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Fast-track Your Digital Transformation with Multi-layered Asset Tracking, Monitoring, Recovery and Security Solutions, Saving Time and Money for a Fast ROI.

Smarter Technologies Group’s asset solutions for Telecom and Mobile Operators streamline the entire supply chain, bringing high levels of automation and predictive scheduling to inventory and audit, route and fleet optimisation, maintenance and repurchase to prolong the lifecycle of your assets. Our security solutions protect your high value assets, your site and your personnel.

Trends & Challenges for Telecom & Mobile Operators

Market Fluctuations

With the Telecom market so turbulent in recent years, telecom companies have been frugal with their budgets. For a lot of businesses this has had a negative impact on their operational structure and means they are not fully prepared to realise the potential of new industry technology and trends.


To be competitive in this fast-paced sector, and particularly with the arrival of 5G, operators need to begin to invest more heavily in their infrastructure and the architecture required to support this new iteration of wireless connection and the industry advancements it will facilitate.

Mobile Revenue and CAPEX

We are starting to see an increase in mobile revenue. 2016 was the second year of consecutive growth, reaching $1.05trillion, up 2.2% from the previous year, with 2/3 of the global population owning a mobile subscription. Whilst operators have invested $1.2 trillion in CAPEX since 2010, global mobile CAPEX actually fell 6% in 2016 and is expected to decline for the next 3 years and rise again in 2020. Certain factors will still cause the market to be turbulent in terms of revenue, including a slow down in subscriptions, new industry Regulations and disruptors such as Over The Top providers.

The Need for Digital Transformation & Asset Optimisation

Telecoms and Mobile operators that want to stay ahead of the curve need to undergo a digital transformation in all aspects of their business. One of the most effective ways to streamline operations and reduce CAPEX is to automate back end asset management processes such as tracking, monitoring, security and introduce advanced data capture and analytics.

OTT Providers

Over The Top providers are cornering the market in terms of text messaging, as companies like Whatsapp and iMessage, offering more cost-effective services, already account for 80% of messaging traffic. Skype is taking centre stage in international voice calls, already dominating 30% of this market segment.

This has resulted in Telecoms companies seeing a significant drop in these revenue streams and therefore in the overall value of each customer. Emerging technology such as wearables are growing in some markets such as the USA, but have yet to make a massive global impact.

These market fluctuations, disruptive technologies and agile services providers are driving the need for Telecom and Mobile operators to find new ways of creating revenue boosting competitive differentiators and streamlining internal operations.

Smarter Technologies Group’s Asset Monitoring, Tracking, Security & Recovery Solutions

Smarter Technologies Group creates asset optimisation solutions for Telecoms and mobile companies using RFID, GPS and IoT technologies with real time data fed back over our privately-owned Orion Data Network.

These solutions make substantial improvements in inventory, supply chain, container, logistics, fleet and route management, asset repair and repurchase, speed to market and overall customer experience and brand reputation. They provide granular detail on asset behaviour throughout the supply Telecom and Mobile supply chain data facilitating insights-driven decision making, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, productivity and sales.

What is the Orion Data Network for Telecom & Mobile Operators?

RFID, GPS and IoT Technology

Our Telecom and Mobile Operator asset tracking and monitoring systems comprise active Radio Frequency Identification GPS, Standard and Contact Tags that transmit to our Orion Gateways every 2 minutes when an asset is still and every 15 seconds when it is moving. The data that they transmit can be customised with IoT sensors to suit the requirements of the particular Telecom or Mobile asset you need to track. You can measure a huge range of conditions including location, shock, temperature, tilt, moisture and many others.

Robust and Long-Lasting

Each tag uses almost 1000 times less power than an equivalent GMS solution and so has a long battery life of around 3-5+ years depending on the type of tag and usage. The tags automatically test their own battery life and send an alert to your mobile when the battery needs to be replaced.

The tags are robust and long-lasting and can be fitted with weatherproof enclosures for outdoor installations.

Scalable Asset Management

Orion sorts all the available data by tag not by the gateway so our customers can benefit from the entire global Orion network for almost infinitely scalable solutions.

Emergency Alerts

In the event of an emergency, when a battery needs replacing or if an anomaly occurs Orion will send an instant alert to your chosen mobile device.

Applications of Orion in Telecoms & Mobile Industry


The main applications of Orion in Telecommunications and Mobile are tracking valuable data centre assets and warehouse inventory and assets and components in transit in the multi-supplier landscape, throughout the global supply chain.

Automation & Innovation

So often Telcos and Mobile operators still use risk-prone manual or outdated processes for these tasks which lead to human error and take an inordinate amount of time to complete. Orion brings total automation coverage to your asset tracking and monitoring eliminating human error and freeing up your staff to carry out higher level revenue building tasks. Tasks like inventory that traditionally take hours can be carried out in minutes with Orion.

Telecom & Mobile Asset Tracking

Telecom and Mobile companies have a huge range of assets from laptop used by staff preventing loss, damage and theft. You can determine where the asset is and identify the member of staff who is using it. You can also set geofence locations and the system will send you instant alerts if your assets move outside of the pre-determined parameters.

Telecom & Mobile Personnel Tracking

Telecom & mobile businesses generally have a large number of staff in diverse jobs all around the country and indeed the globe. Orion gives you the capability to track all your personnel from lone workers to ensure their safety in remote areas to staff on site at your clients’ businesses to track.

Mobile and Telco Inventory Management

Fleets of vehicles on their way to customer sites no longer need to be checked manually to ensure they are properly equipped. Inventory can be carried out in mere seconds enabling a much faster and more efficient customer service and higher productivity.

Telecommunications & Mobile Site Access Control

Most Telco and Mobile Operators have their sites divided into zones that require different levels of authorisation to gain access, depending on the job requirements and level of each member of staff. Orion’s multilayer security and tracking solutions give you excellent access control over your site, for a safer working environment and better asset security.



Asset performance management through the monitoring of key performance indicators


Visibility, operational intelligence and actionable data insights into your Telecom & Mobile operations for predictive and revenue boosting decision-making


Real time data feedback over the Orion Data Network every 2 minutes when stationery and every 15 seconds when in motion


Significantly mitigates risks which can result in lower insurance premiums


Up to 75% greater cost savings than other comparable Telecom and Mobile asset solutions


Gives Mobile and Telecom businesses a competitive advantage by streamlining the entire supply chain and simplifying interactions with third party suppliers


In the event of theft Orion solutions can be used in beacon mode with a hand-held RFID reader to enable swift recovery and secure a conviction

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