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Privately owned Orion Data Network – Low power long range real-time asset tracking and security network being utilised the world over. Manage your global assets in real-time whilst reducing commercial costs by more than 75%. Dramatically increased supply chain productivity, See how the Orion Network can benefit your business today.

Automated Meter Readers

Orion is the future of AMR technology, by gathering data remotely and wirelessly, the labour-intensive element of metering is reduced significantly. By automatically collecting consumption, diagnostic, and status data from energy meter devices, gathering information from commercial and domestic utilities such as gas, electric and water has never been easier. Real-time consumption reports can be generated rather than relying on predicted estimations, gaining timely information coupled with data analysis providing utility providers and consumers better control of their utility transactions. All powered by the Orion data network providing sim free wireless technology.

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It is relatively obvious that as the Orion based recovery rates improve with the number of systems deployed, protecting an individual asset makes more sense. Secondly and not so obviously, is that the nature of much of the criminal activity has changed and that ultimately the recovery rates for GSM/GPS may be overstated at 80%. A recent article from the insurance industry quoted across the board recovery rates for cars as low as 20% for 2011. The reason being that many more thefts are done professionally, using simple and cheap GPS jammers and even GSM jammers. Put simply, the Orion system may well be the most efficient solution for individuals because the high value GSM/GPS systems are not as effective today due to the changing nature of criminal attacks.

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Breweries & Distilleries

Gain complete visibility of your supply chain and logistics with Orion active RFID tags. Smarter Technologies Group supplies leading brewers and distilleries with the ability the track and monitor assets moving through their supply chain in real-time. Wireless and sim free, Orion tags can track, monitor and recover kegs, pallets and trucks, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced shrinkage as your products move throughout the UK.

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Canine Tracking

Using the latest in active RFID technologies, Smarter Technologies Group has created pioneering canine tracking devices that are currently being utilized for the protection of endangered species globally. With a broadcast range of 15km, the Orion data network and Orion GPS smart collars transmit data every 30 seconds providing dog teams with pinpoint accuracy of assets in real-time, allowing complete visibility of on the ground operations. Completely sim-free and wireless, Orion canine solutions are small, rugged devices that will stand the most adverse conditions.

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Cash in Transit

Smarter Technologies Group will ensure your cash and assets are safe and secure using high quality, durable and proven Orion RFID tags for all business types and sizes throughout the UK. Protect ATMs and cash from theft, ram raids and explosive attacks using Orion sim free and wireless active RFID tags that secure ATMs at every stage of the operation. As a market leader in asset protection and recovery, Smarter Technologies Group innovates advanced technologies for companies in the cash in transit, banking and retail sectors.

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Smarter Technologies Group is the market leader in rapidly deployable RFID sim-free solutions for protecting large and remote sites. Using technologically advanced Orion tags, products are built with the end user in mind, making Orion your safest choice for custom-made, cost-effective security solutions. As specialists in temporary and remote site security, we understand how important it is to deliver a cost-effective solution without compromising on site and asset protection.

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Container Tracking

Gain complete control of all your container movements globally and benefit from real-time logistical analytics with the Orion network. By using low cost active RFID tags, Orion will track the movements of your containers, relay key data analytics, such as temperature, tamper, speed, latitude, longitude, battery information, shock reports and relative signal strength indication (RSSI). Orion tags work in their own unique way sending data packets every 30 seconds whilst in motion without the need for excessive battery drains. Integration with other traditional methods of tracking and asset visibility such as satellite communications is simple, providing a comprehensive solution to global asset visibility.

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County Council

Councils are now facing numerous problems and lone worker security is an increasingly important area. In part this is because organisations have a duty of care enshrined in law. This essentially states that the organisation should take reasonable measures to protect its staff and equipment them appropriately. With the proliferation of mobile technology, this typically includes some form of panic device. The SIM free Orion devices are ideal for large sites and because of the frequency of the update rate, they can be used to provide operational information on the area being covered by the lone worker. The system can cover everything from confirming that the person has arrived on site to verifying their activities on site. Orion RFID tags can also assist with asset management, security applications and streamline council day-to-day activities. Smarter Technologies Group offers a range of devices with numerous capabilities to tackle many different scenarios, all managed by a common software platform which can be accessed via the web using a secure login. This means the command and control element of the solution is independent of the choice of hardware. Orion devices are small and robust with a battery that lasts for years, it is a simple device to issue to staff and nothing more than an annual service required.

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Cow Herd Management

Developed in conjunction with some of the UK’s leading bovine experts, Smarter Technologies Group has designed and built a technologically advanced Orion active RFID bolus to manage cow herds effectively and efficiently before the onset of disease. Orion bolus tags provide real-time data analytics on individual animals, gaining valuable visibility into cow herd management and the opportunity to make informed business decisions before the need of costly medical intervention. Receive a comprehensive overview of herd performance and instant alerts by monitoring the core temperatures of livestock direct to your farm management.

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Farm, Machinery & Livestock Security

With rural crime on the increase, your farm and its contents are highly susceptible to theft, whether it’s equipment, plant, fuel or livestock, there are numerous ways in which Orion RFID solutions can safeguard your farm, gates, plant and livestock. Using the latest in wireless and sim free RFID technology, Orion tags can secure all your farm assets and send intrusion or theft alerts in real-time. Smarter Technologies Group, in conjunction with insurance brokers Scrutton Bland, will eradicate theft on your farm and reduce your insurance premiums whilst securing all assets.

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Fire & Rescue

The Orion network is based on a bespoke, low power radio system developed by Smarter Technologies Group. It has many advantages over traditional technologies when it comes to asset visibility, monitoring and recovery of assets. Smarter Technologies Group can transform your fire service into a technologically advanced smart service, revolutionising your asset management system, providing real-time fire fighter tracking and repatriation of assets. Completely sim free and wireless, Orion RFID tags are simple to deploy, and infinitely scalable. Future proof your fire service with the Orion data network.

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Smarter Technologies Group are pioneers in smart technology and smart buildings providing the latest in smart sensor technology. The Orion data network can transfer your properties into buildings of the future with Orion smart tags. By protecting your assets, managing perimeters, internal doors and monitoring electrical appliances and fire detection, Orion RFID tags can reduce the need for costly expenditure and downtime of assets using real-time, sim free smart devices. Gain complete visibility of buildings and assets with Orion smart sensor technology.

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The Orion network active RFID tags are the ultimate choice for any military application. Boasting a revolutionary web-based weapons management solution for small to multi-site armouries, complete visibility of military site assets and real-time indoor tracking for personnel, weapon training programmes and live deployments. Orion RFID tags can be assigned to securely track munitions, weapons, magazines, tactical apparel and other security critical goods in real-time wirelessly and sim-free.

Smarter Technologies Group understands the need for identifying military assets and our software uses graphical views to show the layout of your armoury and where each weapon, part or tactical gear is being stored. Modifications to have your own armoury layout is easily accomplished using Orion bespoke mapping software, performing the implementation or by overseeing implementation by the end users. Orion can provide comprehensive asset visibility whether statically or in remote sites using proven 3G drop in networks with access to the system is via a secure browser interface and the system can be used for sensors as well as asset and people tracking.

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The mining industry relies on large numbers of staff and machinery constantly moving around sites with adverse environmental conditions. Smarter Technologies Group understands the problems facing mining operations, and the specific and complex needs required to protect individuals and expensive equipment. The Orion data network provides the perfect solution for monitoring, recording and the protection of assets on and of sites. Orion low power radio and active RFID tags are easily deployed in even the most inhospitable environments and provides the ultimate security control system that is completely wireless and sim free.

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Museums & Art Galleries

Museums and galleries by their very nature can be targets for thieves, open door policies can provide the perfect environment for targeted theft of artwork and priceless assets. Smarter Technologies Group provide perimeter security, panic alarms for security and lone workers, and asset management. Protect your premises with wireless and sim free Orion data tags that report every two minutes providing a real-time audit of assets and real-time security alerts if an item suffers tampering. Add to this the ability to recover stolen items, an Orion RFID tag is the obvious choice for any institution serious about protecting their assets.

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Oil & Gas

Smarter Technologies Group has been involved in oil and gas asset management for over a decade and know the problems faced within the industry. Standard tracking and asset identification methods, like barcode and passive RFID, are not robust enough and involves extensive labour resource allocation. In response to these problems Smarter Technologies Group developed the Orion data network, a UHF broadcast network utilizing active RFID technology, Orion enabled the oil and gas industry to effectively identify, track, monitor and repatriate all assets over multiple site locations. This breakthrough in asset management provided the ability to increase data reporting and analytics, optimize utilization of equipment, business intelligence and comprehensive asset inventory visibility. Orion is a low-power, sim-free and wireless solution to asset management in the oil and gas industry, providing automated management of assets reducing labour costs and mitigating costs associated with GSM reliant devices.

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Pallet Tracking

Increase locational visibility of pallets and associated assets down your supply chain increasing supplier accountability and transparency using Orion RFID smart sensor technology. The Orion data network is economically viable solution to monitor, track and recover assets as they move around your supply chain. Using active RFID and UHF broadcast radio, Orion tags are small, robust devices with a 5-year battery life that operate on a 30 second data cycle when in motion and every 2 minutes when stationing, providing complete visibility of assets and pallets giving real-time reporting functionality. Bespoke enterprise resource planning software and mapping will provide everything your organisation requires to locate products and resources throughout the duration of their lifecycle inclusive of inbound and outbound delivery processes. The Orion network is the ultimate solution for supply chain management and logistics.

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Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Smarter Technologies Group understands the numerous challenges faced by healthcare facilities, managing the hospital environment, health and safety, defence against crime and increased efficiency to reduce costs are all major items on the agenda. Managing assets in the hospital ecosystem, typically a large multifloored site with thousands of assets, has historically been a struggle, with staff logging up hours just searching for misplaced or lost assets, costing the healthcare sector millions per year. Using the Orion data network RFID solution can help with all of these, providing a simple yet cost-effective site management and access control system, that considerably improves asset visibility and asset utilisation. Save capital expenditure and cut down valuable time spent by staff to locate misplaced equipment, automatically audit hospital items, increase security and reduce the underutilisation of assets with Orion active RFID smart tags and sensors. Completely wireless and sim-free, Orion will revolutionise your healthcare organisation.

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Plant Security Devices

The vulnerability of plant and construction sites make plant theft an on-going problem, losing items to theft is damaging to your business and reputation to deliver pre-arranged completion times. The Orion network can reduce the impact theft has on your business, using proven Orion smart devices, Smarter Technologies Group can monitor, track and recover assets. Orion devices are sim-free, wireless and have a battery life of up to 5 years, providing unparalleled security functionality allowing you to maintain a fully comprehensive workforce in place. With over £10 million of stolen plant recovered to date, Orion will send alerts in real-time if your plant, assets or site is subject to uninvited visitors or unsolicited tampering, providing the ultimate solution in plant safety and security.

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Police & Law Enforcement Agencies

Smarter Technologies Group understands the challenges faced by a modern Police Force in today’s complex world of increasing demand from Public and Politicians whilst facing constraints in budgets and allocated resources. Orion, is affordable technology aimed at reducing operational costs whilst improving overview & movement of Key Inventory, Personnel from a Command & Control perspective but at the same time having an important tool in fighting both Volume & High-Value Crime. Based on our experience in Asset Tracking, resulting in the recovery of thousands High-Value Assets like CIT, ATM’s as well as our projects for Inventory management, logistics, Network Infrastructure and many other related services we have created a unique data network called Orion. Orion offers a comprehensive solution that allows you to Monitor & Control a smart, safe, secure, efficient, greener & overall more vibrant force that help your force combat not only today challenges but help to enable you to face tomorrow’s increasing demands. Importantly Orion is extremely flexible allowing you to decide what services you require and control the rollout that suits your need & budget.

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Ports & Marinas

Managing a complex and multi-faceted business of any kind requires real-time location and movement data. Marinas and Yacht Clubs are typical of businesses where the constant movement of craft, vehicles, plant and machinery, and staff, provide scope for pilferage, major theft, human resource time losses, and an accumulating wastage of chargeable resource. Such wastage is chronic, and although an acknowledged problem, it has been difficult to eliminate.

The Orion Network provides a real-time security audit and multi-parameter monitoring of all protected assets, eliminating many losses and protecting profits. Each asset is tagged with a small, robust, sim-free Orion tag with a long-life battery. Orion GPS tags can be locked to the device or attached covertly if preferred. Tags relay key data every two minutes to a locally installed Orion gateway. These gateways in turn cascade key data back to the security centre offering 24-hour environment monitoring and product protection.

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The railway networks provide a challenging environment due to the vast array of moving parts within the rail freight and rail asset ecosystem. One way of improving the processes involved in the management of railway assets and freight can be identified by scrutinizing the efficiencies of data with the back-end ERP systems and overall visibility of assets. Smarter Technologies Groups Orion network system can tap into this data at all levels by identifying weaknesses in or inefficiencies at ground level and the repatriation of assets in a lost or stolen situation, providing a wealth of information for improving efficiency and profitability. Using the latest in active RFID technology, Smarter Technologies Group can transform rail freight into a streamlined and productive process without traditional tracking technology thereby reducing operational and capital expenditure whilst providing innovative and economically viable solutions to enhance rail freight processes

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Smart Cities

Smarter Technologies Group understand the challenges faced by the modern city. The Orion data network uses active RFID technology aimed at reducing costs and your cities carbon footprint. The Orion network increases efficiency by simplifying data communications and reducing operational outgoing expenditure. Orion’s unique technology caries data without relying on a mobile phone network, this means no SIM cards, no on goings and reduced commercial costs. Based on our experience in Asset Tracking, Inventory management, logistics, network infrastructure and many other related services we have created a unique data network called Orion. Orion offers a comprehensive solution that allow you to create a smart, safe, secure, efficient, greener & overall more vibrant city for tomorrow. Importantly Orion is extremely flexible allowing you to decide what services you require and control the roll out that suits your need & budget.

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Supply Chain Logistics

RFID Applications can be used to monitor and manage the movement of the finished products throughout a supply chain. RFDI tags can be attached directly to the items and materials or they can be attached to the containers that carry them. Pallets, trailers, totes, carts, cargo containers, and reusable transport items can all be tagged. Readers placed throughout a facility can monitor movement and location of inventory, thus providing real time data. This can be within a warehouse, a freight yard or within a retail location.

RFID applications in the supply chain enable more frequent and accurate inventory counts RFID applications in the supply chain can also decrease costs associated with inventory counting.

In addition, RFID applications in fleet management have demonstrated significant ROI. RFID applications in fleet management enable a more cost-effective long-range tracking solution, global tracking of containers and cargo, reliable tracking of capital and inventory assets during transportation and increased security. By placing RFID tags on long range vehicles, trailers or other mobile assets, companies can gain visibility into their business’ assets’ utilization.

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Telecom & Mobile Operators

Smarter Technologies Group understand the challenges faced by the modern city. The Orion data network uses active RFID technology aimed at reducing costs and your cities carbon footprint. The Orion network increases efficiency by simplifying data communications and reducing operational outgoing expenditure. Orion’s unique technology caries data without relying on a mobile phone network, this means no SIM cards, no on goings and reduced commercial costs. Based on our experience in Asset Tracking, Inventory management, logistics, network infrastructure and many other related services we have created a unique data network called Orion. Orion offers a comprehensive solution that allow you to create a smart, safe, secure, efficient, greener & overall more vibrant city for tomorrow. Importantly Orion is extremely flexible allowing you to decide what services you require and control the roll out that suits your need & budget.

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Wildlife & Conservation

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