Overseas Training

Bringing all the skills and experience required together to enable a team to effectively prosecute recoveries is always harder in an overseas market. Issues such as language barrier, cultural differences, legal and jurisdiction considerations, and substantial differences in the available equipment are all potential barriers to success.

Foreign & Multiple Jurisdictions

Smarter Technologies Group has experience and a proven track record of recoveries in many countries throughout the world. There are 2 main different types of operation, the first where the theft and subsequent recovery occur in a single country and the second, when a stolen item crosses multiple international boundaries.

We have the capability to operate cross-border, in multiple jurisdictions, eliminating the advantages that criminals can have from multiple border crossings. Smarter Technologies Group will train local teams in our recovery solutions and provide ongoing 24/7 telephone support, anywhere in the world.

Smarter Technologies Group Training Courses

Smarter Technologies offer bespoke asset tracking, monitoring, surveillance and recovery courses worldwide, enabling your local employees to track and recover your own assets and successfully liaise with local police to secure a conviction in the case of theft and fraud. The training comprises modules on:

The value of asset tracking, monitoring and recovery.

What is the Orion Data Network?

How Orion can benefit your business?

What are Orion’s form factors and applications?

How to create pre-defined data sets?

Understanding data feedback, reporting and analytics?

Using Orion in hand-held, analogue, RSSI mode for precision tracking and recovery.

Police liaison for recovery, prosecution and conviction.

Smarter Technologies Experts

For those times when you need an expert on hand to give advice or help you recover your assets in the field, Smarter Technologies Group provides tier one support in-house recovery specialists who will travel anywhere in the world to assist you with further training, asset recovery, system installation, creating bespoke solutions and scaling up your existing solutions for new projects and in times of business growth. Our team is always on hand to help.

What is the Orion Data Network?


Orion utilises the power and innovations of the Internet of Things, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), GPS and digital and analogue technologies to create a highly efficient asset monitoring, tracking and recovery solution.

It offers up to 75% better cost savings than other tracking technologies in the industry. Our award-winning data management system fuelled by real time data and analytics over the Orion Network gives you all the business intelligence you need to make truly informed business and more profitable decisions.

Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion asset solutions were the first to market solution of their kind. Orion is a next generation connectivity platform with an N+1 backbone infrastructure that engages the M2M marketplace with fully managed end-to-end turnkey solutions and helps to future proof your business.

Our Orion solutions can be set up and installed quickly and cost effectively in any location around the world.

Broadly speaking Orion currently covers 3 main horizontal markets and is in use across 24 vertical markets:

Orion Data Network banking sector
Orion Data Network farming

Bolus, Collar

Orion Data Network site systems

Currently in use in 24 different vertical markets


From real-time container tracking analytics to high value retail tracking, monitoring and security applications, the Orion network is the most effective asset solution for large corporates and SME’s all over the world.

All Smarter Technologies of our end-to-end Orion asset solutions are designed and built by Smarter Technologies in the UK.

Smarter Technologies Group’s mission is to develop ground-breaking asset tracking, security monitoring and recovery technology and solutions, to help governments, businesses and individuals create smarter, more sustainable, environmentally friendly, more secure cities for a brighter and more connected tomorrow.

RFID Technology

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an automated identification and data collection technology. We use it in so many aspects of our lives without even realising it such as access cards to get into our workplace or the chips I our passports when we travel abroad for work or relaxation. Each RFID rtag has a unique id number so when you attach it to an asset you can identify and track that aseet in real time.

These tags emit their unique ID number, at intervals, to a gateway, or to a beacon when using hand-held RFID reader. The gateway or reader captures the tags’ unique data and passes it on to middleware, which in turn sorts and analyses the data for valuable business intelligence and deep insights with customisable reporting.

There are 2 main kinds of RFID technology. These are passive with no battery and active which utilises a battery.

RFID is superior to pure GPS tracking as it doesn’t need a “line of sight” connection between the asset and the tracker and it works even in difficult environments or when your asset has been hidden underground, underwater or behind concrete.

Your asset can be tracked at both long and short range and the data that can be collected is hugely varied including but not limited to current location, temperature, shock, tilt, level, impact and status within geo-fenced locations, giving you a very clear overall picture of all aspects of your asset.

How Orion Data Network works

Orion Form Factors

Orion asset tracking, security and recovery devices come in a broad range of shapes, sizes and technical specifications depending on their intended application and your particular requirements. Tracking devices can be overt or covert and the smaller devices can weigh just 28g. They run for 3, 5 or 10 years on a single charge, depending on size, battery type and usage. Orion reports back to you about the status of your assets in real-time, every 15 seconds when your assets are on the move and every 2 minutes when your assets are stationary. Orion GPS and non-GPS tags have a range of up to 10 miles from each Gateway.

Smart Technology

Orion GPS RFID tags learn their environment by gathering thousands of pieces of data every second so that the system can pinpoint and alert you of unusual occurrences and anomalies, making Orion one of the smartest technologies in the asset tracking space.

Highly Scalable

Orion provides you with you own private data and security network that you can scale up or down immediately depending on your business needs.

Intelligent Data

Orion’s back-end infrastructure comprises an impressive suite of API’s and an easy to use online asset management system with customisable real-time data analytics, predictive analytics, reporting, and billing.

Faster ROI

Orion provides 360 degree visibility over your supply chain allowing you to streamline your operations, reduce your capex and opex and see a faster return on your investment.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Streamlining your supply chain and optimising your assets reduces wastage across the board enabling you to reduce your overall carbon footprint to meet regulatory standards and stand out to your customers as a sustainable environmentally conscious business.

Onsite Demonstration

When you see Orion in operation first-hand the business benefits become immediately clear. If you would like a free onsite demonstration then get in touch today to schedule an appointment.

Benefits of Orion Training


Get a full free demonstration of how Orion works and try it for yourself


Recover stolen assets across multiple jurisdictions


Understand the asset management and recovery process in foreign cultures


Discover how to liaise with police in local and foreign jurisdictions


Discover the business benefits of the Orion Data Network


Learn how to track your assets in both digital and hand-held analogue modes


Discover how to monitor, track and recover your assets, improve security, protect your site and key personnel and maximise your supply chain


Find out how Orion enables predictive maintenance and improves inventory control

Start tracking your assets

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