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Innovative Technology for a more Connected and Efficient Fire & Rescue Service. Protecting the Vulnerable and Preventing Unnecessary Deaths and Injury.

How much more efficient would your Fire Service be if you could tag third party smoke alarms and misting units to alert your force as soon as an incident occurs? If you’re wondering how to balance budget and resource constraints with Public demand and political pressure, Smarter Technologies Groups Orion Data Network solutions for the Fire Service can prevent loss, theft and damage of high value items such as thermal imaging cameras and “jaws of life”. We can also help you protect your most valuable assets, your firefighters and key personnel, with fire helmet tagging.

Fire Service Asset Tracking Needs

Many Fire Stations still use manual processes to take inventory and replace essential fire truck equipment like handsaws, hand tools, hose adaptors, emergency medical equipment and other high value fire-fighting assets, to prepare to tackle the next emergency. Taking stock by hand and entering the data into a computer leaves room for human error at each stage of the process. In the Fire and Rescue industry, such errors can threaten the successful execution of a mission and cost the lives of both firefighters and members of the general public.

The Fire Service requires a fast, cost-effective and efficient automated system that reduces the possibility of error and frees up time, money and resources for rescue missions. At Smarter Technologies Group we understand It’s essential to know exactly where your fire-fighting assets are on your truck and what condition they’re in at all times.

NFC Group Fire & Rescue asset tracking

From our work with other Fire Departments we’ve identified the key asset tracking and asset security requirements of a modern fire service as:

Real-time alerts from 3rd party equipment such as smoke alarms and misting units as they are activated in an emergency

Zonal coverage when attending an incident to give accurate positions and rank of all fire-fighting personnel

Logistics and auditing of fire trucks appliances, high value assets, firefighters and other key personnel at emergencies and at the Fire Station

The ability to recover lost and stolen firefighting assets

Large area Fire Fighting and Rescue asset tracking and asset security coverage

Increase accountability at multiple fire stations, storage locations and other locations

Multiple data transfer methods and automated processes

We also understand that in addition to these basic requirements, every Fire Department is different and we can also develop bespoke technology and solutions for your individual needs.

Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Data Network Fire & Rescue asset tracking and asset security solutions enable you to create, monitor and control a smarter, safer, more secure and environmentally friendly fire service. Orion is extremely flexible allowing you to decide what services you require and control the roll out that suits your need & budget.

Dorset & Wiltshire Fire Service

In Dorset and Wil our recent work with Dorset & Wiltshire Fire Service (DWfire) Orion tags have been integrated into two third party devices, automist PPS and smoke alarms. These Orion solutions have enabled DWfire to rapidly deploy personal protection systems for vulnerable individuals within the local community. The ability to receive instant alerts when the community need immediate assistance has already helped DWfire improve their service, reduce injury and save lives. We also attached GPS tags to DWfire’s helmets and high value assets and installed 3G mobile gateways onto their appliances. Orion is enabling DWfire to track individual key personnel offering due care and diligence when on a call out, streamlining Firefighters’ activities and enabling location by rank at the scene of an incident. The benefits of tracking fire officers whilst at an incident are clear, Orion will give the fire service the ability to have an overall view of any incident attended, monitoring all tagged individuals wherever they are at the scene. After the testing stage at DWfire, we embarked on a county-wide roll out of Orion infrastructure which has resulted in a complete Orion network installation on every Fire Station within the Dorset and Wiltshire borders. We would like to see other Fire Stations and communities benefit from Orion Data Network asset tracking and asset security solutions in the same way.

What is the Orion Data Network?

The Orion Data Network is a unique, cost-effective, low power, long-range UHF radio system with a broadcast infrastructure consisting of Gateways and Tags. The Gateway is plugged into an existing Ethernet port and provides an instant network coverage. The system listens and monitors, allowing our clients to track, monitor and recover their assets. The tags report back every 2 minutes when your assets are static and every 30 seconds when in motion to give real-time asset visibility.

To see the full range of Orion’s features and benefits for the Fire & Rescue sector click here.

“The Orion Data Network system fulfils a need to protect vulnerable people and prevent unnecessary deaths and injury. It works quickly and efficiently, and the link-up to the Orion Data Network provides added peace of mind.”

Seth Why – Head of Fire Safety at the Dorset Fire & Rescue Service.



Automate inventory processes to eradicate manual processes and human error


Prolong asset life through streamlined


Install tags on third-party smoke alarms to enable instant alerts


Protect vulnerable people and prevent deaths and serious injury with instant alerts and panic buttons and alarms


Rest assured essential equipment is available for routine and emergency situations


Secure the safety of your firefighters and other key personnel


Secure the entire fire station site


Secure and track your fire trucks and other vehicles


Get a 360 degree view of incidents attended


Ready-made and bespoke asset tracking, monitoring and recovery solutions for your Fire Service

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