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Innovative Asset Tracking, Monitoring, Recovery and Security Solutions for NHS and Private Hospitals and Other Organisations in the Healthcare Sector

Time, budget and resource constraints in both NHS and Private Sector mean that the Healthcare sector needs to find other ways to reduce CAPEX losses and maximise its assets. Smarter Technologies Group creates revolutionary asset management and security solutions harnessing the combined power of RFID, IoT and GPS, designed to prolong the Hospital asset lifecycle, save time and money and ultimately save lives.


Challenges in the Health Sector

Caring for a Population with Lower Mortality Rates

As science, medicine and technology advance and more diseases become curable the world’s population lives longer and people’s demands and expectations of the NHS and private healthcare consistently increase. In addition to a longer life expectancy, a large proportion of the population do not exercise as regularly as they should, drink, smoke, take recreational drugs and eat a less than optimal diet. This means that more people are living for longer, with illnesses that require medical attention.

In addition to ongoing medical needs, our Accident and Emergency room are busier than they have ever been. In England alone last year, there were 20.5 million attendances recorded at A&E. GPs, hospitals and A&E departments are finding it hard to manage the growing number of patients who require treatment.

Hospital asset tracking
NHS Challenges

As the NHS becomes consistently busier, staff are increasingly overworked which causes a drop in morale; assets and resources are overused; productivity targets are not being met and budgets are being exceeded by up to £800million per annum in a bid to provide an excellent service.

There is also a real mismatch between the level of services the NHS trusts expect customers to demand and what the Clinical Commissioning Groups and financial decision makers are estimating. By way of example around 80 per cent of NHS Trusts expect emergency admissions to rise this year, while 60 per cent of CCGs expect them to fall.

In addition to these issues there is a lot of wastage in the NHS as many processes and operations are carried out manually by people who are already overworked, creating a large margin for human error and wasting valuable manpower and budget, which could be deployed elsewhere to save lives.
If we don’t address these issues quickly the NHS is facing a £30 billion funding gap by 2020.

Private Hospital Challenges

UK Private Hospitals have been hit by a downturn in the number of “health tourists” visiting from other countries to get medical procedures carried out in the UK. There has also recently been a significant decrease in NHS referrals to private providers.

One of the most efficient ways to combat these issues is an Hospital asset, patient and personnel tracking, monitoring, recovery and security solution with cutting edge technologies and real time data feedback on patient health and asset location and condition.


Orion and RFID End-to-end Hospital Asset Tracking

Smarter Technologies Group creates end-to-end Hospital asset tracking solutions for both the NHS and Private Hospitals utilising state of the art RFID, IoT and GPS technology and our own Orion Data Network which monitors and tracks a multitude of different data sets and feeds them back to you in real-time. Orion creates a more lean and agile Hospital environment that maximises asset lifecycle and saves time, labour and money.

Tangible Benefits

The system utilises RFID enabled GPS tags and gateways with IoT enabled sensors to track the location, status and condition of all the Hospital assets, so that:

Inventory and audit of healthcare equipment is accurate

Equipment and medical supplies are more readily available when needed

Duplicate and surplus purchases of hospital inventory are greatly reduced

Hospital staff can spend less time seeking the right medical supplies and more time treating their patients


Smarter Technologies Group Partnership with Blue Light Solutions

World Class Hospital Asset Tracking Solutions

Smarter Technologies Group are currently working partnership with NHS ambulance, Emergency Medical Services and supply chain equipment provider, Blue Light Solutions to create high quality, cost-effective Hospital asset management solutions. These combine Blue Light’s wheelchairs; patient trolleys and stretchers; hospital beds; baby incubators; and resuscitation equipment with Smarter Technologies Group’s asset tracking, monitoring and recovery capabilities via the Orion Data Network.

Innovative, Safe & Affordable Hospital Asset Management

The quality of Blue Light’s leading-edge hospital and emergency supply chain equipment and solutions has resulted in their appointment as one of only 3 preferred NHS suppliers. In addition to their high-tech solutions, they have created an innovative alternative to poly-cotton bed linen and incontinence pads by using bamboo, which has unique infection fighting and control properties.

Smarter Technologies and Blue Light are both focused on innovation, affordability, fast emergency response times and customer satisfaction.

Streamlined Hospital Processes & Faster Emergency Response Times

Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network is a ground-breaking, low-cost, scalable, RFID and GPS, security and logistics network that enables real-time visibility, tracking and analytics for equipment and key personnel; while significantly reducing operational costs. Real-time reporting is available every 15 seconds when assets or personnel are in motion and every 2 minutes when stationary.

Orion’s intelligent data simplifies Hospital asset sharing, enables predictive maintenance, ensures all emergency response vehicles are fully equipped and enables a much faster response in a medical emergency. It also provides up to 75% reduction in asset tracking, monitoring and recovery costs compared to other available solutions.

The Future of NHS & EMS Solutions

Smarter Technologies Group believes that the future of emergency services lies in enabling faster response times and, in the case of wide-scale accidents emergencies and natural disasters, facilitating the treatment of as many people as possible as fast as possible. Faster response requires moving away from large, expensive, traditional ambulance vehicles in favour of fully-equipped smaller, faster, cost-effective “quick response” vehicles. At the other end of the scale, for dealing with multiple casualties at one site, Blue Light and Smarter Technologies Group are pioneering the use of fully-equipped buses converted into mega-ambulances.

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Healthcare Sector Expertise

Blue Light founder Phil Begley says he chose to partner with NFC Group because:

“Once I began speaking with Matt Walker and his team at NFC Group, it was clear they have invaluable experience of working with the NHS and the ambulance and emergency services. Their sector expertise, excellent contacts and the unique benefits of the wide variety of real time data available over the Orion Data Network, makes NFC a market leader in this area. Our combined solutions mean that tracking our clients’ equipment is simple, cost-effective and highly scalable, resulting in significant time and cost benefits”



NHS and Private Hospital inventory visibility and control


Site and security management and access control


Streamlined supply chain management


Mission critical part tracking, monitoring and recovery in the event of loss or theft


Optimising existing Hospital assets and services


SOS and Panic buttons and immediate alerts to a mobile device in the event of emergency


Customised, multi-purpose, multi-layer end to end asset solutions utilising cutting edge IoT and RFID technology


Reduce Hospital costs, increase efficiency and free up human and equipment resources to save lives


Greener, smarter Technology with low emissions to reduce your Hospital’s carbon footprint



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