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Smarter Technologies Group monitor, track and recover assets worldwide. We provide asset tracking systems to the open market fulfilling the world’s most complex asset tracking requirements. Turnkey solutions from container tracking to advanced CIT security applications. Military grade asset tracking devices and bespoke build tracking solutions to order.

GSM 2G/3G/4G

GSM, (Global System for Mobiles) is made up of a number of different radio networks. 2G for second generation, now being phased out in many countries over the next few years. 3G caused a big splash because governments globally tried to raise billions by selling licences. 3G has a limited lifespan in that 4G is a much better implementation using the same frequencies. 5G is already on the drawing board.

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Low Power Radio

There are many different flavours of low power radio, LoRa, Sigfox and Orion to name only three. They have different uses and are optimised towards different sorts of solutions. LoRa has many variants and tends towards site systems. Sigfox is attempting to provide global coverage but aimed really at condition monitoring applications. Orion is built for the real time tracking of people and assets, either as a site system or nationally in the UK.

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Microwave Links

Microwave links are very useful for building a communications back bone where there is no wired infrastructure. Typically, this gives the ability to then hang other solutions off this back bone at a fraction of the cost of bringing in fibre or copper lines.

Microwave links tend to be a secure method of building up a site infrastructure. They can span as much as 30Kms and if used in a loop can route traffic in both directions, making the network robust in hostile conditions.

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There are essentially three flavours of satellite communications. Simplex, or one way devices that are cheap, simple and ideal for asset tracking over continents. There are then more expensive duplex or two way devices that mimic the sort of connectivity provided by a 2G network. Expensive but valuable in far flung corners of the globe. Finally there are the systems that charge based on bandwidth which can really be seen a type of expensive mobile broadband.

The constellations of satellites that provide the connectivity can either be in low earth orbit, typically polar orbits or geostationary over certain areas of the globe. There are good solutions that only work in some regions because of this. Smarter Technologies Group can help provide the correct solution for the job in hand.

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