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The Orion Data Network has numerous applications in the Oil & Gas tracking industry providing a huge range of organisational and time and cost saving benefits. Streamlining your supply chain is the fastest and most effective way to gain a market advantage in this sector and Smarter Technologies Groups Orion asset management solutions are the best route to achieving this goal.

A Competitive Advantage with Orion

The Orion Data Network and associated technology and data provides an end-to-end solution that enables you to take control of your valuable assets; increase field productivity; and secure the safety of lone workers and remote sites.

Orion also helps you to meet your service level agreements and client key performance indicators and meet regulatory requirements. Crucially in this post boom economy, characterised by falling oil and gas prices, Orion offers up to 75% saving in costs when compared to other asset tracking and management solutions and gives you a fast return on your investment.

NFC Group Oil & Gas industry asset tracking

Orion’s Applications in the Oil & Gas Industry

When valuable assets go missing and you don’t have the equipment you need to complete your work on time, it diminishes productivity and results in a failure to meet KPI’s and SLA’s. This incurs large financial penalties and reputational damage. Orion is the key to creating a more Agile business model as it allows you to streamline your internal processes; track, monitor and recover your valuable assets and secure the safety of your site and key personnel.

Oil & Gas Site Management with Orion

The Orion network provides simple yet cost effective site management and access control solutions for your company security and logistics requirements.

The system can easily be incorporated into your existing infrastructure as well as be integrated into the design and development of new sites.

The Orion network is very secure and impervious to hackers trying to jam the tag and gateway signals, so you can be sure that your data and your site are fully secure.

Site Safety & Security with Orion

Smarter Technologies Group’s Orion Security solutions give you peace of mind by securing perimeters and preventing intruders from entering your site. Increasing your operational transparency and the overall security and safety of your site can help you to gain the trust and support of your current and potential investors and stakeholders and reduce your insurance premiums.

Lone worker tracking, panic buttons and SOS solutions all ensure that your employees are safe when working in remote or potentially dangerous areas.

Global Coverage

There are three types of Orion gateway. First there is the standard Ethernet type which simply plugs directly into your existing internet infrastructure. The second option is a mobile gateway which runs over the Orion network enabling full mobile network coverage for any vehicles, planes and helicopters used at oil and gas sites. The third option is an independent satellite solution for remote oil and gas site locations. These different options mean that we can provide our Oil & Gas clients with a huge range of solutions with truly global coverage.

Our Gateways are installed strategically in key facility locations enabling you to have full access control, total 360-degree visibility 24/7, and simplified management over all your assets and people, from mission critical equipment to suppliers and contractors’ products and personnel, all over the world. In addition to tracking monitoring and recovering key assets, Smarter Technologies Group track and monitor key pipeline infrastructure to minimise loss and maintain high production levels.

Oil & Gas Asset & Inventory Management with Orion

The loss of mission critical equipment causes severe disruption to the supply chain and has a major impact on time-lines, key deliverables and therefore also OpEx and on your profit margin.

With Orion your data, security and logistics networks run in parallel allowing you to manage key assets on and off site whilst not being reliant on GSM network connectivity. Our long and short-range active RFID tags monitor your assets and alert you according to your predefined variables, whether your main concern is asset longevity or a security-based application. Containers and contents can be tagged individually with different variables programmed according to your requirements. Smarter Technologies Group offer three primary tag types. The GPS and non-GPS, both have standard heat and motion sensors and the capacity for a huge variety of other sensors such as temperature and moisture gauges, liquid level and gas emissions sensors. In addition, there are switch tags for monitoring electrical equipment such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, door locks and windows.

Real-time automated tracking, monitoring and reporting with real-time alerts delivered straight to your mobile device or by email or pager, alert you to any emergency; enable you to schedule predictive maintenance; and improve the speed and security of your assets as they move through your supply chain from warehouse to site.

The Orion Data Network provides our clients with key data for documenting proof of concept; ‘just in time’ delivery; and detailed logging of the exact installation points of all subcontractors’ equipment in a complex multi-supplier model.

In the fluctuating Oil & Gas economy, Orion saves you time and money and protects your corporate reputation, giving you a competitive advantage.

Orion’s Impact on the Oil & Gas Industry


Fast, cost-effective deployment to any Oil & Gas site anywhere in the world


Complete site management and asset control


Real Time Oil & Gas Equipment & Subcontractor Performance Monitoring


Real Time, Predictive and Preventative Data Analytics


Accurate Real Time Exception Reporting


Limitless Scalability

Key Features of Orion for the Oil & Gas Industry

Award Winning Combined RFID and GPS Asset Tracking and Asset Security Networkand Data Management System for the Oil & Gas Industry.

Independent Satellite Solution for Remote Oil & Gas Sites.

Total Oil & Gas Site Management and complete Access Control.

Achieves Oil Industry Standard Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).

Fast, cost-effective deployment to any Oil & Gas site anywhere in the world.

Limitless Scalability.

Integrates seamlessly with your existing hardware and software.

Using Machine Intelligence Orion GPS Long Range RFID Tags learn their environment, notice unusual behaviour and take preventative measures.

Minimised GSM Dependency.

Tag Containers and contents separately.

GPS and non-GPS Tag Types are both heat and motion sensor enabled.

Switch tags for monitoring electrical equipment such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, door locks & windows.

Real Time Oil & Gas Equipment & Subcontractor Performance Monitoring.

Real Time, Predictive and Preventative Data Analytics.

Accurate Real Time Exception Reporting.

75% more cost effective than other asset tracking solutions for the Oil & Gas industry.

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How Orion Data Network Benefits the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas Asset Management


Gain Accurate Asset Valuation


Organise Asset Portfolio


Establish Preventative Maintenance Schedule


Track, Monitor & Recover Mission Critical Assets

Oil & Gas Site Management


Capitalise on Lower Insurance Premiums


Meet Industry Regulations More Easily


Reduce Risk of Fines


Improve Partnerships


Better Access & Total Control


Accident Prevention


Protects Data from Online Security Threats


Protects Site Trespassers and Theft


Increase Operational Efficiency & Productivity


Minimise Downtime


Reduce Carbon Footprint

Oil & Gas Inventory Management


Improve Asset Utilization


Gain Better Asset Inventory Control


Achieve Cost and Time Savings from Digital Transformation


Reduce Admin Costs and Make Better Informed Decisions

Oil & Gas Customer Experience


Meet Your KPIs and SLAs


Improve Your Customer Experience


Manage Your Corporate Reputation

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