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Smarter Technologies monitor, track and recover assets worldwide. We provide asset tracking systems to the open market fulfilling the world’s most complex asset tracking requirements. Turnkey solutions from container tracking to advanced CIT security applications. Military grade asset tracking SOS Devicess and bespoke build tracking solutions to order.

Vulnerable at At-risk Individuals

Lone workers; elderly people and children; healthcare professionals; journalists; political activists; government officials; human rights defenders and those who work at sea and on aircraft, are potentially vulnerable to emergency situations. GPD trackers and satellite networks enable interested parties like employers and families to track the individual, a vehicle they are travelling in or an asset that is travelling with them. These devices can also have an SOS, panic button and check-in function and two-way communication installed so that the at-risk party can instantly raise the alarm in an emergency. SOS and panic buttons with a GPS function and come in several different formats and can be attached to your phone or to wearables such as a watch.

Orion Data Network for Emergencies

The Orion Data Network allows you to track your employees, loved ones and assets anywhere in the world and receive real-time reports about their safety and whereabouts, while also enabling them to contact you when they require assistance. In-built geofencing means you can determine safe and high-risk locations and get instant messages direct to your mobile device or by email if the vulnerable party moves out of the safe area or into an area of danger. It is far more cost-effective than the traditional options available in the market place, giving you cost savings of up to 75% in comparison. The network is very secure and impervious to hackers, so you can have complete peace of mind.

We also create bespoke personal locator and distress beacons that transmit a person’s exact coordinates to you when they activate the system to inform you, or emergency services that they’re in need of help.

How do SOS Devices and Panic Buttons Work?

Depress the panic button for 3 seconds.

Instant message is sent over the Orion Data Network to your primary contact’s chosen device by email, call or text.

If there is no answer then messages are sent to the next tier of recipients until someone answers the call.

If 2-way communication has been included as an option, then this can be automatically activated to enable you to have a conversation with the vulnerable party, if they are capable of it. This may not be desirable as an automatic option where discretion is key and in these circumstances, it can be omitted or included but only activated manually.

GPS function notifies you of the vulnerable persons exact location.

If geofence parameters have been set then there is no need for the panic button to be pressed, as soon as the person is outside the predetermined area you will receive an alert.

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