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Monitoring, Tracking, Recovery and Telematics for the Automotive Industry. Streamline the Supply Chain, Optimise Routes, Receive Real Time Data and Business Intelligence

Did you know that a strong Automotive Asset Management strategy can help you design production lines more quickly; respond to problems such as supplier failure faster; reduce inventory and lead times; and reduce downtime and predict future usage and maintenance schedules?

Orion Data Network

Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network RFID and GPS solutions for the Automotive industry enable you to easily automate the tracking, monitoring and recovery of your automotive assets to save time, money and resources and combat the challenges facing the automotive industry today.

Automotive Industry Challenges

Connected & Integrated Automotive Supply Chain

Smarter Technologies Group’s Automotive Asset Tracking, Monitoring and Recovery solutions create a more connected and integrated supply chain that enables better asset utilisation. This allows you to improve your efficiency, mitigate risk, improve performance and delivery, improve vehicle and personnel security and safety and increase overall quality and speed to market.

Automotive production is increasingly being achieved by M2M automation within complex IT architecture. This is a capital-intensive strategy as the smart assets involved in this process are extremely high value. It therefore makes sense to employ a strategy that extends their lifetime and efficiency. This requires real-time visibility into the location, behaviour and status of all your Automotive assets throughout the production and delivery processes so you can get accurate data on your asset performance and maintenance requirements at all times. Smarter Technologies Group’s Automotive solutions allow you to attach RFID tags to tools and equipment, shipping containers and contents, pallets, barrels and boxes and lone personnel to facilitate seamless Asset Management and increase productivity.

NFC Group hybrid vehicle tracking
Economic Growth

After years in recession, the automotive industry is enjoying the highest period of economic growth since 2005. It is also on the verge of a huge digital transformation with new technology promising widespread availability of more efficient, greener and more cost-effective vehicles for all. Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth are now standard features in new models. This increasing use of technology to achieve product innovation requires a similar injection of Digitalisation into manufacturing processes, connecting factories and plants and using big data and analytics. In this way Automotive businesses can save time and money and meet customers’ increasing expectations and demands for quality and speed to market.

Digital Transformation Strategy

In the USA, Germany and Japan the Automotive industry is benefitting from digital transformation strategies driven by the government. The UK does not currently have a comparable government-led strategy. This, in combination with the UK’s recent Brexit, means that transformation needs to come from within the Automotive industry itself. This means connecting every aspect of the business including manufacturing, planning, finance, logistics, supply chain, engineering and production, with the creation of new sales and marketing strategies that align with these digitalised processes.

Orion Data Network in the Automotive Industry

Main benefits of using our services.

You can see the features of Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network solutions for the Automotive industry here


Achieve a critical part of your digital transformation.


Reduce costs of acquiring, managing and maintaining many of those assets.


Manage the planning, procurement, deployment, tracking, maintenance and retirement of your assets.


Mitigate risk


Increase return on your Automotive assets


Manage inventory of Automotive assets


Comply with government and environmental guidelines and regulations.


Reduce time to market, speed up delivery and sales and lower costs.


Improve production reliability and quality output.


Improve lone worker safety and productivity.


Predict Automotive asset maintenance schedules.


Respond better to customer demands and improve the overall Automotive customer experience.


Prevent Automotive asset damage and theft.

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