirits, the supply chain for beer kegs and containers can be very long, involving land, sea and air travel and many third parties. This increases the likelihood of theft, damage and accidental loss.

The best way to protect these assets is by increasing your visibility of their location and condition throughout the entire supply chain from Warehouse to Brewery.

The Orion Data Network is the backbone of the most advanced and cost-effective asset tracking solution available in the market.

NFC Group beer keg tracking

Orion Data Network for Beer Kegs & Spirit Containers

The Orion Data Network is an award-winning, low-power, long-range digital data network consisting of Orion’s specially designed Gateways & Tags. The system monitors and tracks your beer kegs and spirit containers, which can be tagged separately for comprehensive coverage. To ensure that your kegs and containers are safe at every stage of their journey the Gateways listen, and the Tags report every 2 minutes when your assets are stationery and every 30 seconds when they are moving from one location to another.

Tracking devices can be either overt as a deterrent or covert and invisible. They can weigh as little as 28 grams, last for 3-5 years on a single charge, and report in real-time with an impressive range of up to 10 miles from each Gateway.

For truly comprehensive coverage Smarter Technologies Group has designed 3 types of gateway and 3 types of tag. There are three types of Orion gateway. For convenient plug and play, the Ethernet type interfaces with you’re the internet infrastructure you already have installed in your brewery or distillery.

In contrast, the mobile gateway runs directly over the Orion network so you have a clear view of your goods in transit by road vehicles, plane, ship or helicopter.

The independent satellite option provides an excellent solution when your brewery and distillery assets are travelling or being stored in a remote location. These 3 options deliver on the promise of total coverage, visibility and control.

The 3 main type of tags we utilise in our Orion solutions for beer kegs and distillery containers are GPS, non-GPS and switch for monitoring electrical equipment on your sites such as smoke, fire and gas detectors. You can have easy access to your data all the time as reports, alerts and alarms can be programmed to arrive instantaneously on all different types of mobile device, pager and email and integrates with both iOS and android.

Business Intelligence for Breweries & Distilleries

Orion simultaneously reports a vast amount of business intelligence data based on parameters you can choose and program into the system so that they align with your wider business goals, KPIs and SLAs. In this way Orion delivers unparalleled real-time visibility and security for your beer kegs and containers wherever you are importing or exporting, all over the world.

It helps you to meet your service agreements and provide a better customer experience to your alcoholic beverage distributors and end-users such as restaurants and bars.

Orion’s Bespoke Distillery & Brewery Solutions

We can design a bespoke asset management system solution for your brewery or distillery that address your business goals, the supply chain risks you foresee and problems you have already experienced when transporting your products and associated assets.

Containers and kegs can be tagged separately so that you always know the location of your individual assets. We can add tamper, liquid level, temperature, shock, movement and tilt sensors to combat risks such as theft, accidental damage and overheating. Orion is compatible with a huge array of IoT connected sensors for every eventuality.

The location data can also help you to find the fastest and cheapest route for transporting your beer kegs, products and other assets. If your assets are stolen or involved in an accident our recovery rate is second to none and we have a great deal of experience in successfully liaising with the police on our clients’ behalf.

Streamline Your Brewery & Distillery Keg Tracking  Supply Chain

Orion offers a huge range of application possibilities for breweries and distilleries. Almost any asset or application that requires real-time data can join the Network. Both hardware and software can be tailored to meet your company’s specific real-time data requirements. Smarter Technologies group helps clients by allowing them to scale their network up or down without any limits to achieve a private data and security network that suite their exact business needs.

The Orion Data Network can be deployed anywhere in the world quickly, simply and cost-effectively. Orion is up to 75% more cost-effective than other GSM and CDMA asset management solution. It can start to deliver a return on your investment in just 3 weeks, with up to 20% cost savings made by streamlining your supply chain operations.

The data that Orion provides allows you to quickly understand what your preventative and predictive maintenance and repurchasing schedules should look like. You can customise the Orion reports to include the exact information you need and omit the data that isn’t so important to you. You can also choose a report format that suits the way you like to visualise data and that is in line with industry best practice.

Onsite Demonstration


As Orion is so innovative and technology is new, the best way to really understand it, is to see it in action at your brewery or distillery site. In person, you can truly see all of the tangible benefits to your business. We offer a free demonstration onsite at your business premises, so call us today on + 44 (0) 1425 485 263 and talk to our experts.

How Orion Data Network Benefits Breweries & Distilleries

Manage your keg, cask and other container inventory throughout the supply chain in real-time.

Recover lost and stolen kegs quickly.

Prevent future theft with the Orion Data Network beer keg onsite security system.

Save money by reducing your costs from beer keg loss, damage, theft and maintenance by 75%.

Increase your keg lifetime to the maximum 20-40 years (depending on keg type and optimum durability).

Decrease your overheads and Increase your profits even in times of draught beer decline.

Smarter Technologies Group provides advanced keg tracking and recovery both on and off Orion network infrastructure.

Features of Keg tracking Over the Orion Data Network


Award winning, combined RFID and GPS beer keg tracking and asset Security Network and Data Management System for the Brewery & Distillery industry.


Durable tags can be invisibly attached to kegs for covert operations.


Market first ‘black box’ beacon recovery mode for asset recovery anywhere on earth.


The Orion Gateway plugs easily into an existing Ethernet port.


The Gateway controls key access points in your keg supply chain.


Orion operates on a Low Frequency Radio Signal.


Long range beer keg monitoring – 500 meters + radius of each Gateway.


GPS tags enable real-time tracking of containers, vehicles and people.


Non-GPS tags enable keg container tamper alerts.


Track heat, motion and impact with GPS and non-GPS Tag Types.


Switch tags for smoke detectors and fire systems.


Monitoring keg temperature changes to ensure product quality.


Directional Antenna’s for targeted localisation.


Integrates seamlessly with your existing hardware and software.


Limitless Scalability, up and down.


Real Time, Predictive and Preventative Data Analytics.


Detailed information reports every 30 seconds when kegs are in motion and every 2 minutes when stationary.


Accurate Real Time Exception Reporting.


Counter-productive jamming technologies.

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