Piezoelectric Sensors

Rugged, Robust and Long Lasting Piezoelectric Sensors have a Broad Application in a Variety of Industries.

Smarter Technologies Group uses piezoelectric sensors in touch pads, tilt mechanisms, accelerometers and internal combustion engines for smart cities and in the automotive, health, oil & gas, agricultural, aerospace and nuclear technologies and consumer industries.

What Are Piezoelectric Sensors?

Piezoelectric sensors use crystals like quartz or tourmaline to measure a variety of variables such as pressure, strain, torque, vibration, temperature and direct and indirect force. The crystal converts them to a quantitative voltage and releases a charge that’s proportional to the external force that causes the reaction.

Their benefits are that they enable businesses to innovate while reducing costs due to a long lifecycle and enormously broad application. This ranges from predictive maintenance, monitoring status, process control, condition testing and quality assurance.

They are an essential enabler for various technologies in smart homes, automotive sector, industrial plants, oil & gas, medical sector, agriculture, aerospace, nuclear technologies, consumer industries, the electronics and mobile industries and any industry in which the IoT is used.

The benefits of piezoelectric sensors are that they are extremely rugged, robust and long-lasting and do not react to radiation or electromagnetism. They enable you to carefully monitor your most valuable assets remotely and are a useful tool for process improvement within supply and production chains.

Museums, Galleries & Estates

Piezoelectric sensors can be attached to plinths, wall mounted stands and display cases in Museums and Galleries and also in stately homes in private and public areas to prevent theft of art, sculptures, precious artefacts, jewellery and other valuables. They can detect the correct weight of the object they are protecting so for example of a mong vase is being protected and it is removed or another item is swapped for it the sensor will register the change and Orion will sned you an instant real time alert.

Why Are Piezoelectric Sensors a Good Choice?

Because Piezoelectric Quarts Sensors measure in a linear and direct way they can be used to measure different forces, and multiple ranges across a long timeline of several decades. They are also rugged and virtually indestructible as they react to load as opposed to strain and are not subject to any noticeable displacement or damage caused by overloading. Crystals particularly quartz are not subject to the normal wear and tear and aging that we see in most natural and man-made elements. Users can also derive benefit from their high output voltage and an impressively large temperature range ranging from around -97-398F.

Benefits of Piezoelectric Sensors


Protect valuable art work and sculptures in the Museum & Gallery Sector


Ensure the safety of valuable assets in stately homes and private estates


Prevent theft and damage of high value assets


Long lifecycle and broad application


Do not react to radiation or electromagnetism


Used in touch pads, tilt sensors, accelerometers and internal combustion engines


Rugged and robust


Cost effective with up to 75% better savings than other comparable solutions

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